Berkeley Student Cooperative’s Cooperative Development Fund Application due March 12th

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is proud to announce our $10,000 Cooperative Development Fund! 
Applications are due March 12th

The BSC’s Co-op Development Fund is for cooperatively-run business projects only. Preference will be given to projects that serve students or underserved members of low-income communities within the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Applications must be submitted by 9am on Monday, March 12th. 

Finalists will be contacted for an in-person interview

The application can be found online here:
Please email BSC Vice President of External Affairs, Stephanie Altamirano (, with any questions.


Stephanie Altamirano
BSC Vice President of External Affairs
Rochdale Village Apartment Co-Op Celebrating 79 years of affordable, cooperative, student-run housing!

Message to IFC Presidents from IFC VP Programming Jas Hora

Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to update you on programming info from this past week, in case you were in the 1st half of chapters that met this week. If not, you’ll hear the same announcements this upcoming week.
CalGreeks Giant’s Night:
Wednesday, April 18th. Giants vs. Phillies. $15 per person, buses from Channing Circle to AT&T Park and back. 250 Panhellenic women going, we have room for 250 IFC men.
If you’re interested, first ask the men in your chapter and then fill out the google document found here indicating your chapter’s interest by Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 5:00 PM.
Warriors Night:
Went really well, I enjoyed it. If you or guys from your chapter went (or, if you/your chapter did not go) and have feedback to give me, I’d be happy to hear it. Short feedback form for Warrior’s Night available here, I’d appreciate getting feedback from you all so I can keep improving.
Greek Weekly Study Nights:
Still inquiring with campus. Locations being considered: Eshleman Library, Boalt Library. Email me if you have other ideas, I can look into them.
IFC Community Service Events:
  • 5 community service events available for different chapters; they’re all in early April on Sat/Sun, 10 am – 3 pm with a free lunch provided by the city. More details, and signups here by Monday, March 5th, 2012 at 5:00 PM.
  • We’ll also be collaborating with a student group on campus (Autism Speaks) in April to help them raise money for autism research. There’ll be two ‘events’ associated with it: a week when all houses interested will have the opportunity to put blue lights outside their house (if they are housed) to show support for the event, and then a 5K Run on April 7th, 2012. Ryan and I will be going around on Monday meetings in a few weeks to give more information, and we’ll let you all know about more information then! If you have any questions about Autism Speaks or the city service events, email Ryan at
If you have any questions about any of this, let me know. Thanks guys, and see the rest of you next Wednesday!
Jas Hora
VP of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council (IFC)
University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2014 | (925) 413-5721

Citibank and Barclays could save the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda.

Dear Justin,

Citibank and Barclays could save the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda.

The Ugandan legislature could vote any day on a so-called “Kill the Gays” bill that could result in legalizing the death penalty for any LGBT person in the country. But Citibank and Barclays together have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Uganda and wield significant influence in the country, just as banking lobbyists wield influence with Congress in the US. If Citibank and Barclays speak out against the “Kill the Gays” bill, Ugandan legislators will take notice in a hurry.

Collin Burton is a Citibank customer — he’s also gay. Collin started a petition on asking Citibank and Barclays to speak out against the “Kill the Gays” bill. Click here to sign Collin’s petition right now.

Citibank and Barclays are both big supporters of LGBT rights for their own employees, yet they invest money with a government that is threatening to execute LGBT people. “I expect Citibank and Barclays to live up to the values of equality and fairness, not just list them on their websites,” Collin says.

If Citibank and Barclays speak out against the “Kill the Gays” bill, Ugandan legislators will see that they are risking the business relationships that keep their government afloat.

Click here to sign Collin’s petition asking Citibank and Barclays to issue strong statements condemning Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. The bill could come up for a vote any day, so swift action is essential.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Eden and the team

SURGE Project Update (Lower Sproul Redevelopment with Images of Floor Plans)

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Justin Sayarath and I am one of your twenty ASUC Senators. I am a third year economics major, Asian American and Asian Diaspora studies minor originally from San Diego, California. I have served our campus community as Vice President of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Assistant Vice President of Programming for the Interfraternity Council, Managing Editor of Caliber Magazine, and a Cal Student Orientation (CalSO) Counselor. And now I am so proud to serve the Cal Community as your ASUC Senator.

I am writing to you today to update you about the SURGE Project. To jog your memory, the Lower Sproul Redevelopment is expected to start next year with the demolition of Eshleman hall and the implementation of the BEARS (Bringing Energy and Revitalization to Sproul) Initiative which was voted into fruition by the students in Spring 2010. The $223 million project will create a beautiful and well-deserved student center for students by the end of 2015. This huge project was initiated by the students for the students and  has required both students and administrators to work collaboratively to implement the revitalization. This is all great, but while such construction and demolition is occurring, the project will be entering a phase called SURGE.

