Sign up for Calapalooza Fall 2013

Greetings Signatories!

Calapalooza is happening on August 29, 2013 from 3:30 PM ā?” 7:00 PM on Upper Sproul Plaza, Wheeler Plaza, & Dwinelle Plaza.

Calapalooza signups will happen at 10am on May 15th.  Please use the appropriate link below:

PERFORMANCE GROUPS (to perform, not table):

RECOGNIZED ORGANIZATION TABLING SIGNUP: Will be sent the day before signups.


If you try to logon before 10am on May 15th, you will NOT be able to submit your information.  Your group must be actively registered with the LEAD Center and you must be a signatory to signup.   Please ensure your groupā?Ts email address as listed in the Registered Student Organization database is correct as this will be how you will be contacted by the LEAD Center.

When you signup, you will be reserving a tabling spot, but not your specific location.  Tabling locations will be on Upper Sproul, Dwinelle Plaza, and Wheeler Plaza.  Your specific spot will be determined by the LEAD Center and will be communicated to you prior to Calapalooza.

Check-in and student organization set-up begins at 2:00 PM and the tabling starts at 3:30 PM. One representative from your group will need to check-in with the LEAD Center, located on the Savio Steps.  If your student group has not checked in by 3:15 PM then your spot will be forfeited to registered student groups waiting for a table. So, please be on-time!

As a reminder, here are the parameters of the event:
1.      Fundraising is allowed, but food/drink sales are prohibited. If you are fundraising, please make sure you have completed a fundraising request at
2.      Remember you may be sharing your table (most tables have 2 organizations). Please be respectful at all times.
3.      Student organizations are strongly encouraged to bring their own signage. As a reminder you are sharing a 6-foot table with another student organization. Be mindful of the dimensions of your sign and the shared space.
4.      All displays larger than 3′ x 6′ tall will not be allowed due to limited space.
5.      Displays may not be placed on or against any structure or natural feature of the campus, including but not limited the sides of doors, buildings, fountains, posts, waste receptacle, trees, or stakes. (No hanging your banner from the trees!) Additionally, displays may not block the flow of pedestrian traffic.
If you have questions, please contact the LEAD Center at (510) 642-5171 or


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