8/28/2012 Surge Update

Hello Student Organizations,

Thank you for your patience with the surge project. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the move and the ASUC EVP office has taken this past week to access the entire project and create this update for you regarding all questions for space:

1) Construction Update
Construction is still happening, much to our disdain. There are still minor fixes that have to be made in the major spaces such as room 112, 114, 2/6, and the Annex. Room 18 in the cages is still under construction and as far as campus has told us, they aim to be completed by the end of the week.

2) Move Update
There should be no more items that were inventoried in Eshleman Hall, so in essence Eshleman Hall is no longer accessible and no one should have any reason to go into Eshleman Hall at this point. The EVP Facilities and Space Management Team led by Deputy Briana Mullen will be working to obtain access for themselves so that they can pick up any of your remaining items. If you find that something is missing after all the items have been moved out of temporary holding spaces (while construction ensues) please email studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com to arrange a time to meet.

All items have moved to the Hearst Spaces whether spaces were ready or not. This means that all student group items are in Hearst Gym. If they are not in your assigned space (once again review http://tinyurl.com/surge-allocations) then they are in temporary holding spaces within the student controlled area of Hearst Gym. These temporary holding spaces are Room 15, 16, 17, and 20 in the cage areas or the Room 2C California Conference Room. Sorry for the inconvenience, but as student leaders, we thought it would be best to consolidate all student organization belongings as access to Eshleman Hall has been difficult to obtain. Please take a look around for your belongings. Once construction is completely finished, we will set a deadline for all student organizations to retrieve ALL their belongings from holding spaces or hire a another set of movers to move the items into their assigned spaces. Until that point, you may access these temporary spaces under the constraints listed under access update.

All ASUC Staff are happy to assist you but as items are moved, they are mixed together until they get here. It is also difficult for us to find your items so please bare with us.

3) Access Update

Please go to http://sa.berkeley.edu/surge to find more Card Key and Hard Key Access forms. Turn these into the LEAD Center front desk in 102 Hearst Gym for an advisor to sign and verify your identity.
Apologies for the confusion regarding office hours. As elected officials of the student government, we are also students and are schedules are also in flux these first few weeks of the Semester. The newly established office hours for an Orientation review will be MW 10AM-12NOON. Please mark these on your calendars as many groups have yet to retrieve their space orientation packets. We are withholding access combinations until you space with a member of the space coordination team and sign the student space agreement form.

Eshleman is no longer available or online for student use unless reserved through Event Services (700 Eshleman Hall) or the ASUC Secretariat (Senate Chambers).

Hearst Gym hours at this point are up in the air. As construction continues hours are sporadic, but you can count on spaces to be open M-F from 8AM-4PM when the contractors for construction are here. Doors are generally open during these day time hours. In general, the building is locked at night to prevent people from stealing student group items, but cardkey activations should go through soon. Once construction is over and all access requests are settled, we will return the spaces to a more normal set of hours (7AM-6PM non cardkey and 6PM-7AM cardkey).  Regarding, Card Key Access, requests have been sent through and are being processed by UCPD. Please excuse the drawn out process. We are working with campus to make the process more efficient and streamlined, with less forms. We will keep you updated.

4) Update for Groups Seeking Space or weā?Tre not allocated Space
The Hearst Gym Space is impacted and keeping in line with the previous ASUC Administration, groups that were allocated space for 11-12, are prioritized in the 12-13 space. As the year progresses and we better understand Hearst Gym and itā?Ts limitations, we may open up another set of applications. Until this time, THERE IS NO AVAILABLE SPACE IN HEARST GYM for groups that were not allocated space. Thank you for understanding.

5) Finding your Space
Many student have had trouble finding the space. All student spaces are located on the West Side of Hearst Gym. Please review http://sa.berkeley.edu/surge to find your spaces.

6) Mailboxes
Mailboxes are still being set up. Please expect to have access to your mailbox in Room 112 Hearst Gym at the beginning of next Week. All 2012-2013 Sponsored Student Organizations will receive a mailbox.

Thank you for your patience as we move through this process together.

