APAPA Bay Area Internship Application 2013

Dear Justin Sayarath,

APAPA Bay Area College Summer Internship Program is currently searching for college students interested in gaining firsthand knowledge and experience in governmental and public affairs. Internships this year will include Mayor Ed Lee (San Francisco), Mayor Jean Quan (Oakland), and Congressman Mike Honda (San Jose). 

We would really appreciate it if you could forward this onto your staff and student networks. We think it would be a great opportunity for college students interested in pursuing a career in public service or community leadership.

The deadline to send applications is May 1st and all applications can be emailed to jcheng@apapa.org.  The application is attached, or they can find the application online here: http://apapa.org/bac/pdf/2013_bar_intern_app.pdf

Thank you so much for all your help!

Jay Cheng


Internship Coordinator
SF Chapter – www.apapa.org
Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association



Attention all UC Berkeley Students:

Every student experiences “Berkeley” in their own unique way, whether it’s building friendships for life, excelling in the classroom, creating your own career path, or making change in the world. Show us what “WE ARE BERKELEY” means to you!


Share your best creative entries for a chance to win prizes and be featured at the 2013 STAY DAY Conference at UC Berkeley. STAY DAY is a one-day conference for UC Berkeley staff that work directly in student services to learn and engage with each other around issues pertaining to supporting students. This is a chance for YOU to show student services staff what Berkeley means to you!


Submissions must include:

1) One single high resolution digital photo (minimum 1200 x 1600 pixels) that best shows “WE ARE BERKELEY” for you.

2) A brief typed 1-2 sentence/phrase (no more than 30 words) describing how this photo displays “WE ARE BERKELEY” to you. This could be in the form of a caption, written sentences, creative word, etc.


Eligibility:  Any currently enrolled UC Berkeley undergraduate or graduate student.


How to Enter:

*The photo and explanation should be submitted via e-mail to calstayday@gmail.com no later thanFriday, May 10, 2013 by NOON. You will receive an e-mail confirmation acknowledging receipt of your entry.

*Your e-mail must be sent from your official UC Berkeley e-mail address.

*Your e-mail should include:

1) Your full name

2) Your major and year at UC Berkeley

3) A contact phone number


Prizes (Cal Student Store):       1st Place: $100             2nd Place: $50              3rd Place: $25


Criteria & Evaluation of Entries:

All entries will be reviewed by the Selection Committee comprised of UC Berkeley staff and students.Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

* Accuracy – following submission/entry instructions

* Content & Theme – How clearly the entry demonstrates “student success at UC Berkeley”

* Creativity – How creative and unique the entry is


Please Note:

All content in the entries should be appropriate and not violate any university or campus policies at UC Berkeley:

Principles of Community: http://www.berkeley.edu/about/principles.shtml

Campus Code of Conduct: http://sa.berkeley.edu/code-of-conduct

All submissions become the property of The Regents of the University of California and the STAY DAY Committee. Your submission is acknowledgment that STAY DAY may use your materials for display and promotional use.  Only your name, major, and year at UC Berkeley will be attached to the display. Your e-mail and phone number will be maintained by the committee for contacting purposes only.




James A. Carroll

Assistant Director, Residential Programs

Office of Student Development

Residential & Student Service Programs

University of California, Berkeley

2610 Channing Way

Berkeley, CA 94720

office: 510.642.9169

fax: 510.643.4395

web: http://www.housing.berkeley.edu/student/


ASUC Agent Special Instructions for Semester Year End Activity

Dear ASUC Agents –

We at LEAD Center hope the last official weeks of the Spring 2013 semester treat you well. Please know that the LEAD Center remains open year round and reimbursements are still available during summer.