While construction is occurring, stakeholders like student groups, the ASUC auxiliary, and more groups will have to “SURGE” out of Eshleman hall into temporary spaces. This transitionary phase is marked by many changes including the majority of student groups like the ones housed in Eshleman cage space on the ground floor, publications rooms on the ground floor, offices on the third and fifth floor, and the fourth floor ASUC auxiliary moving to smaller spaces in Hearst Annex and Hearst Gym. This is no easy task and Executive Vice President Chris Alabastro and Space Allocations Director Deejay Pepito have been doing an amazing job with what space they have. As OCF Director Dara Adib puts it, “They have a difficult job in that they are trying to cut a cupcake into a million little pieces” while stakeholders from different student groups are waiting for their piece. In addition, this task is also difficult because each student group and stakeholder have different needs and want their slice of the cupcake cut in a special way. The needs of student groups are extremely valid and as a firm believer  that the best part of UC Berkeley is the initiative students take in campus organizing and student activities, I definitely recognize the need for student groups to get what they need. It’s a huge issue of quality student life. The reality is that we will all (ASUC elected officials, campus officials, student group leaders, community members, etc.) have to work together and be innovative with what we do in such constrained spaces. We’ll have to find new avenues and new methods of student organizing and ensure that the quality of our student life isn’t put in jeopardy by this transitionary phase. But enough about that, these are issues that I am mulling over and always thinking about.

Surge has come a long way from the time when student stakeholders were first meeting. The system of representatives form different Eshleman spaces proved effective as stakeholders  were able to voice their opinions and work through different drafts. There may have been some lapses in communication between different members of the team, but EVP Alabastro and Space Allocations Director Pepito have been working tirelessly to satisfy all needs. I still have the original first draft SURGE drawings pinned up on my wall (Yes, I think about this too much), and they look nothing like the images below. Please take a look at them and let me know if you have any questions. I will make sure to bring them to EVP Alabastro and Deejay. Thank you again!

Here is a timeline of SURGE as well:

February 26th

SURGE Space Applications due

February 26 – March 6

Allocations process

March 7 – 11

Allocations released/student groups contacted

March 12 – 23

Student group training for Eshleman move out process
March 26 – 30
April 2nd

Begin packing process for all student groups

April 16 – 27

SURGE space tours for student groups

April 30 – May 4

RRR Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs

May 7 – 11

Finals Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs

May 14th



with love,

Justin Sayarath

IMPORTANT FOR ALL ASUC SPONSORED STUDENT GROUPS: Spring Budgeting (Funding for 2012-2013 Academic year) Applications Due Friday March 16, 2012 at 5pm

PUBs Application

SAGs, SISGs, GOVs Application



If you need some help with your application, please check out these budgeting workshops:

1st Budget Workshop 3/2: 9-11PM at location TBD

2nd Budget Workshop 3/9: 9-11PM at location TBD

3rd Budget Workshop 3/13: 8-10PM at location TBD



Budget Applications Due 3/16 @ 5PM

Initial Proposals/Appeals Applications Released: Monday April 2nd

Appeals Applications Due: Wednesday, April 11th @ 5PM

Appeals Meetings TBD in the week of April 15th

Spring Budget Finalized in Senate: Wednesday, April 26th



1. Complete the electronic application from the links below. Make sure you use the correct application for your student group’s classification (i.e. Student Activity Group, Student-Initiated Service Group, Publication Group, or Government & Programs). If you are unsure of your group’s classification, please consult an ASUC advisor on the 4th floor of Eshleman Hall, call (510)642-4536, or email

For PUBs, forms are located at: PUBs Application
For SAGs, SISGs, and GOVs, forms are located at: SAGs, SISGs, GOVs Application

2. Thoroughly read these instructions and the entire application before beginning. WE WILL REJECT ALL APPLICATIONS THAT FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS, AND THE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS!! Also, keep in mind that jargon should be explained with parenthesis after the item. This is done so that the reviewers of your application are completely sure of what you are requiring.

Please remember that this is not only a process to receive funding from the ASUC, but is also key in helping your groups

plan out the next years activities. There may be some line items that are non-fundable by ASUC by-laws. Nonetheless, your group should include these in your budgets so that proper preparations can be made in planning for these expenses for the upcoming year. Remember that these expenses are planned expenditures and are estimations. If your group has done similar events in the past then these should provide good examples of how much supplies cost, but in the end remember you are planning for the future not just copying from last year’s budget.

3. NOTE: All groups will be required to electronically upload with their budget application:

a. ONE copy of your current constitution.
b. ONE copy of your CLL confirmation of registration. You can download a copy
from or from the Campus Life and Leadership in 102 Sproul. (Note: If you are submitting an application for a new student group, you must first register you group with CLL).
c. ONE copy of a working 2011-2012 Budget. (There is no specific format for this request. Please provide expense/revenue information for your group’s current year activities. If you are a new student group, you do not need to submit a working 2011-2012 Budget.)

4. Complete the programs form in the following budget breakdown links. Form must be completed electronically, and attached to your Spring Budgeting Application.

