ASUC L.E.A.D. Center (Formerly Center for Student Leadership and ASUC Auxiliary’s Office of Student Affairs) is in search of Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator Intern!

For students that are interested and would like to be considered for the position, please email and submit a resume and cover letter to Maria Iglesia at and Jonathan Brazile by Friday, August 10.

Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator Intern

Position Overview: The Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator Intern provides leadership and support in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Leadership Symposium.  The Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinators will serve on the 2012 Leadership Symposium Planning Team and work with the LEAD Center Leadership Symposium professional staff, student volunteers, and other Leadership Symposium partners to ensure the success of the 2012 Leadership Symposium.


The Co-Coordinators will help coordinate the Leadership Symposium advertising campaign to the campus community and create coalitions and collaborative opportunities between the Leadership Symposium Planning Team and other organizations on and off campus.  Additionally the Leadership Symposium Co-Coordinator will work with members of the planning team to clarify team member responsibilities, answer questions, and provide support., The Co-Coordinators will primarily utilize one-on-one conversations, presentations, and strategic emailing to reach out to UC Berkeley organizations and nearby campuses to promote the Leadership Symposium and ultimately serve as a representative of Leadership Symposium to the campus community.


Time Commitment:

  • 7-10 work hours per week (July-October)
  • 1 hour weekly coordinator meetings: Date/time TBD by the team
  • 2-3 hours of pre-preparation meetings: October 8-12
  • On-site Volunteer Training:  Saturday, October 13
  • Leadership Symposium: Sunday, October 14
  • Post-Assessment and Transition Meeting: Date/time TBD by the team



  • Enrolled UC Berkeley student


Job Responsibilities


  • Assist student volunteers with various position responsibilities such as:

○ On-site student volunteer training – create and facilitate a training session for on-site student volunteers responsible for on-site registration, workshop presenter support, and day-of logistics of Leadership Symposium

  • Consolidate evaluations and feedback from Leadership Symposium attendees to be used to make recommendations for future Leadership Symposium programs

○ Make additional recommendations for future programs

  • Provide general support for the LEAD Center Staff and Planning Team
  • Research events similar to Leadership Symposium to make recommendations for improvement



  • Brainstorm discussion with planning team regarding theme.
  • Brainstorm discussion with planning team regarding potential educational sessions and keynotes
  • Develop and distribute proposal forms.
  • Find presenters for educational sessions
  • Create educational session evaluation forms.
  • Secure A/V needs presenters might  have
  • Gather biographies and pictures of guest speakers
  • Prepare speaking points for speakers that relate to theme.
  • Purchase gifts for guest speakers, staying within budget as determined by Finance Chairs.
  • Greet speakers on the day-of and acquaint them with logistics.
  • Distribute results of conference evaluations to presenters and other relevant contacts.



  • Coordinate fundraising efforts (monetary/in-kind), including letter writing and grant writing.
  • Maintain ongoing record of donations and incoming funds.
  • Create budget (both estimate in the beginning of the year and final once all expenditures and incoming funds are recorded).
  • Serve as the contact for all sponsors; follow-up with sponsors and send thank-you notices (personal visits, e-mails, etc.) after the conference.
  • Compile end-of-the-year finance transition report for next year.



  • Create and implement overall marketing strategy in a professional and creative manner, incorporating event theme
  • Write emails publicizing Leadership Symposium.
  • Create flyers about Leadership Symposium.
  • Design t-shirt.
  • Outreach to local college to have their students attend Symposium.
  • Develop an outreach plan to attract alumni and have them attend Leadership Symposium.
  • Coordinate partnership with California Alumni Association.
  • Write emails publicizing Symposium to be sent to off-campus (local college and alumni) contacts.
  • Develop and maintain a list of off-campus student leaders to contact by email and phone.
  • Find other target markets (e.g. community leaders, etc. as seen fit).



  • Handle packets, nametags, etc. for the day-of.
  • Coordinate room assignments with Program Chairs.
  • Coordinate lunch location, registration table, etc.
  • Arrange for A/V equipment, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Facilitate A/V equipment briefing for volunteers.
  • Work with ASUC staff to coordinate tables, chairs, power, etc. in facilities.
  • Develop emergency evacuation plan/first aid.
  • Coordinate logistics with restaurants, donors, sponsors, etc. for food day-of.
  • Coordinate creation of task sheet for day-of with Overall Chairs.
  • Coordinate final inventory and move to storage.
  • Make facility reservations for the next Symposium.



