[URGENT] SURGE: Access to Student Spaces in Hearst Gym, the Move, and a Special Note on Tabling

Hello Student Leaders,

For those of you who do not know us, we are your Surge Coordination Team for all student spaces. Briana Mullen, your ASUC Student Spaces Deputy, and I (Justin Sayarath, your ASUC Executive Vice President) have been working tirelessly to ensure that this move from Eshleman Hall to Hearst Annex and Hearst Gym is as smooth as possible for all student organizations.We have been spending this month held up in Eshleman Hall packing, relabeling, and inventorying items for all student organizations including yours, and so we kindly ask that you read through this rather urgent email from start to finish. All groups, whether or not you are part of the surge to Hearst still need to read this email as services (i.e. tables, projectors, meetings, and other services) that the ASUC provides you and your group will be impacted by this move. The contents of this email are as follows:

1) Updated Allocation Sheet and Space Drawings

2) Inventory of your items and the Move

3) Our Timeline

4) Mandatory Hearst Space Orientation

5) Tables and Chairs (All Groups Regardless of Space Must Read)
6) Eshleman Access
7) A Message from the ASUC Executive Vice President
1) Updated Allocation Sheet and Space Drawings
Additional changes to space allocations have been made to accomodate for all student group needs and to make necessary adjustments in accordance with ASUC/ASUC Auxiliary and Architectural changes. Please review the following allocation sheet: http://tinyurl.com/SURGE-ALLOCATIONS
In addition, a clear description of your space (includes cage numbers, station numbers, etc), label colors for your boxes (for you to double check), and recommendations for # of items movable have been added. Please take note of these columns. The final column on the sheet is labeled “Your Finalized Inventory to be Submitted to Mover,” later this column will be filled out by Briana and I when we confirm your inventory (see below).
2) Inventory of your items and the Move
Briana and I have spent hours in Eshleman Hall inventorying your belongings for the movers. It is absolutely vital that anything being moved is accounted for in the inventory. This inventory is the one way that we will keep your belongings insured and the one way that we will hold the movers accountable. If it is not packed, labeled correctly, AND on the inventory list, your items will not be moved. Please open the following Inventory and Grievance Sheets:
SURGE Inventory Sheet-http://tinyurl.com/cxzxyjc
Inventory Grievance Sheet- http://tinyurl.com/7dxzx4k
If your belongings are not on the inventory sheet but you would like them to be moved you must *PACK & LABEL* your belongings and put them on the inventory grievance sheet by *JULY 3rd*. If you do not fill out this grievance sheet, your belongings will not be moved, insured, or replaced in the new SURGE hearst gym/annex space. Please follow the model displayed on the grievance sheet, listing only *CHANGES* in your inventory so that we can accurately supervise the move to Hearst Gym/Annex in August. Once you have submitted any grievances and reviewed your groups inventory, please put an X in the confirm column for your group so that Briana and I can re-inventory your belongings for the movers.
3) Our Timeline
July 3: Inventory will be confirmed by student group and Surge Coordination Team
July 5: Inventory will be sent to University Movers
July 6: Movers will bid (give us a quote) on all the items to move, NO CHANGES TO INVENTORY CAN BE MADE
July 30: Student Groups must take home anything (especially tables and chairs) not being moved by this date
August 1: Construction Finishes
August 9: Furnishing of Spaces Finishes
August 9: Eshleman is Officially Inaccessible
August 10-12 (tentative): University Movers will move belongings to Hearst Gym/Annex supervised by ASUC
August 12-19: Surge Coordination will prepare spaces for students and inventory items in Hearst to insure a complete move
August 20 8:00PM : Mandatory Hearst Space Orientation
4) Mandatory Hearst Space Orientation
On August 20 at 8PM (Venue to TBD), there will be a mandatory space orientation for anyone housed in a Hearst Space. The orientation will be optional for student groups that are not housed in the Hearst Space. However, the Orientation will feature presentations on policies regarding renting of meeting rooms and equipment (projectors, flood lights, tables, and other services). Students will have the opportunity to reserve spaces in Hearst and the Eshleman Senate Chambers at this meeting. In addition, this Orientation will be a place for students to fill out hard key & keycard access forms as well as the formal ASUC Student Group Space Contract. You will not have access to spaces without these forms, this is to ensure that spaces are well kept unlike Eshleman Hall and students are informed about policies. In addition, as we move forward with drastic changes to the ASUC and ASUC Auxiliary this coming year, representatives from auxiliary will provide you with information regarding student group advising and other vital student services.

