Preliminary Technology Referendum Meeting Notes with the STC


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Note: This is just a preliminary meeting regarding this idea. More information to come.


Interested in a Student One-Stop Center? Join the working group.

The Student One-Stop Center Working Group is seeking 2-4 student volunteers to join as members of the working group and lend the student perspective to the design and implementation of the new One-Stop Center coming to Sproul Hall in January. Student participation is very important to make sure that the new center meets students’ needs.

Students interested in resource planning, business process analysis, industrial engineering, or environmental design could gain valuable experience from participating on this committee.

Interested students should send an email expressing their interest to Rose Chan-Gee, Project Manager,


Financial Summary

OE Investment: $1,000,000

Projected Annual Savings: $208,000

Project Description

In addressing administrative tasks relating to enrolling in classes, obtaining financial aid, and paying bills, students often can’t be assisted at their first point of contact and are referred elsewhere. Students and parents struggle to obtain complete and timely information through websites, many of which are currently unable to provide the information expected. When business must be conducted in-person, students are often referred between offices in Sproul Hall and University Hall — with a 15-minute walk between the two.

By constructing and staffing a physical one-stop service center for transactions, students and parents will be able to get information and handle administrative tasks from a single physical location. Reporting to one entity but providing cross-functional information, this office will be staffed with service-oriented, cross-trained individuals who can address issues relating to financial aid, fees and billing, payments, disbursements, registration status, and sequencing issues. A “ticket” system will track referred students to ensure that they don’t fall through the cracks. An additional benefit is the development of a broad knowledge base that will not only improve problem identification and resolution, but identify situations that are systemic and pervasive and developing solutions proactively.


Delivering the Vision

Constructing and staffing a physical one-stop service center for transactions will help achieve the vision of Operational Excellence by centralizing information and processes, improving student services, increasing efficiencies, and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.



The OE Executive Committee approved the proposal in December 2011. The project is underway and the one-stop student business center is slated to open in spring 2013.

bMail and bCal selected as names for UC Berkeley’s Google solution

bMail and bCal selected as names for UC Berkeley’s Google solution
March 28, 2012
Inez Bailey, OE–Productivity Suite

As announced at the March 22, 2012 Operational Excellence Expo, bMail has been chosen to be the name of the campus’s new email system, and bCal has been chosen for the campus’s new calendar solution.

Contest winners

The contest that produced the names for UC Berkeley’s Google solution netted more than 1,150 submissions and the judges had a great time selecting winners.

The names bMail and bCal were submitted by more than 35 different entrants. As the rules stipulated, the prize of the $250 Amazon Gift Card was awarded to the entrant with the earliest submission date and time in each category, email and calendar. The winners are:

  • Saundra Alexander for bMail
  • Pat Mimoto for bCal

Random drawing winners

There was also a random drawing for everyone who entered the contest for two $50 Amazon Gift Cards. The winners are:

  • Carolin Chhor
  • Kenneth Lacsa

Thanks to everyone who participated.

A Little more about the Google Solution

Announcing Google as new campus email and calendar platform

January 5, 2012
John Wilton, Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance 
Shel Waggener, Associate Vice Chancellor–IT and CIO 
Andrew Szeri, OE Program Office Faculty Head, and Dean, Graduate Division

[Editor’s note: This announcement was originally published December 21, 2011, as a Calmessage.]

We are pleased to announce that Google Apps for Education has been selected as the new email and calendar solution for Berkeley. The campus will remain on CalMail and CalAgenda pending an extensive migration during 2012. This decision has been reached after an extensive analysis over the past few months that compared Google Apps for Education and Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings. While both products are feature rich and offer advantages over our current environment, the analysis concluded that the Google offering was the better overall fit for the campus at this time. The selection of Google Apps for Education does not impact the campus’s recent announcement to provide Microsoft software under a site license agreement. In fact, the products are complementary in many areas and we expect University-wide deployment of both Google’s online offerings and locally installed Microsoft software.

The evaluation, conducted by a team led by Gabriel Gonzalez of the Law School, was undertaken as part of the Operational Excellence (OE) sponsored Productivity Suite project and focused on features and requirements to meet key objectives of OE including service improvement, project and operating cost, speed of deployment, architectural alignment, accessibility, storage of data in the United States, and privacy and security issues. As part of the analysis, the team conducted interviews with campus faculty, staff, and students, as well as with email and calendaring teams at other large research universities including evaluating the recent successful deployment of Google at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Throughout our research and discussions with peer institutions, it became clear that a change of this magnitude will have some significant challenges. There is no way to avoid a certain amount of disruption, but minimizing the direct impact to individuals and departments will be a guiding principle of our migration plan. We also recognize that while Google will meet the majority of the community’s needs, for some members (especially intensive calendar users) the transition may be especially difficult. We will provide additional training and resources to help address these issues and to support the adoption of the new email and calendar service. Our goal is to continue to work with Google, and vendors of components built to enhance the Google products, to create a solution that meets the needs of the broadest number of community members possible.