  • Develop registration system for day-of to ensure smooth and quick sign-in process: coordinate with Logistics Chairs and Campus Life and Leadership staff for best approach to registration.
  • Set up and coordinate registration check-in process on the day-of.
  • Maintain database/roster and online registration system.
  • Send out confirmation and reminder e-mails to registrants.
  • Coordinate online registration and payment process
  • Create Certificate of Attendance for participants and others, as necessary.
  • Solicit necessary supplies from sponsors (e.g. Give Something Back and Cal Student Store).



  • Develop contents of the Leadership Symposium website
  • Coordinate construction and maintenance of website
  • Design and print event program
  • Take pictures throughout the planning process and the day of the event
  • Recruit and assign volunteers for conference 

Lower Sproul Update and Mandatory Student Space Orientation – July 23, 2012

Hello again Student Leaders, 

I hope this email finds you well. As the construction of our surge/Hearst spaces wraps up, the ASUC Department of Facilities and Student Spaces would like to, once again, update you with information about the project. We encourage you to read through the entire contents of this email and share with your fellow students as some information has been updated. The contents of this letter include the following:
1) Last Day to Remove Items
2) Mailing Address
3) Surge Information in Social Media
4) Mandatory Student Space Orientation
1) Last Day to Remove Items
The inventory and inventory/grievance sheets are now closed and the Official Inventory for the Lower Sproul Surge Project has been submitted to the movers. Please take a look at to ensure that all items that are not being moved, are removed from Eshleman Hall. Please also remember that the movers will not be removing any chairs or tables. The ASUC will begin a Table and Chair rental program for all student groups beginning in Fall 2012. Students must have their items removed from Eshleman Hall by July 30, 2012 at 5:00PM or the items will be given up to Campus Recycling & Refuse Services.
2) Mailing Address
Effective Fall 2012, the official mailing code of any ASUC Sponsored Student Organization will be #4482. Please check the allocation sheet for your specific location. Please take note for business card or stationary purposes. Here is an example of a Student Group address:
ASUC Executive Vice President’s Office
114E Hearst Gym #4482
Berkeley, CA 94720-4482
3) Surge Information in Social Media
For Surge updates and bulletins, please follow the Lower Sproul Surge Project on facebook at and on twitter at @ASUC_SURGE.
4) Mandatory Student Space Orientation
The Student Space Orientation will be held on August 20, 2012 from 8PM-9:30PM on the 7th Floor of Eshleman Hall in Eshleman Library. All Student Groups that have a space in Hearst Gym or Hearst Annex are required to send one CSL signatory or one ASUC financial agent to the Orientation. The Orientation will include presentations discussing accessibility including combinations for cages, offices and Card Key Access forms. The Orientation is intended to be a one-stop-shop to obtain all necessary space information and turn in all necessary forms to access spaces. Please review the following agenda:
Inline image 1

Once again, if you have any questions at all, please send all inquiries to

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013 | (619) 313-3737 |

Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine

Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” |

Briana Mullen

University of California, Berkeley
2nd Year Undergraduate
History Major, Public Policy & Education Minor
(720) 207-3890 | |
Chief Deputy of Facilities and Space Management 2012-2013*
Office of the Executive Vice President, Justin Sayarath
Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)

*Title for identification purposes only

The Lower Sproul Surge: Treasures of Eshleman Hall




The ASUC office of the Executive Vice President has spent the last couple of months prepping all the student organization spaces in Eshleman Hall for the move to Hearst Gym and Hearst Annex. We’re excited for the new space, but also wanted to show you the amazing things we found in Eshleman Hall and our whole new level of appreciation for all the wonderful things that student organizations do on our campus. We hope that you can share in our excitement and we’ll be seeing you on August 20, 2012 at 8PM for the Mandatory Student Space and Services Orientation in Eshleman Library. An agenda will be sent out soon.