5) Tables and Chairs (All Groups Regardless of Space Must Read)
We are proud to announce that the ASUC in conjunction with ASUC Auxiliary’s event services will be providing you and your student group with a free table & chair rental program! With this new program, your group will never have to buy another table or chair again. Maintenance of tables and chairs for tabling often becomes costly to student organizations and we are here to provide you with the tabling service that will be accessible to you starting in the Fall. You will be able to check out chairs and tables from the ASUC for any program, event, or just for tabling at anytime of the day. Therefore, you can come and pick up your tables and folding chairs from Eshleman Hall. They will not be moved by University Movers come August. We ask that you please pick up your tables and folding chairs and any additional items not being moved to surge space by July 30. Items not picked up by this date will be recycled by ReUSE. We are excited to provide this service to our student organizations and are especially happy to ensure that students are constantly lugging tables around, when it is a service that the student government should be providing our organizations. More details to come.
6) Eshleman Access
The ASUC Auxiliary will not be able to manage Eshleman Hall starting August 9. This means that doors to floors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and ground floor will be locked and closed to the public. Keycard access will not open these doors, but students will still have access to the Senate Chambers, 7th Floor Event Space, and the 2nd Floor restroom.
7) A Message from the ASUC Executive Vice President
The ASUC as a whole is excited and looking forward to our new surge space. As we move into the space, we begin a new chapter in Cal Student History that will be defined by collaboration and continued student organizing on the UC Berkeley campus and in the greater Cal community. This process is just one step towards the construction of a newer, more vibrant student center that will reenergize student life and be enjoyed by future generations of Golden Bears. As Hearst becomes our new home, the ASUC EVP office is dedicated to providing all student organizations with the resources you need to further develop a greater a sense of community and enrich our campus with exciting programming. We hope that you share in our overwhelming enthusiasm as we transition into Hearst as well. Please do not hesitate to contact Briana and I with your concerns at studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com.


Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737 | www.justinsayarath.com

Executive Vice President| Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine

Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” | www.studentaction.org

Briana Mullen

University of California, Berkeley
2nd Year Undergraduate
History Major, Public Policy & Education Minor
(720) 207-3890 | brianamullen@berkeley.edu | brianakmullen@gmail.com
Student Spaces Deputy 2012-2013*
Office of the Executive Vice President, Justin Sayarath
Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)

*Title for identification purposes only


A Message from the Center for Student Leadership: Space Move and Signatory Re-Connect

Greetings Signatories!

As you may have heard, there are many changes occurring in the Center for Student Leadership.  Please read this email fully as there are many important updates and changes shared.

1.      CSL will be moving in August to Hearst 100 and 102.  Our phone and email will be the same, but our physical space will be different.  Come visit us!
2.      Signatories will be removed from student organizations on July 3rd.
3.      All signatories will need to reconnect to their student organization after July 3rd.  All groups must be registered for Fall 2012 by October 31, 2012.
4.      ASUC Event Services will be taking on the outdoor reservation system.  The setup may look different, but you will still be able to reserve your spaces.  Spaces that have traditionally been free of charge for student organizations will stay that way.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great rest of summer!


Center for Student Leadership Staff

Meeting with Interior Designer Donna Davis and Capital Projects Manager Kate Bolton: Last changes – June 6, 2012

Issues that need to be addressed

Things for Donna to do

  • inventory list of what the students have that needs to move over
  • drawings so we can see what it will look like
  • get furniture for innovative design, caltv, if they need it
  • find racks for publications and archives
  • outdoor furniture if possible

Things for Kate to do

  • change storage space to accomodate tabling program
  • cardkey all exterior doors
  • telecom & data certain spaces
  • hard key all other doors
  • Master key for auxiliary, secretariat, and EVP
  • accomodate for archives
  • buy locks for cages
  • talk to locksmith about how we can do keys
  • keybox in EVP office



Meeting with Student Spaces Deputy Briana Mullen: Issues of facility operation, allocation, and fostering community – June 2012

Issues for EVP office to consider in facility operations

  • Tabling program
  • locks for student org desks
  • telephones
  • mail
  • recycling
  • trash
  • data vs. airbears
  • meeting room reservations
  • locks for cages
  • locks for lockers
  • oversight of common areas
  • secretariat space and duties
  • multiple floors
  • cardkey accessibility and who will do that

Issues for EVP office to consider in Space Allocations

  • OCF surge timeline
  • Who needs cardkey and who needs hard key
  • asuc archives
  • student regent
  • tabling program
  • lockers
  • ROOM 18
  • RRC data and telephone needs
  • DeCal, B&G, OCF, secretariat, CSF data needs
  • communicating of any changes in space
  • furniture for innovative design and caltv
  • OCF reception

Issues for EVP office to consider in Creating Community

  • Community projects
  • Hearst Space Orientation: All forms and food available
  • Secretariat oversight over space
  • Handling disputes
  • trash and recycling

Initial Transition Implementation Meeting – June 11, 2012

Dean Poullard, Auxiliary Director Kelsey Finn, Interim Auxiliary Director Marilyn Stager, GA President Navab, ASUC President Landgraf, and I met to discuss what we can move forward with in the short term for the transition planning team recommendations.