We anticipate that the campus will move all unit mail and calendaring systems to the Google Apps for Education solution over the course of the coming year. We plan to work with technical groups, student leadership, and department representatives to develop and publish a full project schedule that will have us completing the entire migration during calendar year 2012. We recognize that there are some circumstances where exceptions may be necessary and will be working with the Academic Senate leadership to help identify appropriate circumstances and processes for opting out of the migration.

We are excited about the new direction for this critical campus service and anticipate that initial migrations could begin as early as spring 2012. We will provide more information about the migration project and preliminary schedule in January. For more information about the selection process, please see


Last chance to apply to UNITE: A Systemwide Student Steering Committee on Campus Climate

What is Campus Climate?

“Climate” on a college campus is a term that is used to discuss our environment related to the inclusive nature of our campus. It’s a term used to describe whether or not students feel included and safe in the larger campus community. While it is an issue that is large and sometimes overwhelming, it is important that we as students are making sure that our peers are feeling welcomed and at home. There are things that go on every single day that make people feel unsafe, and while these acts may seem like nothing these microagressions have larger and far-reaching effects that go beyond our university. Serving on this committee gives you a chance to learn about other students and to address issues that aren’t talked about everyday, but are nonetheless important to our campus community.


UNITE Application

UNITE: A systemwide student steering committee on campus climate
Application for the 2012-13 academic year
Extended deadline: April 22, 2012, at 5 pm to

UNITE application 2012-13

There are a couple things that every UC student knows if they work on outreach, access, retention, and the broad range of issues known together as campus climate. First, they know that our campus climate is not where it needs to be. In the last 18 months, students of color and students from underrepresented communities have lived through multiple events that alienate them from their campus community, make them feel unwelcome, and make it harder for them to succeed as a UC student. But the moments that got major media attention are not the only issues that students of color and students from underrepresented communities face — bias incidents occur commonly, unnoticed by the media and the administration, and microaggressions happen everyday across the UC.

The second thing you know is that, while not enough change has happened, students have played an integral role in creating the change that HAS happened.

In the spirit of activism and solidarity among the UC student body, we are forming UNITE: A systemwide student steering committee on campus climate. There is already a Systemwide Steering Committee on Campus Climate made up of campus administrators who focus on diversity and inclusion. We are the two student representatives. We support that committee’s goals, but we need a student space that can push the UC further, and faster.

UNITE will provide student leaders who work daily on campus climate a common space filled with students doing the same work from across the UC. Students from UC Irvine can share their successes with students from UC Davis. Students from UC Merced can share their frustrations with students from UC Santa Cruz. The idea is to share what worked, what didn’t, what challenges remain, and what strategies to pursue. The ultimate goal is to foster a healthier, more welcoming, and more positive environment at the UC, where students of color and students from underrepresented communities are present in large numbers and able to thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Three to five students from each campus will be selected to serve on UNITE by a diverse, student-only selection committee. Students will be evaluated on their experience advocating on behalf of students, their knowledge of campus climate issues, and their commitment to improving campus climate throughout the UC. Race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical disability, religion, and immigration status will not be taken into account.

The application is below. The deadline has been extended to April 22, 2012.

Thank you for your commitment to students, and to improving our campus climate.

– Jonathan Stein
UC Student Regent-Designate

– Patrick Manh Le
Undergraduate Committee Chair, University of California Student Association (UCSA)

UNITE application 2012-13

Cal Earth Week.

What is STeam Earth Week?
The ASUC Sustainability Team (STeam) is proud to sponsor and organize UC Berkeley’s Earth Week festival. Earth Week is an annual event that takes place during the week of Earth Day, April 16th. It is one week jam-packed with a variety of events focusing on what it means to Go Green. From engaging in discussions on ecological issues to learning about innovative ways to implement a sustainable lifestyle, STeam seeks to bring environmental awareness to the public in hopes of inspiring change. The STeam Earth Week committee invites you to join us in appreciation and celebration of our natural environment and beloved planet Earth! Also, don’t forget to check out our daily prizes and sign up for the week’s grand prize!


Check out our daily events!

Monday 4/16- Let’s Get Personal

“Do One Thing” Pledge: Come to our table on Sproul to add your pledge to our tree, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book, so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Do-it-yourself Extravaganza: Come to our table anytime between 11AM and 3PM to make your own solar oven with Green Campus, learn how to compost at home (and receive a free compost bin!), make your own wallet out of soy milk containers, and tie dye! Also stop by the Berkeley Student Food Collective to make a “do-it-yourself” sandwich!

Kick-off concert: Come hear the band Big Tree perform on Lower Sproul from 5PM-7PM, and hear their “grease talk” after the show. Big Tree is an indie-folk band that travels the country in a band powered by vegetable oil!

Do-it-yourself Compost Demo: From 7:30PM-9PM in 166 Barrows, learn how to make your own compost bin and bring one home for free!

Tabling in the Dining Commons: Meatless Monday, sponsored by the Residential Sustainability Program!

Tuesday 4/17- Keepin it Local

Trade in your plastic water bottle and answer 3/5 questions correctly in our Q&A game to win a free canteen! Learn about the effects of plastic and recycling methods in the process., and check out the beautiful plastic bottle tree created by STOP. Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

ECO Tabling Event: Come to Lower Sproul between 11AM and 2PM to meet representatives from many of the environmental and sustainability themed clubs on campus

Strawberry Creek Restoration Event: Get your hands dirty by working on habitat restoration around the beautiful Strawberry Creek, helping to make the area more natural and healthy. Meet at the south side of Wellman Hall, 2-4PM.