For more information visit:

twitter: @ASUC_Surge
Allocation Sheet:

ASUC Executive Vice President
Twitter: @ASUCExecutiveVP

Song: “Language” — Porter Robinson, Property of Big Beat Records (North America), A Warner Music Group Company

Join the Cal Greeks Community! Fall 2012 Recruitment Information!

Join the Cal Greek community on the UC Berkeley campus this fall!



There are 12 Panhellenic sorority chapters on the UC Berkeley campus: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, and Sigma Kappa


*Please register for Panhellenic Fall Formal Recruitment at
*Registration closes Tuesday, August 23rd at midnight!

Learn more about the Panhellenic Recruitment Process–check out a Panhellenic Recruitment Information Session.


Friday, August 24th: MANDATORY Orientation Meeting @ Pauley Ballroom. Check in begins at 5:30pm- 8:30pm. If you cannot attend, please contact your recruitment counselor or email

Saturday, August 25th (8:00am – 6:00pm): Unity Day

Sunday, August 26th (9:00am – 6:00pm): House Tours

Monday, August 27th: No events scheduled

Tuesday, August 28th (5:00pm – 11:30pm): Philanthropy Night

Wednesday, August 29st (6:00pm – midnight): Preference Night

Thursday, August 30th (5pm): Bid Day! Takes place in Wheeler Auditorium

NOTE: Recruitment events on Unity Day and House Tours will be occurring all day. Because Philanthropy Night, Preference Night, and Bid Night are scheduled for weekdays, all recruitment events will take place in the evenings.


-Unity Day-
This is the first day of recruitment and your first opportunity to meet sorority women at their chapter houses. As a group, you will visit the 12 sororities and become acquainted with the women in each chapter. This first day is the most casual, so jeans are suitable. As you will be walking a lot, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

-House Tours-
On the second day of recruitment you will attend up to nine chapter events. Because your schedule will be different from the other women in your group, you will not attend events with your group. However, you will meet with your Recruitment Counselor before the events this day. This day is slightly less casual than Unity day, so a sundress or nice pants are appropriate.

-Philanthropy Night-
After a day off, you will attend up to six chapter events. This is the third day of recruitment. The events on this day are focused on each chapters individual philanthropy and community service efforts. The attire for this night is business casual, so a dress or nice pants would be appropriate

-Preference Night-
Preference Night is the last time that you will visit the chapters as a potential new member. You will visit up to three chapter events on this night. During these events chapter members will express to you the ideals and values of their sorority. This is the most formal night of recruitment, appropriate attire would be business casual to semi formal.

* Online Registration
* More Recruitment Information including FAQs and What to Wear



There are 32 Interfraternity Council fraternities on the UC Berkeley Campus:

ΑΚΑΚ (Acacia), AEPi (Alpha Epsilon Pi), ΑΓΩ (Alpha Gamma Omega), ΑΣΦ (Alpha Sigma Phi), ΑΤΩ (Alpha Tau Omega), ΒΘΠ (Beta Theta Pi), ΧΨ (Chi Psi), ΔΧ (Delta Chi), ΔΣΦ (Delta Sigma Phi), ΔΤΔ (Delta Tau Delta), ΔΥ (Delta Upsilon), ΚΑ (Kappa Alpha Order), ΛXA (Lambda Chi Alpha), ΦΔΘ (Phi Delta Theta), Fiji (Phi Gamma Delta), ΦΚΨ (Phi Kappa Psi), ΦΚΤ (Phi Kappa Tau), ΠΑΦ (Pi Alpha Phi), ΠΚΑ (Pi Kappa Alpha), ΠΚΦ (Pi Kappa Phi), ΠΛΦ (Pi Lambda Phi), ΣΑΜ (Sigma Alpha Mu), ΣΧ (Sigma Chi), ΣΕΩ (Sigma Epsilon Omega), ΣΝ (Sigma Nu), ΣΦΕ (Sigma Phi Epsilon), ΣΠ (Sigma Pi), ΤΚΕ (Tau Kappa Epsilon), ΘΧ (Theta Chi), ΘΔΧ (Theta Delta Chi), and Triangle Fraternity.

FALL 2011 RUSH: August 26th to September 1st.

NO prior REGISTRATION or COST is required for IFC rush.