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737 | www.justinsayarath.com

Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013
Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine
Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” | www.studentaction.org

The Student Technology Council (STC) is currently recruiting for three new members

The Student Technology Council (STC) is currently recruiting for three new members – two undergraduates; the other a graduate student – for 2012-2013.  We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students who identify and prioritize students’ information technology needs and opportunities in support of UC Berkeley’s mission.  The STC reports to Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer Lyle Nevels.

As a member, you will be involved in assessing students’ technology needs, providing input to student technology services providers, and managing a proposal process for technology projects that benefit students.


We are looking for registered students with:



  • Demonstrated analytical skills, including ability to independently research; review and assess a range of variables to define key issues; evaluate reasonable alternatives, and make logical recommendations and decisions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills including demonstrated ability to articulate ideas and issues clearly, concisely, and persuasively using proper grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. 
  • Graphics’ skills, e.g., to produce posters. 
  • Active listening skills. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a small group. 
  • Enthusiasm for and interest in shaping information technology on campus for current and future students.
  • A technical background is not required. Students from all majors are (aside from IEOR and CS) are encouraged to apply.




Time commitment


  • The term of work is September 2012 to May 2013. Most of the work is during the academic year with a possibility of work during the summer.
  • Hours: Five to eight hours a week, including a required group meeting at Earl Warren Hall (at the intersection of Hearst and Oxford, across from the northwest corner of campus) on Monday evenings during the school year from 5:00-7:00pm.



  • For the 2012-2013 school year, STC members will be compensated at $15/hour up to a maximum of five to eight hours a week. Work-study students are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply



  • First, please read our STC website, http://stc.berkeley.edu, thoroughly, including the bylaws, which are found on the Governance page.
  • Then respond to each of the application questions on the membership page and email your responses tostudent.tech@berkeley.edu by midnight Wednesday, September 8, 2012.
  • Resumes are preferred in addition to responses to the application questions, but are not required. Relevant samples of your work, such as flyers or posters you have designed, are welcome, but also are not required.




If you have any questions about accessibility or anything else, please email us at student.tech@berkeley.edu.


We look forward to meeting you!


Thanks and regards,


Co-Chair |  Student Technology Council (STC)

Submit your Pre-Proposal for the Big Ideas Competition Today!

Big Ideas@Berkeley is an annual innovation contest aimed at providing funding, support, and encouragement to interdisciplinary teams of UC undergraduate and graduate students who have “big ideas.”  Since its founding, UC Berkeley’s annual Big Ideas prize contest has inspired innovative and high-impact student projects aimed at solving the world’s most pressing problems.  By seeking out novel proposals and then supporting efforts to help them succeed, Big Ideas has supported contest winners in making an impact all over the world.


How Big Ideas Works

The Big Ideas contest is split into two rounds: a pre-proposal round in the fall and a full proposal round in the spring.

Round 1: Pre-proposal

Eligible students are invited to submit a five-page pre-proposal by Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 5PM (PST) via the bigideas.berkeley.edu website.  Judges will select 3 to 6 teams in each category to continue on to the full proposal round of the contest in the spring.  All pre-proposal teams will receive detailed feedback from the judges, regardless of whether or not they are selected as finalists.  Pre-proposal entrants will be notified the first week of December 2012 if they have been selected as a finalist.

Round 2: Full Proposal

Finalist teams will have the opportunity to develop and refine their pre-proposals into ten-page “full proposals” due on March 12, 2013.  In this full proposal, finalists will expand on the ideas presented in their pre-proposals, edit their proposals based on judges’ feedback, and refine their project ideas through collaboration with a Big Ideas mentor (a Bay Area industry professional matched to the finalist team based on the mentor’s content knowledge and areas of strength).  From the finalist pool, judges will select between two and five award winners in each category.

Almost All Items from Eshleman Hall have been moved to Hearst Gym

Thank you for your patience with the surge project. It has all been a trying time for all of us student groups, and student government officials alike. At this point, nearly all items have been moved to Hearst Gym in some capacity. If your items are not in your office, cage, or workstation, it is somewhere in Hearst Gym in temporary holding spaces in Room 15, 17, 16, or 20.  Once again, thank you for your patience.