Forestry Club Tree Walk: Meet outside Mulford Hall at 4:15PM to get a tour of the trees on campus from representatives of our very own Forestry Club!

Fair Trade Documentary Screening: Join us from 6:30PM-8:30PM in 174 Barrows for a free Fair Trade documentary screening!

Tabling in the Dining Commons: What local foods are in season right now?
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Wednesday 4/18- California Dreamin’

Come to our table on Sproul to learn about water and agriculture issues in California, and hear from a representative from the Berkeley Student Food Collective about farmers across California!
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Help CalPIRG win the campaign to “ban the bag” in California by signing their pledge

Campaigns Across California: A Student Vision of Our State: Hear representatives from the California Student Sustainability Coalition, CalPIRG, and the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive about campaigns being run across the state of California, and participate in a collaborative discussion about what we’d like to see happen in our beautiful state. And, while you’re at it, enjoy some free pizza!

Tabling in the Dining Commons: How much water went into your meal tonight?
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Thursday 4/19- Party in the USA

CACS Summit: This year’s summit will open with a reception and poster session highlighting over 20 campus sustainability initiatives. Following this, Chancellor Birgeneau will provide remarks and announce
this year’s sustainability awards and grants. A highlight of the event will be a panel discussion
with Q&A featuring Cal Alumni now working in sustainability in the private, non-profit, and public
sectors. 3PM-6PM, Sutardja Dai Hall, Atrium and Auditorium

Come to our table to get information about fossil fuels and clean energy solutions, and learn how you can get involved with groups like End Coal, CalPIRG, STeam Energy, BS@C, and Green Campus.
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Environmental Major Panel at Foothill: Come hear from representatives about the many possibilities of environmental majors here at Cal. Foothill, 6PM-8PM

Tabling in the Dining Commons: What is the fossil fuel content of your dinner?
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

Friday 4/20- Going Global

Come to our table on Sproul to learn about climate change and other global issues, and how you can get involved!
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!

A Sea Change Screening: Come learn about ocean acidification at this documentary screening, and hear from a biologist after the film! Free pizza will be served. 4PM-6:30PM, 112 Wurster.

Tabling in the Dining Commons: What different countries provided your dinner tonight?
Make a pledge to “green” your lifestyle, and get a green dot on your Cal ID from the Little Green Book so you can get discounts at local green businesses!


Sponsors: The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), Unit 3 Hall Association, The Green Office, Smart Planet, Baggu, Slow Restaurant, Saturn Cafe, Native Shoes, KEEN Footwear, Klean Kanteen, Cheeseboard Pizza, Trader Joe’s, Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, The Independent, Solio, Gather, Taste of the Himalayas, Cal Student Store, Annie’s Snacks

Global Outreach Week.

The ASUC OP & EVP Collaborative Project:

Participating student groups are: UC Haiti Initiative, FeelGood, Engineers without Borders, Asha for Education, Humanity First, Project Rishi, and Embrace

Monday April 16th:
Workshop/informative forum put on by international development student groups on campus to explain what their views are on “sustainable solutions” and how they approach them. Solutions come from economic, political, scientific, etc., backgrounds.
– Eshelman Library 7-8:30 PM

Tuesday April 17th:
Project Rishi’s Social entrepreneurship panel and symposium: The Triple Bottom Line (
– Eshelman Library 6 – 8 pm

Wednesday April 18th:
Asha for Education’s movie night (
– Movie: “Born in to Brothels” – on sex trafficking of children
– 60 Evans 7-9 PM

Thursday April 19th:
Global Outreach Student Groups Fair
[sub theme: take action!]
Featuring fundraisers, hunger lunch, pledge-collecting, etc

Preliminary Spring Budgeting Allocations for ASUC Sponsored Student Organizations

The ASUC Finance Officer has released the PRELIMINARY ASUC 2012-13 Budget allocations…follow this link to the Callink news article to download the proposed allocations and find instructions regarding the Appeals process:

Please remember that the budget is not final until the Appeals period has ended and the ASUC Senate votes on the final budget, scheduled for April 25, 2012. 

Questions? Contact

Posted by the ASUC Office of Student Affairs

Become a Google Student Ambassador

The Student Technology Council (STC) is looking for students interested in serving as Google Student Ambassadors for the 2012-2013 school year. Student Ambassadors become Google product experts, plan and host training events on campus, and drive initiatives benefiting the Cal campus. Candidates should have a passion for technology, knowledge of Google products, and be actively involved on campus. All majors are welcome to apply. If interested, please send to a 100-word statement explaining why you are a great fit for this role along with your NAME, MAJOR, SID, YEAR, and PHONE NUMBER. Deadline to apply is April 11th, 2012. Note: All final decisions will be made by Google. The STC will make recommendations based on submitted applications.


Thanks and regards, Joseph Co-Chair | Student Technology Council (STC)