INFORMATION about each chapters’ RUSH EVENTS is known by each particular chapter. It can be found by visiting chapter facebook rush groups, chapter websites, or displayed in front of chapter houses (if applicable).

Questions? email

Map of IFC Fraternities:



NPHC is the umbrella organization for the nine historically African-African American fraternities and sororities.

NPHC Organizations:
Alpha Phi Alpha, ALPHA EPSILON Chapter; Alpha Kappa Alpha, RHO Chapter; Kappa Alpha Psi, GAMMA ALPHA Chapter; Delta Sigma Theta, KAPPA Chapter; Zeta Phi Beta, GAMMA BETA Chapter; Sigma Gamma Rho, BETA PSI; Iota Phi Theta, DELTA CHI



The MultiCultural Greek Council is composed of 11 diverse sororities and fraternities. This is something that we pride ourselves in. Each fraternity and sorority has their own distinct pledge/orientation process for new members. For information on any of our chapters or for any questions on becoming part of our council, please contact our council president at

Below is a list of MCGC sororities and fraternities:

Alpha Delta Chi Sorority
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity
Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority
Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity
Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc.
Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.
Lambda Theta Phi, Fraternidad Inc.
Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Fraternity
Sigma Omicron Pi, Sorority
Sigma Phi Omega Sorority
Sigma Pi Alpha, Sorority Inc.
Sigma Phi Omega Sorority

Student Groups: Sign up for a table at Calapalooza today! (Thursday, August 23, 3:30PM-7:00PM)

Registration for Calapalooza 2012 is now open! We hope that student groups will play a significant role in helping the campus to welcome new students to the Cal family, and expose them to the wide variety of student involvement opportunities Berkeley has to offer. This year, Calapalooza will be held on Thursday, August 23rd from 3:30-7:00pm. Please complete this form with your group/organization information below! We expect another large event with over 3,000 students and over 300 student groups! Please note:

• Official registration is on a first-come basis, and student groups who submitted emails prior to the opening registration date will need to submit an official request using this form.

• Only two people are able to staff the table for your organization

• Please be sure to check-in with the CalSO set-up table upon your arrival CalSO staff will follow-up via email in a few weeks with more specific details and important reminders regarding tabling! If you have any questions, contact

Please submit the form at the following link: Calapalooza Table Request

Seeking Performance Groups for Calapalooza Showcase!

We are currently looking for Calapalooza performers. This is a great opportunity for performance groups to showcase their phenomenal talent for over 3,000 students! This year’s resource fair will be huge! Please share the following link below with students who may be interested in performing.


Date: August 23, 2012

ASUC Executive Office Staff Application Deadline Extended to July 9, 2012 at 5PM

Hello California Golden Bears!



It is my pleasure to inform you that the 2012-2013 ASUC Executive Office Staff Application Deadline has been extended to Monday July 9, 2012 at 5PM. Please take this opportunity to reconsider applying to a director or deputy position in the Executive offices of your student government.


This year is a year of momentous change for the students of UC Berkeley. As we move forward into the academic year you will see these changes unravel as physical buildings are constructed, deconstructed, and altered all in the name and under the initiative of students. But changes to our vibrant community won’t just stop at the physical level. While the Lower Sproul Revitalization Project will probably be the first thing you see when you step on campus, you will feel the effects of greater structural changes every single day you make your way to class, table for your student group, or use some sort of campus service. With Operational Excellence implementation in full swing and the transition of the ASUC Auxiliary’s reporting line to Student Affairs, you’ll definitely notice something a little different. These are just a few of the changes that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming year, all while maintaining our Cal culture of academic excellence, activism, exciting programming, and service to our greater community. And while I know that all students (us included) are busy keeping up in our classes, participating in our own student groups, working at our part-time jobs, planning for our futures, and so much more, we ask that you consider the changes that will unfold and also ask that you join us in keeping these changes accountable to the eclectic and impressive student community that has given so much to all of us.



Please review the list of job descriptions and submit your application by Monday July 9, 2012 at 5PM at Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about positions.



I look forward to hearing from you and GO BEARS!




Justin Sayarath


University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013 | (619) 313-3737 |


Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)| Uiversity of California, Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | University of California, Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Advisor | Caliber Magazine |


Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” |