Google Apps for Education (Gmail) and the CalCentral portal are slowly coming together!

Hello all,
My two big projects for the year included advocating for a switch to Google Apps for Education so we could replace our email system with a Gmail like interface and the CalCentral portal which aimed to consolidate all of our online resources into one interface. Just wanted to show you that the we as members of the Cal Online Student Experience student team are working with designers to bring the two projects together!
Let me know if you are interested in getting involved!
Justin Sayarath
In following up from yesterday’s meeting I was able to talk with Mimi from the Google Apps for Education team today. Because they are still supporting CalMail and CalAgenda, the added task of getting GA4E up and running is keeping them quite busy. They don’t have any news about functionality.
Because there were a few areas of interest regarding GA4E, I found some online resources that may shed some light on what’s possible, and which challenges we may face.
The Berkeley Lab has had GA4E running for a while. They have some great documentation:

The University of Michigan, another Sakai OAE institution, is just a little ahead of Berkeley in bringing GA4E to their campus:
If COSE members have ideas about GA4E, it would be great to see them in one place. I’ve created a document called “Ideas for Google Apps at Berkeley” in COSE’s library in CalCentral to collect ideas and concerns:
I’l be interested in what you have to say. Your ideas can also be shared with the Student Liaison from the Student Services Implementation team once that person is hired.
Rachel Hollowgrass

Senior User Experience Designer

Educational Technology Services
University of California at Berkeley

How does Operational Excellence tie into Technological Student Services like Google Apps for Education or the CalCentral portal?

Hello everyone,

A lot of my projects as a Senator have had to do with technology. Everything from the CalCentral portal which is designed to consolidate all of our commonly used websites into one interface to Google Apps for Education have all been a major part of my senate term. But because these project are such large scale university-wide initiatives they have often been associated and thrown in an out of the scope of Operational Excellence. In this way students have been trying to advocate for these great technological service through Operational Excellence, and I just wanted you all to learn about how these awesome projects play into the larger administrative cuts. 



Justin Sayarath


Come hear the latest about OE student projects. Harry Le Grande,Cathy Koshland,and Anne De Luca will hold a brief presentation  from 1:20 pm – 2:15 pm next Thursday, March 22 at the OE Expo at I-House. Project managers from Student Advising, Student Technology, and the One-Stop Student Center will also be on hand to answer your questions. A full slate of OE projects will be presented throughout the day. OE Expo schedule

All interested students are invited. Free coffee, apples and cookies.  Questions

Emily Meghan Morrow Howe
Executive Assistant, Operational Excellence Program Office
University of California, Berkeley

Have a project idea to improve our campus? Apply to the Prytanean Campus Projects Initiative.

Prytanean Alumnae Supported Campus Projects

2012  Guidelines


About Prytanean


Prytanean Women’s Honor Society is the oldest collegiate women’s honor society in the United States.  Founded in 1900, on a pledge of faith, service, and loyalty to the University of California, the Society seeks to continue its mission to support the University of California, Berkeley community through leadership development of undergraduate women.


About Prytanean  Campus Projects


In pursuit of its principles of faith, service, and loyalty to the University of California, Prytanean  Alumnae, Inc. developed the Campus Projects Initiative.  The Campus Projects Initiative targets campus organizations that seek financial assistance and that active Prytaneans are either directly involved in or recommend.

The financial support offered by the Prytanean Alumnae is aimed at helping women further develop themselves in the activities in which they participate or lead, in concert with the ideals of Prytanean Alumnae, Inc.  Projects sponsored by Prytaneans, either active or Alumnae, will receive selective preference.  The awards are not intended for donations to charities or not-for-profit organizations.


Areas of Interest


Prytanean Alumnae, Inc.  funds organizations on the UC Berkeley campus for whom the financial support would have a significant impact on the project seeking assistance.  While all complete applications will be considered, Prytanean Alumnae will evaluate each application according to the following priority areas:

  • How the project would impact ideals of community service and leadership
  • How the project will impact the UC Berkeley community or social issues that affect  the broader community


How to Apply


Applications are currently available in electronic form. Complete applications are due Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 5:00 p.m., with presentations to take place at the meeting of the active Prytaneans on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, starting at 5:30 p.m.  Applicants will be notified of the location of the April 3 presentations.  Incomplete applications WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 


Please e-mail completed applications to BOTH coordinators:


  1.  Kristen Lee, Prytanean VP & Campus Projects Chair:  ,  and
  2.  Maria Protti, Alumnae Campus Projects Coordinator:




1.             Submit a completed proposal cover sheet. This must be a completed official application including all information about the project, contact information, etc.  Incomplete applications are not permitted and will be disqualified.


