Official Surge Space Allocation Decisions and Floor Plans

Dear Student Groups,

The Office of the Executive Vice President Christopher Alabastro and the Student Spaces/SURGE Director Donna-Jo (DeeJay) Pepito are pleased to announce the release of the final SURGE space allocation decisions for the 2012-2013 academic year along with the finalized floor plans for the SURGE spaces. These will be the temporary spaces student groups will be transitioning into during the demolition and construction of Eshleman Hall.

You will all be contacted by the EVP Office within the next few days with your assigned Eshleman Move-Out training time. The training sessions that will take place starting Monday, March 12 through Friday, March 23 are MANDATORY for all student groups to attend. If you do not attend this meeting, you will be jeopardizing a smooth move-out process from Eshleman Hall. At this training session, we will be reviewing the entire packing process as well as clarifying the SURGE timeline for the rest of the semester. We have categorized student groups by similar moving needs, according to similar items that groups store. Because each training session is catered to your respective categories, please respect the training time you have been assigned and send only 1-2 representatives from your student group to attend.

We would like to thank the Student Group Stakeholders that were involved in representing all student groups’ needs, requests, and overall voices throughout the planning and designing process of the SURGE spaces. Also, thank you to the architects of Noll & Tam, Capital Projects’ Project Manager, Kate Bolton, Space Management Director, Abram Hardin and all other administration involved throughout this process for ensuring that students were involved and heard in designing these floor plans and for working closely with the EVP office and the ASUC throughout this entire academic year. Finally, we thank all student groups for your patience and flexibility during this transition period that our campus is experiencing due to the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project. We understand that this process will require student groups to downsize their items and leave behind a long history occupying Eshleman Hall, but we ensure you that the future Eshleman Hall and Lower Sproul will be something to look forward to and will provide a better community and greater resources for future students on campus.

Attached are the floor plans of the SURGE spaces. You can find the official SURGE space allocation decisions here. (

March 7 – 11: Allocations released/student groups contacted
March 12 – 23: Student group training for Eshleman move out process
March 26 – 30: SPRING BREAK
April 2nd: Begin packing process for all student groups
April 16 – 27: SURGE space tours for student groups
April 30 – May 4: RRR Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs
May 7 – 11: Finals Week and Eshleman space walk-throughs

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Student Spaces/SURGE Director directly We will also be continuing our SURGE office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:15PM in the EVP Conference Room (2nd floor of Eshleman).

ASUC Executive Vice President Christopher Alabastro
ASUC EVP Student Spaces/SURGE Director Donna-Jo (DeeJay) Pepito

Floor Plans


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