For PUBs, find this document at: PUBs budget breakdown
For SAGs, SISGs, and GOVs, find this document at : SAGs, SISGs, GOVs budget breakdown
If your SISG/SAG is planning more than six programs, attach additional pages of program budgets and a final “Request

Summary” reflecting all expenses/revenues (as on page one), as needed.
Please come to our office hours if you need assistance. These will be posted on the ASUC website as soon as they are determined.

5. Make sure that all fields in your application are filled out before you submit. If not applicable, fill in with “n/a” or “0”. Make 2 copies of your application confirmation. You must submit one copy and keep one for your records. All copies must be double sided.

6. Securely staple all materials (Confirmation of your submission, one copy of your constitution, one copy of your CLL confirmation of registration, and one copy of a working 2011-2012 Budget, one copy of program budgets). Any other form of binding is unacceptable.

7. Submit your application to the 4th floor Eshleman Hall by 5PM Friday March 16th, 2012. There will be boxes specific for your group type. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

8. Thank you for completing the process and abiding by the guidelines. All updated information regarding the 2012 Spring Budgeting Process will be posted at

9. Email any questions to


Scholarships for Study Abroad this Summer!

Over $350,000 in scholarships are available to UC Berkeley students who
want to study abroad this summer! The Dean of Study Abroad and generous
donors have made it possible for students to fund their summer study
abroad experience through partial and full scholarships.

Scholarships are available through a variety of options:

Summer Abroad — Intensive summer programs led by UC Berkeley faculty
and lecturers:
Deadline to apply is March 16, 2012

Global Internships — Earn academic credit while gaining practical
internship experience:
Deadline to apply is March 1, 2012

UC Education Abroad — Spend a summer abroad through UC’s systemwide
program: Application deadlines for
summer in Germany, Korea, and Thailand have been extended to February

IARU Global Summer Program – Short term summer courses at ten of the
world’s leading universities:
Deadline to apply is March 2, 2012

Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, & Lifelong Learning
1995 University Ave., Suite 130

“2012 STAY DAY: Students in Action” Conference Committee

STAY DAY 2012: Students in Action
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley

Stay Day is a one day event, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs,
that provides participants with the opportunity to engage in a collective
conversation about the evolving needs of our students through a series of
interactive sessions. This is a unique opportunity for us to benefit from
the abundant knowledge of our staff, students, and to promote our
professional development right here on campus! This conference is ideal
for those who work directly with students, provide “behind the scenes”
services in support of students, or are simply eager to learn more about
the “Cal student experience.”

The “2012 STAY DAY:  Students in Action” Conference Committee is now
accepting proposals for innovative conference sessions for this year’s
event on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

The content of each session should focus on the myriad ways in which
students take action at UC Berkeley.  We welcome sessions focused on both
graduate and/or undergraduate student populations.

Topics might include: the ability of Cal students to self-organize and/or
engage in advocacy, student leaders who are spearheading new programs or
shifting perspectives, student communities or organizations promoting
their goals and causes, students as agents of change, students leading the
way, activating student leadership, students serving in and partnering
with diverse communities, etc.

Programs can take the form of workshops, roundtable discussions, student
panels, or poster sessions.

**Please submit your program proposal online by Monday, March 26th at

The Stay Day website will be updated regularly as details and programs are

If you have any questions about the proposals process contact Avi
Rosenzweig or Alexis Bucknam

Career Conference for L&S Students! March 10 from 10am-3:45am

Calling all L&S Students! You’ve been told to major in what you love… NOW WHAT? Wondering what career options are out there for L&S students? Eager to meet successful L&S alums to learn how they linked their major to a rewarding career?

Then attend this informative and interactive Careers Conference designed for L&S Students!
Saturday, March 10, 10am – 3:45pm, International House-Chevron Auditorium

–Gain insights into your post-Cal options
–Meet successful alums
–Enter a raffle for great prizes including: Amazon Kindle, $25 Starbucks & Amazon gift cards,
$50 Target gift cards, gift bags, t-shirts and MORE!
–And walk away with a Career Tool-Kit to help you get on track for your future!
You will have the opportunity to attend two of the following panels.
–Careers for Self-Starters & Leaders
–Careers for Helpers & Good Samaritans
–Careers for Creative & Expressive Types
–Careers for Problem Solvers & Analytical Thinkers

So, what are you waiting for? RSVP now:

Sponsored by the Career Center, L&S Advising, RSSP, and the ASUC.

Southeast Asian Student Coalition call for performers and artists!

Hello SASC alumni!

My name is Lan Ngo and I am the Internal Co-Chair with Nhan Vu this year. We are getting ready for the 2012 Benefit Concert on Saturday April 7, 2012. I am pleased to announce our theme this year is “SEA me, SEA you: Addressing the Lack of Southeast Asian Role Models in the Media.”
I am writing to ask for your help getting performers and artists of all forms including singers, MCs, dancers, poets, filmmakers, visual artists, photoraphers, etc to do their art live, or donate art to be auctioned off at the event. If you yourself or someone you know seems like they’d be a great fit for our mission and would be willing to help out, please e-mail me back at
Oh, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our flyer and Save the Date reminder to be coming out soon!
Heaping tons of SASClove,