2.            Submit the proposal.  The proposal must have three succinct paragraphs, each addressing one of the following three criteria. (Please note, the following criteria and point allocations below mirror the ballot that each active Prytanean receives during the voting process).


  1. What impact does the project have on the involvement of women in supporting projects that extend support for critical social issues, as well as projects that support the arts, sciences and humanities? (5 points)


  1. How well does the project uphold the Prytanean ideals of community service and leadership? (10 points)
  1. Are Prytaneans involved? If not, how could Prytaneans become involved? (3 points)
  2. Does the project lend itself to the university environment? Can we extend the project’s aims to include other leaders/student groups on campus? (2 points)


  1. Who will the project impact most? (Women, new/old organizations, not-for-profit entity)
  1. How will the grant make a difference in carrying out the project’s or organization’s goals?  Please list percentage of total budget the request is made.  Priority will be given to those projects whose request is at least 25% of total budget. (5 points)
  2. In what ways, and to what extent, will the project positively affect the community? (5 points)


3.             Submit the financial request with a budget.  An overall budget summary including where the money from the Campus Projects will be allocated and a listing of other sources and uses of funds for the project is required to complete the application. Projects supported within the past 3-year timeframe will not be considered for funding.


Grant Requirements:

In the event that your project has been selected by Prytanean Alumnae, by accepting this grant, you agree to the following:


  • The name “Prytanean Alumnae Inc.” and/or logo must be listed in any marketing materials associated with the projects we provide grant monies.


  • A brief written report of how Prytanean funds were used in a given project and the outcome of the project must be submitted to the coordinators of campus projects by November 1, 2012.  Sponsoring Prytaneans will present the project at our Annual Meeting generally held on a Saturday in the last week of April/first week of May.  Please include samples of any marketing materials or media that was used for the event in the report.


The Voting Process:


  • Each voting member will receive an evaluation form/ballot on which she will record numerical scores for each proposal according to previously determined criteria (applicant can vote for her own project as well)


  • Scores are based on a 30-point system in which members evaluate each proposal based on three criteria, worth 10 points each, that will be stated on the page.


  • At the April 3, 2012 meeting of active Prytaneans, each applicant will have 3-5 minutes to state the purpose of her organization and to explain the use of the requested funds. Please arrive by 5:30 pm.  You will be notified of the meeting place.


  • At that time, we will distribute to all voting members, copies of each application proposal.


  • The applicant will then answer any questions members have concerning the project.


  • Each voting member will write in the numerical score for that proposal. (Each proposal will be given an identification number to eliminate confusion).


  • The process is repeated until all proposals have been heard and evaluated.


Awarding the Prizes:


  • Scores will be tallied by the Active Campus Projects Coordinator.


  • Each award will range between $250 and $1,000.


  • Awards will be given only to those projects:
    • That have the highest scores
    • Where the funding would represent at least 25% of the total project’s budget
    • Representing a variety of high social impact areas.

Prytanean Campus Projects Application

 Due March 20, 2012, 5pm

Cover Page

Name of Project

Name of

Sponsoring Organization

Project Director

Project Address

Name of  Active Prytanean(s) Involved

Contact Person


Contact Person’s

Phone Number

Contact Person’s

Address and

E-Mail Address

Award Check

Should Be Made Out To

Address Where

Award Should Be Sent


Give back to our University in “I Run 4 Cal”

“I Run 4 Cal” 5K Run/Walk

Sponsored by: Student Alumni Relations Council


Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Time: 8:30am – 12pm

Location: Upper Sproul Plaza



I Run 4 Cal: 5K Run/Walk is a charity race at UC Berkeley to encourage donations to campus departments, scholarships, programs and student groups. Each runner’s sponsorship will be donated to the UC Berkeley campus program (department, unit, scholarship, student group, program, etc.) of their own choice. Cal students, staff, and alumni will pass through Sather Gate and run (or walk!) the campus race course in a show of their support of Cal. Afterwards, the party continues with the I Run 4 Cal: 5K Run/Walk Expo providing food, booths, activities, and live entertainment for all runners and spectators

8:30 a.m. Registration/Expo Opens
10:00 a.m. Race/Walk Begins


Register TODAY at by clicking here.
For more information or to sponsor someone, please visit our webpage at


Go Bears!

Start and Join a Relay for Life Team! April 21-22.

Relay for Life UC Berkeley

Date: Saturday, April 21st – April 22nd, 2012
Time: 3pm-3pm
Location: Edwards Stadium

UC Berkeley Relay for Life is an annual 24-hour cancer walk that celebrates the lives of survivors, remembers those who have lost the battle against cancer, and brings the community together to fight back. The money we fundraise goes toward research, education, advocacy, and free patient services. This is Cal’s eighth Relay event, and it will be bigger and better than ever before!
Who: All Members of the UC Berkeley Campus Community!
When: Saturday, April 21st – April 22nd,3:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m

Where: Edwards Stadium
Registration Cost: $15 for Team Captains (1st person to sign up), $10 for Participants
Register at:


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at


Go Bears!