Our preferred deadline to submit transactions for ASUC student group accounts, either ASUC Programs or Miscellaneous, is Monday, MAY 27, 2013 so all 12/13 transactions may be finalized by June 30, 2013. [Check in with your LEAD Center coordinator for summer account activity circumstances]

WARNING: Many, many transactions are being submitted these last weeks and our office is doing its best to process your requests as quickly as possible but please expect that transactions MAY take two weeks instead of one. If there are any specific deadlines for a particular transaction please bring it to your LEAD Center Coordinator’s attention by handwriting a note on the Callink coversheet and handing to our LEAD Center front desk staff instead of dropping in the basket. We will continue to do our best to adhere to our goal turnaround time but the volume and complexity at the end of the academic year is great.

On that note, as the semester is wrapping up PLEASE doublecheck with your members about whether they might prefer to have reimbursements mailed to their “summer” or “permament” addresses as finals take priority over remembering to pick up a reimbursement from the LEAD Center. We are happy to mail reimbursements if the address is reliable…but that is definitely not the case for most Berkeley apartments/dorms/coops/fraternities…therefore it is still preferable to hold transactions for pickup if a student will be around to pick up in person…just doublecheck with them before creating the CalLink form.

ALSO: PLEASE TAKE AN EXTRA MOMENT TO REVIEW DOCUMENTATION before you drop off transactions to make sure you have…

1. Original itemized receipts that indicate PROOF OF PAYMENT. If there is any ambiguity about whether the person getting reimbursed consummated payment for the purchase then be pro-active about getting a bank stmt, credit card stmt or a better receipt from them before submitting the request. Also, provide their phone number on the CalLink request so we can follow up with them if necessary.

2. Pleeeeeeeaase provide your phone number and email address in the fields provided so we may readily follow up with any questions.

3. If spending is debiting ASUC Funding for photocopies/printing please provide a sample of what was printed either by attaching a sample to the request or by uploading a sample to your group’s Callink Documents/Publicity Samples folder. Note somewhere on the request for LEAD Center to look for that if it is uploaded.

4. DOUBLECHECK that the payee will be responsible for picking up their reimbursement from LEAD Center or give them the option to have it mailed to a summer address … and then choose the appropriate option on the CalLink transaction.

5. REMIND your members to pick up their money from LEAD Center. We have a LOT of waiting checks and petty cash reimbursements. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm. If a student is leaving campus and can’t pick up their transaction, they can email lead@berkeley.edu with instructions for mailing but they must reference the Callink Request # and confirm the mailing address in the email.

Happy Friday, thank you for all your hard work and diligence, and Go Bears!

LEAD Center
website: lead.berkeley.edu

Paid Job Opportunity with Teach For America (Campus Coordinator Positions)

Paid Job Opportunity with Teach For America


Teach For America’s UC Berkeley Campus Representative, Raquel Lucente, is seeking to build a team of four campus campaign coordinators (CCCs) to join the TFA@Cal campus team for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The TFA@Cal team will strive to mobilize and unify communities on campus in the movement to address the issue of educational inequity.  CCCs will work behind the scenes to develop and execute a detailed strategic plan aimed at finding, building, and inspiring promising future leaders to commit to a post-graduation career in education, including applying to the Teach For America corps.


In this position, CCCs enhance their professional skills in planning, organizing, mobilizing, networking, and communicating effectively while gaining an understanding of how a successful nonprofit organization operates.  This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in applying to be a Teach For America corps member or staff member upon graduation.  The role is paid hourly at the state minimum wage.  The number of hours of work per week ranges from 6-12 hours, depending on the composition and needs of the team, as well as the time of year.  Approximate dates of employment are June 2013 – Spring 2013 with optional hours during the summer.


To apply, email Raquel Lucente at raquel.lucente@teachforamerica.org the following pieces by Wednesday, April 24 at 9PM PST.  The application can be found at http://tinyurl.com/2014cccapplication

  1. Your résumé
  2. A copy of your transcript (can be unofficial from the web)
  3. An application document (a few short answer responses and two references) –


You can find a more detailed job description at http://tinyurl.com/2015cccjob.   Please visit our Facebook pageor reach out to Raquel directly if you have any questions.