Actions until a Implementation Manager is Hired

by Student Leadership

·         Work on clarifying the classification system for student organizations

·         Amend ASUC bylaws to permit the allocation of Senate contingency funding

·         Implement funding application for the GA and morph it for use by the Senate to replace the current “bill writing” process currently employed in the ASUC

·         Find space for the tabling program

by Staff Leadership

·         Marilyn will work with Tom to get organization table program up and running by early-September. The $5k cost will be covered by the DoS and/or VCSA

by Both

·         The Finance Committee of the CSSB will work with the new E.D. and Erin Gore to provide training for the CSSB on its fiduciary responsibility (to occur at the CSSB retreat in late August) and develop a more formal orientation for new CSSB members

·         Work collaboratively to create a new name for the advising center

OE One-Stop-Shop Student Services Working Group Meeting – June 13, 2012

Agenda Items

Kiosk Update

Kiosk committee will choose a kiosk really soon. We have figured out what we want in terms of sleekness and simple software and integration with other technologies. Incorporate ticket system so that students remain in the one-stop-shop or registrar, financial aid, and Billing Services until their problem is solved.

Human Resources Update

Category of staffing is still to be determined but there will be up to 9 people who staff the one stop shop. Came up with consolidated message for all three affected units. Emily from HR has already begun drafting job descriptions.

Construction/Architecture Update

Floor plans are laid out and we are almost at 100% Design Development. Next we go to FF&E, supposedly.

OE One-Stop-Shop Student Services Working Group, Kiosk Committee Meeting – June 13, 2012


Russell Lowe from the Registrar

Sarah Christensen from Financial Aid

William from Student Affairs IT

Plan of Action

Justin – Will work with Qnomy to get a demo for next week

William – Check to see if the software is something the SAIT can design

Sarah – Look into what other universities have used the kiosk for

Do a comparison of the different companies we are considering

Russell – Look into Salesforce and see if the ticketing company can just do a kiosk for us

OE One-Stop-Shop Student Service Center Working Group, Kiosk Committee Meeting – June 6, 2012


In the new center we plan on having a kiosk where students can orient themselves and check-in to be seen by a counselor or advisor. In addition it would tell you if you actually need to see one. So if you just need to drop off a form, it tells you to go to a drop box, or if you need to print a transcript it directs you to a self service computer and the transcript printer.


Sarah Christensen from Financial Aid

Russell Lowe from Registrar

What we want in a kiosk?

  • Ticketing system
  • card reader scanner
  • bar code reader for financial aid
  • Something that has good customer service and won’t break down
  • Sleek look, minimal style
  • Something that will link to digital signage
  • queuing system
  • Something that will interface with bearfacts database
  • architecture of the software must be simple and easy to understand


Welcome to the new ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director Kelsey Finn

This year is a year of change for the ASUC. And so the student leadership is excited to announce that the new ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director has been selected. We welcome Kelsey Finn to the Cal Community and ASUC family. The ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director works closely with ASUC Elected Officials in all realms including advising, business development, and so much more. We are glad to see what innovative ideas she brings to your student government.

A message from Dean Poullard:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kelsey Finn as the Executive Director of the ASUC Auxiliary beginning July 9, 2012.  She joins the Cal community with over eleven years of experience in higher education and a wealth of experience in the management and leadership of student union environments.


For the past five years Kelsey has served as the Director of the Student Union and Event Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has direct experience in the areas of contract negotiation, event and student union operations, facilities management, construction/renovation management and direct staff supervision.  Prior to her Director role, she also served as the Associate Director of Scheduling & Conferences at UNLV as well as the Program Coordinator for Conference Services at Illinois State University and Program Coordinator for Tech Prep and Gender Equity at the College of Dupage.   In her varied positions she has created highly involved and innovative teams and remained committed to utilizing  team member strengths to meet organizational needs.  Kelsey believes in providing “guest first” services to students, staff, faculty and off campus clients and working collaboratively to enhance the learning experience of students.


In her new role at UC Berkeley Kelsey will develop the vision and strategic plan for the Student Union and ASUC Auxiliary in collaboration with the Commercial and Student Services Board, the ASUC and GA student leadership and colleagues in the Division of Student Affairs. She will be responsible for supporting the development of programs and services that promote community, individual growth, and responsible citizenship of our students as well as maintain oversight for the budget and fiscal integrity of the Auxiliary.  She will assist in the ongoing construction/renovation of Lower Sproul, negotiate and manage all business leases and contracts and serve as the contract administrator for the Student Store.  Kelsey will also work with the ASUC CSSB and student leaders to establish policies and standards to provide oversight for revenue–generating commercial activities to sustain services that maximize student participation. Lastly, she will oversee 27 professional staff and 124 student employees and manage an annual operating budget of $5 million.

Kelsey received her Baccalaureate in Commercial Recreation and Program Management and M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University. Please join me in welcoming Kelsey to our campus!




Jonathan Poullard

Dean of Students and

Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

Office of the Dean of Students

Phone: (510) 642 6741

fax: (510) 642 7167