Work Order Confirmation:

ORDER #: M20292

DATE:         Monday, 8/27/12


LOCATION:  Eshleman

REPORT TO: Sharay – 910-4786

SCOPE: From the 4th floor take down one cubicle, move printer and chairs to 102 Sproul.  Install cubicle in 102 Sproul.

From the first, 3rd, and 5th floors move all items tagged for room 18 Hearst Gym.  Place contents in order by group –as much as possible– into rooms 15 and 17.  Organize so students can find their things. –i.e by making an aisle.  If there is not enough room, things can overflow into other cage rooms.

Volunteer to help out UC – Berkeley Admissions!

Who: You!  You fabulous UC Berkeley student!

What: Volunteer to assist OUA Admissions Staff in hosting the UC Conference for California community college and high school counselors.  Duties will take place at the parking garage, placing balloons and signs to direct attendees to the registration area (outside Wheeler Hall), directing attendees to the appropriate building where the sessions are, and escorting UC’s Admission Directors to their sessions.

When: 6:30am-1:30pm.  If you can volunteer for that entire time period that would be ideal, but if not, our online sign up sheet at http://tinyurl.com/UCConfVol  has blocks of time that you can sign up for.

Where: Check in at the volunteer table manned by myself, Mecca Shakoor, and Esperanza Bernal outside of Wheeler Hall on Wheeler Plaza.  Once you check in, we can sign you in and out and give you a volunteer t-shirt to wear for the day.

Why: We host the counselor conference to share updates about the freshman and transfer admission process to California high school and community college counselors and affiliated staff.  It is also a great opportunity to represent the UC Berkeley campus amongst other UC Staff and Staff from the UC Office of the President.

Additional Info:  Please feel free to dress in layers and anticipate weather conditions.  The early morning is likely cooler, and it may warm up later.  Please dress comfortably and casually in jeans, sneakers and your Blue and gold or Cal gear.  You will get a free t-shirt and some morning and afternoon snacks of some sort to eat.  Please know you will be representing the UC Berkeley campus.  Please know you will have to keep track of your belongings and you may want to carry them with you in a light satchel or your pockets that you can easily carry, keep on you, and move with.

Ready to sign-up?  Please sign up at: http://tinyurl.com/UCConfVol   Thank you and GO BEARS!


Miss Mecca R. Shakoor

Admissions and Recruitment Specialist,

Diversity Coordinator, & OUA Student Ambassador Coordinator

University of California, Berkeley

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

110 Sproul Hall #5800

Berkeley, California 94720-5800

(510) 643-3052 (voice)

(510) 642-7333 (fax)



ASUC Student Advocate’s Office hiring Caseworkers! Apply Now!

Hello Execs, Chiefs, and Senators,

Hope the first few days of the school year hasn’t been too hectic for you! I am emailing you today to let you know about a great opportunity for your constituents. My office (ASUC Student Advocate’s Office aka SAO) is hiring caseworkers for Fall 2012. Caseworkers work one on one with student-clients who are having problems regarding conduct violations, university grievances, financial aid, and academic disputes. Applications are available at advocate.berkeley.edu and are due September 5th by 5PM.
We will also be hosting two info sessions:
  • August 29 at 7:00PM in 279 Dwinelle
  • August 30 at 7:00PM in 89 Dwinelle
Working in SAO has been easily one of the best experiences I have had at Cal thus far, and I am confident that some of your constituents may appreciate this great opportunity. Please forward widely to your constituents. I would also be grateful if you could invite your friends and constituents to the Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/ApplySAO
I am truly excited to work with all of you this year. I will see you all at the first Senate meeting!

Surge Update: Access to Hearst Spaces and Tabling Program

Hello Student Leaders,

Thank you to those who attended the Student Space Orientation. For all groups, please review the following items:

1) Access to Space

For Student Groups who attended the orientation, you should have access to your Hearst Spaces. Please go ahead and check them out starting TOMORROW August 23, 2012. Unfortunately, we may have given you access too early since construction is still not finished. The ASUC EVP office is working very hard to keep the campus accountable to the promises it has made us regarding construction times and accessibility. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re doing our best. If you have additional forms to turn in or need help finding your spaces, please visit the LEAD Center in 102 Hearst Gym for questions. The Secretariat Office is not up and running yet because of delayed construction, so for now all forms will be received by the LEAD Center front desk.