Thanks so much and GO BEARS!

Official Surge Space Allocation Decisions and Floor Plans

Dear Student Groups,

The Office of the Executive Vice President Christopher Alabastro and the Student Spaces/SURGE Director Donna-Jo (DeeJay) Pepito are pleased to announce the release of the final SURGE space allocation decisions for the 2012-2013 academic year along with the finalized floor plans for the SURGE spaces. These will be the temporary spaces student groups will be transitioning into during the demolition and construction of Eshleman Hall.

You will all be contacted by the EVP Office within the next few days with your assigned Eshleman Move-Out training time. The training sessions that will take place starting Monday, March 12 through Friday, March 23 are MANDATORY for all student groups to attend. If you do not attend this meeting, you will be jeopardizing a smooth move-out process from Eshleman Hall. At this training session, we will be reviewing the entire packing process as well as clarifying the SURGE timeline for the rest of the semester. We have categorized student groups by similar moving needs, according to similar items that groups store. Because each training session is catered to your respective categories, please respect the training time you have been assigned and send only 1-2 representatives from your student group to attend.

We would like to thank the Student Group Stakeholders that were involved in representing all student groups’ needs, requests, and overall voices throughout the planning and designing process of the SURGE spaces. Also, thank you to the architects of Noll & Tam, Capital Projects’ Project Manager, Kate Bolton, Space Management Director, Abram Hardin and all other administration involved throughout this process for ensuring that students were involved and heard in designing these floor plans and for working closely with the EVP office and the ASUC throughout this entire academic year. Finally, we thank all student groups for your patience and flexibility during this transition period that our campus is experiencing due to the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project. We understand that this process will require student groups to downsize their items and leave behind a long history occupying Eshleman Hall, but we ensure you that the future Eshleman Hall and Lower Sproul will be something to look forward to and will provide a better community and greater resources for future students on campus.

Attached are the floor plans of the SURGE spaces. You can find the official SURGE space allocation decisions here. (

March 7 – 11: Allocations released/student groups contacted
March 12 – 23: Student group training for Eshleman move out process
March 26 – 30: SPRING BREAK
April 2nd: Begin packing process for all student groups
April 16 – 27: SURGE space tours for student groups
April 30 – May 4: RRR Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs
May 7 – 11: Finals Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Student Spaces/SURGE Director directly We will also be continuing our SURGE office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:15PM in the EVP Conference Room (2nd floor of Eshleman).

ASUC Executive Vice President Christopher Alabastro
ASUC EVP Student Spaces/SURGE Director Donna-Jo (DeeJay) Pepito

Floor Plans

Gmail and Google Apps for Education is being brought to campus, you choose the new name!

Hello everyone,

I am so proud to say that Google Apps for Education is being brought to the UC Berkeley campus. After having worked on this project (for the past two years) as Technological Development Director under then ASUC President Noah Stern and working on this project this year as a Senator, student dreams are finally being realized. Once this is implemented, students won’t have to deal with the age old CalMail system that lacks an interface that fits our fast-paced student life and went down for an entire week this past year. This is the power that students have, when mobilized. Now that it’s finally being implemented, students are being asked to choose the name! And we deserve that right, we fought for it, and we spoke up for this soon-to-be invaluable student resource! So please take the time to think of an awesome name.


Justin Sayarath

Apple? Facebook? Netflix? What’s in a name? Only everything!

Have you heard?!? Google has been selected as the new campus calendar and email solution and the new solutions will need a name unique to UC Berkeley. Some examples from campuses that have gone before us: SlugMail (UC Santa Cruz), AggieMail (UC Davis). Unleash your creativity and submit a name for consideration by the Productivity Suite Team. The winner in each category – email and calendar – will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Even if your submission is not chosen you can still cash in! Just for entering, your name will be entered into a random drawing for two chances to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

All entrants must be UC Berkeley students, faculty or staff. You may enter only once, and all submissions must be received by March 19, 2012. The winning names will be announced at the OE Expo 2012. In the event that the selected name is submitted by more than one entrant, the entrant with the earliest submission date and time will win the prize.

Remember the deadline is March 19, 2012 and ties will go to the earliest submission so don’t wait…Submit today!
Click the link below to be directed to the online submission form. Good Luck!

Are you interested in making a change in students’ lives? Making others feel included? Campus Climate Issues? Apply to UNITE.

