Gmail and Google Apps for Education is being brought to campus, you choose the new name!

Hello everyone,

I am so proud to say that Google Apps for Education is being brought to the UC Berkeley campus. After having worked on this project (for the past two years) as Technological Development Director under then ASUC President Noah Stern and working on this project this year as a Senator, student dreams are finally being realized. Once this is implemented, students won’t have to deal with the age old CalMail system that lacks an interface that fits our fast-paced student life and went down for an entire week this past year. This is the power that students have, when mobilized. Now that it’s finally being implemented, students are being asked to choose the name! And we deserve that right, we fought for it, and we spoke up for this soon-to-be invaluable student resource! So please take the time to think of an awesome name.


Justin Sayarath

Apple? Facebook? Netflix? What’s in a name? Only everything!

Have you heard?!? Google has been selected as the new campus calendar and email solution and the new solutions will need a name unique to UC Berkeley. Some examples from campuses that have gone before us: SlugMail (UC Santa Cruz), AggieMail (UC Davis). Unleash your creativity and submit a name for consideration by the Productivity Suite Team. The winner in each category – email and calendar – will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Even if your submission is not chosen you can still cash in! Just for entering, your name will be entered into a random drawing for two chances to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

All entrants must be UC Berkeley students, faculty or staff. You may enter only once, and all submissions must be received by March 19, 2012. The winning names will be announced at the OE Expo 2012. In the event that the selected name is submitted by more than one entrant, the entrant with the earliest submission date and time will win the prize.

Remember the deadline is March 19, 2012 and ties will go to the earliest submission so don’t wait…Submit today!
Click the link below to be directed to the online submission form. Good Luck!


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