For Student Groups who did not attend the orientation, you will need to visit the ASUC Executive Vice President Student Space Office Hours to gain the necessary information to access your spaces. Office Hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM-11AM in 114E Hearst Gym. You will receive a summarized orientation and be asked to fill out the necessary paper work. After your forms are filled out, you will turn them into the LEAD Center where they will receive the necessary signatures. As the applications are returned to the EVP Office, your combinations will be emailed out to the student who signed the Student Space Agreement.

2) Tabling Program

The Tabling Program is set to begin Thursday August 23. Please note that this date is Calapalooza so it is unlikely that you will need to utilize the tabling program as set up for Calapalooza begins early in the day. For more information regarding the Tabling Program, please review the following materials:

The ASUC Executive Vice President’s Office and ASUC Auxiliary Event Services are working together to bring you a convenient and sustainable tabling program for student groups on campus. No longer will your student organizations have to worry about purchasing tables/chairs or lugging tables/chairs around for Sprouling! The ASUC Executive Vice President’s Office heading this project to manage all space and equipment, and so the ASUC has purchased 100 chairs and 50 tables so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing anymore. But the rental of these items will be managed by ASUC Auxiliary Event Services. At the end of each semester, the chairs and tables will be inventoried and the ASUC EVP Office will purchase new equipment to replace any damaged ones.

How to Rent Tables and Chairs (Monday through Friday – Business Hours)


1. Between the hours of 8:30AM and 5:00PM (Monday through Friday) walk into Naia Lounge in Lower Sproul

2. Event Services Staff will take down your information to keep you accountable to the items you check out

3. Return items by 5PM that day so that you don’t get charged


1. Reserve a table so you are sure to get one by contacting event services at:

a. eventservices@berkeley.edu
b. eventservices.berkeley.edu
c. 510-642-1141

2. Between the hours of 8:30AM and 5:00PM (Monday through Friday) walk into Naia Lounge in Lower Sproul

3. Event Services Staff will take down your information to keep you accountable to the items you check out

4. Return items by 5:00PM that day so that you don’t get charged

How to Rent Tables and Chairs (Monday through Friday after 5PM and Weekends, or big events)

1. Reserve a table or tables by contacting event services at:

a. eventservices@berkeley.edu
b. eventservices.berkeley.edu
c. 510-642-1141

2. Pick up tables at the time the event services staff on the day or night of event

3. Event Services Staff will take down your information to keep you accountable to the items you check out

4. Return items day or night of event

The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about storing your tables or chairs again. We’ll take care of it for you.

Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility as we move through this time of change. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing both evp@asuc.org andstudentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com.

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737 | www.justinsayarath.com

Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013
Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine

A Message for Groups Registered for Calapalooza

**This email serves as a reminder/notification regarding your student group tabling opportunity during Calapalooza. If you have NOT been confirmed, please email looza@berkeley.edu. Also, some of you signed up for 2-3 different groups with ONE email address. If you have already confirmed which group, via email, please do not reply to this email address. If you have not confirmed your specific group, please send us an email as well. We will try our best to sort through the groups on Thursday afternoon.**



Dear Student Group:

We’re writing to confirm that your group has been assigned tabling space at Calapalooza 2012. This message contains all relevant information related to check-in, tabling guidelines, and event logistics.  Please have all tablers from your group review it carefully.

Calapalooza is scheduled for Thursday, August 23rd from 3:30pm to 7pm.  Check-in for tablers will begin at 1:30pm outside on the Cesar Chavez patio, to the left side of the Golden Bear Café (look for the blue and gold tent).  Only one person from your group is required to check-in.  Your group must check-in by 2:30pm; at that time, all unclaimed reservations will be canceled and those unclaimed tables will be reassigned to groups on the waiting list.  Do not go directly to your table without checking-in as our staff may reassign your table.  Groups will not be notified of the location of their table until the day of the event and groups may not switch, trade, or move tables.

