Google Apps for Education (Gmail) and the CalCentral portal are slowly coming together!

Hello all,
My two big projects for the year included advocating for a switch to Google Apps for Education so we could replace our email system with a Gmail like interface and the CalCentral portal which aimed to consolidate all of our online resources into one interface. Just wanted to show you that the we as members of the Cal Online Student Experience student team are working with designers to bring the two projects together!
Let me know if you are interested in getting involved!
Justin Sayarath
In following up from yesterday’s meeting I was able to talk with Mimi from the Google Apps for Education team today. Because they are still supporting CalMail and CalAgenda, the added task of getting GA4E up and running is keeping them quite busy. They don’t have any news about functionality.
Because there were a few areas of interest regarding GA4E, I found some online resources that may shed some light on what’s possible, and which challenges we may face.
The Berkeley Lab has had GA4E running for a while. They have some great documentation:

The University of Michigan, another Sakai OAE institution, is just a little ahead of Berkeley in bringing GA4E to their campus:
If COSE members have ideas about GA4E, it would be great to see them in one place. I’ve created a document called “Ideas for Google Apps at Berkeley” in COSE’s library in CalCentral to collect ideas and concerns:
I’l be interested in what you have to say. Your ideas can also be shared with the Student Liaison from the Student Services Implementation team once that person is hired.
Rachel Hollowgrass

Senior User Experience Designer

Educational Technology Services
University of California at Berkeley

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