Application Timeline



Initial application due Wed, April 25 at 9PM
If invited, participate in a phone interview Mon, April 29 or Tues, April 30
Hiring project due

NOTE: you will be asked to do this only if you are invited to the final interview

Thurs, May 9
If invited, participate in a final interview on campus Sat, May 11
Offer Notification Tues, May 21
Introductory Training (will be held virtually) Tues, June 4



Educational Opportunity Program Student Association InfoSession


Come and join the Educational Opportunity Program Student Association (EOPSA)!

EOPSA is a newly-revived, student-run organization that serves to provide a space for students who identify as low-income, first generation college students. EOPSA is an opportunity to cater to the needs to the growing number of EOP students by providing a student-run space outside of professional staff.
The purpose of this organization is help foster leadership and community within the EOP community through the following:
● Maintain constant and open communication within the EOP Community
● Support and coordinate community events
● Enhance networking through professional development
● Address community concerns and resolve conflict among the community
● Foster diversity, multiculturalism, and unity among the students in EOPSA
● Cultivate academic enhancement
  EOPSA will also strive to work closely alongside the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) office at UC Berkeley, which has served students since 1964.
For more information about getting involved and potential leadership positions available for next semester, come to the EOPSA informational held on Thursday, April 25th from 5:30PM-6:30PM in 103 Wheeler.
Attached to this email is also an officer application form- you can take a look at some of the positions offered, as well as a more in-depth look at some of the things we will be doing next year. Applications are due Tuesday, April 30th by 5PM!
You are more than welcome to spread the word and tell anyone who is interested in getting involved, EOP student or not, to come out to the informational next Thursday.
Please feel free to contact Sikai Song (songsikai@berkeley.edu), Josh Tovar (joshuatovar@berkeley.edu), or Nathaniel Tan (nathanvt@gmail.com) with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Hope to see you there!


Greetings Signatories!

Thank you for your participation in CalDay.  Overall, I think it went well.  There was a long check-in line, and we will be tweaking our process as to avoid repeating that issue.  If you lost something at CalDay, we may have it in the office.  You can email klough@berkeley.edu to find out.

Now that CalDay is over, let’s talk Calapalooza!

Calapalooza has traditionally been planned and run by New Student Services.  This year, the ASUC Auxiliary/LEAD Center will be working in collaboration with NSS to plan the event.

In the past you all have signed up over the summer.  However, many of you are gone during that time.  This is where the big change comes in.  CALAPALOOZA SIGNUPS WILL HAPPEN PRIOR TO THE END OF SCHOOL.  I don’t have a specific date for you yet, as we need to get the signup process coordinated, but it will be before you leave.  Once the dates are confirmed, I will send out the information.

August 29th
Upper Sproul Plaza

So….get excited and be on the outlook for another email from the LEAD Center regarding Calapalooza!

Kelly Lough

Coordinator, LEAD Center

ASUC Auxiliary

University of California, Berkeley

102 Hearst Gym MC 4500

Berkeley, CA 94720-4500

Appointments: (510) 642-5171

Fax: (510) 643-6796

Website: http://lead.berkeley.edu

Like us on FaceBook (www.facebook.com/leadcenter)

Give your feedback on food vendors for the new Lower Sproul Complex opening in Fall 2015!  http://studentvoice.com/cw/ucb/sp13

To learn more about the Lower Sproul Redevelopment project, visit: http://lowersproul.berkeley.edu

Help send off the Cal Women’s Basketball Team to the Final Four!

Campus Community,

All members of the campus community are invited to send off the Cal Women’s Basketball team on its historic trip to the NCAA Final Four. A rally will be held on Thursday, April 4th in Haas Pavilion, 10:30-11:00 a.m.

Questions about the rally can be sent to Lauren Carey in Cal Athletics at lcarey@berkeley.edu.

Go Bears!

Robert J. Birgeneau