Your group representative’s signature at check-in verifies that your group participants have read and understand the 2012 guidelines and regulations for tablers.  This includes awareness that violation of these terms will result in your group being asked to leave the event, and your group’s exclusion from future Calapalooza participation the following year.

A maximum of TWO (2) representatives from your group may be staffing your table at a time.  Calapalooza is an outdoor event.  The weather may be sunny and warm, or chilly and foggy, or a mixture of both.  Dressing in layers, bringing sun-block, wearing sunglasses, and bring water are all recommended.

You are encouraged to bring your own sign to identify your group to students.  It should be no more than six feet long and 30 inches high.  Groups are responsible for their own tape.  Your student group name (as it is listed with the Center for Student Leadership) must be displayed on your sign.  You may only represent your student group, and not advertise any third party or business entity.  You may not distribute fliers for any third party or business entity.  Third parties include other student groups.

Each group will be provided with one table and two chairs.  Groups are not allowed to bring additional chairs, tables, ironing boards, or other furniture due to limited space at the event.  Student groups are not permitted to setup tents, canopies, or free-standing umbrellas that extend beyond the borders of your table.  Displays and/or demonstrations that will not fit on the top of your table are also not permitted.  Tablers will not have access to electrical outlets.

Over 3,000 students typically participate in Calapalooza annually, and we anticipate an overwhelmingly positive turnout this year since the event will take place the day Fall classes begin.  Please bring a reasonable amount of materials to advertise your group and its activities.  (Please help us keep the amount of litter to a minimum by handing-out recycled/recyclable items and not making too many extra copies.)  Remember that your materials must include information about ADA access to your events.  Details are available at: http://access.berkeley.edu

Groups are encouraged to bring free give-away items such as t-shirts, buttons, and ink pens that will provide a memorable take-away for new students.  Student groups are prohibited from bringing items to sell.  You may not collect any funds, sell any items, or collect pledges during Calapalooza.  Raffle tickets may not be sold during the event.

Food may only be distributed by groups with approved special event food permits as issued by Environment, Health, & Safety.  To distribute food items, you must deliver to New Student Services at 2610 Channing Way (third floor) by Friday, August 17th an approved copy of your EH&S food permit. PLEASE NOTE: EXCESSIVE TRASH SURROUNDING YOUR TABLING AREA WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF YOUR GROUPS PARTICIPATION IN THE 2013-2014 TABLING FAIR. The food permit application is available online at http://ehs.berkeley.edu/healthsafety/foodpermit.html

Food will be served at Calapalooza for all new undergraduates with a meal plan.  Meals may also be purchased at the event for $1 per meal (i.e., one entrée, kettle corn, churro, and beverage) for participants who do not have a meal plan.

Overly-aggressive recruitment is not permitted.  An example of this behavior is sending representatives out from behind your table to distribute materials, ask for sign-ups, or solicit pledges.  Student group volunteers must remain behind their tables throughout the event.  Calapalooza staff will respond to aggressive solicitation, and your group may be asked to leave the event.

To help Calapalooza remain a free event for student organizations, your group is required to fold up your chairs and bring them to the designated area to be stacked at the conclusion of the event, or whenever your group closes your table.  Please also deposit all trash and recycling from your group in proper receptacles and take any extra materials with you.

If you have other questions not addressed in this email, contact us at looza@berkeley.edu.  Thank you again for participating in Calapalooza

Terrance A. Range

Your Calapalooza 2012 Director

Program Coordinator

New Student Services

University of California



Delay in ASUC Financial Desk Service opening at 102 Hearst Gym

Dear ASUC Agents and Callink Community –

Due to unforeseen complications with the move from 400 Eshleman to 102 Hearst Gym there will not be check or cash reimbursements available until Thursday, 8/23/12. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause.

In the meantime, you can continue to initiate Purchase Requests and submit documentation to 102 Hearst Gym. Normal processing will resume by Thursday 8/23/12.

Thank you for your patience while we get situated in the new LEAD Center at 102 Hearst Gym! Questions? Contactlead@berkeley.edu