Hello everyone,

My name is Justin Sayarath and I am one of your twenty elected ASUC senators. I am writing to you today to let you know about a great opportunity to make some great changes on the UC level. UC Student Regent-Designate Jonathan Stein and UC Irvine EVP Patrick Manh Lee have been working to create a systemwide steering committee on the UC level. I’ve been working with Stein to figure out how these issues are addressed on our campus, and we’ve realized that campus climate issues affect students every single day. Students need to feel welcomed on every UC campus, beginning with our very own. This is your chance to make some real tangible changes and for your voice to be heard. I am definitely applying to be on this committee and I encourage you to do so as well.


Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Minor | Class of 2013 | (619) 313-3737 |

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California
Vice President | Alpha Tau Omega | Gamma Iota Chapter
Assistant Vice President of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine

UNITE Application

UNITE: A systemwide student steering committee on campus climate
Application for the 2012-13 academic year
Due March 30, 2012, at 5 pm to

UNITE application 2012-13

There are a couple things that every UC student knows if they work on outreach, access, retention, and the broad range of issues known together as campus climate. First, they know that our campus climate is not where it needs to be. In the last 18 months, students of color and students from underrepresented communities have lived through multiple events that alienate them from their campus community, make them feel unwelcome, and make it harder for them to succeed as a UC student. But the moments that got major media attention are not the only issues that students of color and students from underrepresented communities face — bias incidents occur commonly, unnoticed by the media and the administration, and microaggressions happen everyday across the UC.

The second thing you know is that, while not enough change has happened, students have played an integral role in creating the change that HAS happened.

In the spirit of activism and solidarity among the UC student body, we are forming UNITE: A systemwide student steering committee on campus climate. There is already a Systemwide Steering Committee on Campus Climate made up of campus administrators who focus on diversity and inclusion. We are the two student representatives. We support that committee’s goals, but we need a student space that can push the UC further, and faster.

UNITE will provide student leaders who work daily on campus climate a common space filled with students doing the same work from across the UC. Students from UC Irvine can share their successes with students from UC Davis. Students from UC Merced can share their frustrations with students from UC Santa Cruz. The idea is to share what worked, what didn’t, what challenges remain, and what strategies to pursue. The ultimate goal is to foster a healthier, more welcoming, and more positive environment at the UC, where students of color and students from underrepresented communities are present in large numbers and able to thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Three to five students from each campus will be selected to serve on UNITE by a diverse, student-only selection committee. Students will be evaluated on their experience advocating on behalf of students, their knowledge of campus climate issues, and their commitment to improving campus climate throughout the UC. Race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical disability, religion, and immigration status will not be taken into account. The application is below; they are due March 30, 2012.

Thank you for your commitment to students, and to improving our campus climate.

– Jonathan Stein
UC Student Regent-Designate

– Patrick Manh Le
Undergraduate Committee Chair, University of California Student Association (UCSA)

UNITE application 2012-13

Cal Day Information for Student Groups

Cal Day Parameters
1. Fundraising is allowed, but food/drink sales are prohibited. If you are fundraising, please make sure you have
completed the fundraising request form from the Center for Student Leadership.
2. There will be 2 organizations at each 6-foot table. 1 chair will be provided for each student group.
3. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to bring their own signage, yet be mindful of the dimensions of
your sign and the shared space.
4. Because of limited space, all displays larger than 3’ x 6’ tall must be approved by the Center for Student
Leadership. A display request form must be submitted to 102 Sproul at least 1 week prior to Cal Day. Once approved,
make sure to have a copy with you on Cal Day.
5. Displays may not be placed on or against any structure or natural feature of the campus, including but not limited
the sides of doors, buildings, fountains, posts, waste receptacle, trees, or stakes. (No hanging your banner from the
trees!) Additionally, displays may not block the flow of pedestrian traffic through Sproul.

Cal Day Tabling Sign Up
Beginning at 11am on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012, a link to the Cal Day Tabling Sign Up website will be included in an email
sent out to all student signatories. All Recognized Student Organization signatories will be able to select their tabling
location on a first come first serve basis. Keep in mind that spots do fill up fast so make sure to sign up early to ensure
your spot.
Once all spots are taken you may sign up on the waiting list. The link to this document will also be included in the email
on April 3rd. The waitlist will end on Friday, April 20th at 4pm. Any cancellations between 4pm Friday and 9:45 AM
Saturday will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. This process will begin at 9:45 AM on Saturday, April 21st.
Check-in and student organization set-up begins at 9:00 AM and the tabling starts at 10:00 AM. If your student group
has not checked in by 9:45 AM then your spot will be forfeited to registered student groups who are waiting. So, please
be on-time!
All tables and chairs will be provided by Cal Day. Two registered student organizations will be assigned to each table (2
spots per table) and provided with two chairs (one per student organization). Note that all tables are 6 feet long, so
please be respectful in sharing the space.
For any question regarding Cal Day Tabling Sign-ups please contact the Center for Student Leadership at 510-642-5171.