Take two minutes to help save our education! Save Cal Grants Call-In Action Wed May 30 (Today)

A message from EAVP Shahryar Abbasi:

With the budget crisis at the state level, our representatives need to hear from us, the students! Shown below is a phone banking script provided by UCSA, the University of California Students Association. There are only 3 representatives to call so it won’t take too long at all. The important thing is to get as many people as possible to call, so get your brother or sister or friend or parents to call in too! All calls are planned for Wednesday, May 30th at your convenience, so plan ahead. Let us know if you have any questions and email EAVP Shahryar Abbasi at eavp@asuc.org.

Day of Action Save Cal-Grants
Info & Caller Script

The Issue:
In January Governor Brown proposed devastating cuts to the Cal Grant program, a key financial aid source for students in higher education. Specifically, he has proposed to dramatically increase minimum GPA requirements for new recipients (fall 2013 and beyond). The Governor has also proposed to decouple Cal Grants from fee levels at the UC and CSU and instead have Cal Grant awards mirror the size of the Pell Grant a student receives. For example, if a student receives 100% of the maximum Pell Grant award (currently $5,550), they get 100% of a maximum Cal Grant award to cover all of their mandatory fees. If a student gets 50% of the maximum Pell Grant award, they get a Cal Grant to cover only 50% of their fees at the UC or CSU. Thousands of current Cal Grant recipients do not receive the Pell Grant and would lose their Cal Grant altogether if this proposal were implemented. Both proposals make higher education unaffordable for thousands of low income students and forces students out of the UC and CSU.

Senator Darrell Steinberg: He is the Democrat’s leader in the Senate; he makes important decisions during these controversial budget negotiations.
Senator Carol Liu: She is Chair of the Senate Budget subcommittee that reviews the governor’s budget proposals for higher ed and ultimately suggests what language should go in the budget. She has yet to decide on any cuts to the Cal Grant program.
Senator Bob Huff: He is the Republican leader in the Senate; he also makes important decisions during these controversial budget negotiations.

Here’s what to say when you call:
Target- Sen. Carol Liu Sacramento Office (916) 651-4021
Target- Sen. Steinberg Sacramento Office (916) 651-4006
Target- Sen. Huff Sacramento Office (916) 651-4029

“Hi, my name is __________________, and I am a student (or former student from) at ___________. I am calling to let Senator (Liu, Steinberg, or Huff) know that Governor Brown’s proposed cuts to the Cal Grant program that will increase the minimum GPA requirements and decouple funding from UC & CSU fee levels, would negatively impact thousands of struggling students. I urge the Senator to allow students the ability to obtain an affordable education and reject these proposals. Thank you.”


ASUC Lecture Notes in search of Note-Takers and Editors! Earn $10.50-$15.00 an hour taking notes.

ASUC Lecture Notes Online delivers high quality lecture notes from a variety of Cal classes. Students purchase a subscription to the course and may download a set of notes from each lecture by 5 p.m. the day after each lecture. The notes are carefully edited and contain web links, photographs, equations and diagrams.

Here’s how it works: A student who has previously taken the course and earned an “A” attends each class, with the professor’s approval. The notes are then sent to our editing team, which reviews the notes and uploads them to their website, where subscribers have access to them.

The service is subsidized by the ASUC and employs more than 100 students each year as note takers, editors and webmasters. Subscribers are respectfully asked not to share their subscription. The service depends on individual subscriptions to exist and take notes in more classes.

ASUC Lecture Notes Online also offers editing and note-taking services, and hundreds ofarchived notes from past courses that are applicable to current classes.

Note-Takers and Editors Needed!

Earn $10.50-$15.00 an hour on campus note-taking!

We have added new Note-Taker positions for Summer 2012!  We’re also accepting applications for new editors starting in the Fall. View our Jobs page. ASUC Lecture Notes Online has job openings for note-takers who have taken the following classes and passed with an A- or higher:

Chemistry 1A

Psychology 166AC
Note-Taker Requirements:

  • Received an A- or higher in the class. Under certain conditions, if you have a high enough GPA in the major you might be considered.
  • Attend all classes.
  • Submit notes in our format by 10 p.m. the day of class, and earlier for lectures preceding midterms and finals.
  • Market/flyer for your class (classes that do not meet a minimum number of subscribers will be canceled).
  • Must be a student.

See our sample notes to get an idea of the quality we want.  Go to our Jobs page to access the application.



Lecture Notes Team

ASUC Lecture Notes Online is approved by the University of California Board of Regents and your professors!

Summer Classroom Reservations Open for Student Groups

Hi all,

The student group classroom scheduling reservation system is now open for summer, with a few restrictions:

1. We will not make any daytime reservations (MTWTF 10am-3pm) between Monday, June 18, and Friday, July 6, 2012 so that we may process room requests for Summer Session classes.
2.  Dates before June 18, 2012 will be processed in chronological order by the date of the event.
3.  Requests with dates between July 9 and August 10, 2012 will be processed beginning July 9.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



OE: Combining Billing, Financial Aid, and Registrar Services for Students (One-Stop Shop) Proposal for Working Group

I have the pleasure of sitting on the OE One-Stop Shop Working Group to combine Financial Aid, Registrar, and Billing & Payment Services. The proposal physically places all of these separate units into one central location for students to use and also trains staff so that they can assist students in all aspects these basic university services.


Please see the complete proposal here: OE Proposal Request

ASUC in search of an Academic Affairs Vice President’s Office’s Director of Administrative Committees

Interested applicants should email a resume and brief introduction to incoming Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Gavello (AAVP@asuc.org) and Andreas Lazaris (alazaris@berkeley.edu).


Student Chair/Director of Administrative Committees

  • Background:
    • Independent director position within Academic Affairs Vice President  (AAVP) (independent department ran by one director and X interns)
    • Exists within office of AAVP
  • Appointment:
    • Current AAVP nominates and senate approves for next year
    • Applicants must have served for one year on an academic senate or campus administrative committee
  • Responsibilities:
    • Create application for each administrative committee position
    • Distribute application, especially to campus communities relevant to the committee’s topic
    • Interview applicants and read applications
    • Place applicants in conjunction with AAVP
    • Create schedule for year before the Fall semester begins
      • Meeting of all administrative committee representatives twice a semester
      • Schedule speakers/consortiums
      • Contact ASUC senators to pair representatives with projects in senate
    • Provide an orientation for new appointees
    • Update Meeting with representatives with GA representatives (ie., Campus Affairs Vice President or her staff) once monthly
    • Post committee meeting reports on ASUC website
    • Work with the 2 interns mentioned above in tandem with the Director of the Academic Senate
      • Must have served in ASUC position in past
        • 1 intern: Director of Publicity
          • Responsible for outreach – important that this outreach is done to the entire campus community
        • 1 intern: Director of Communications
          • Responsible for communication with SAO, ASUC Senate, GA

Note: the two directors will rely on the same two interns for outreach and communications so that the projects are streamlined and so that these directors communicate about their expectations as much as possible


REMINDER TO STUDENT LEADERS: All Student Groups in Eshleman Hall must have all belongings packed and tagged by Monday MAY 14, 2012

Hello student leaders,

Please remember to have all your belongings packed and tagged in preparation for the move from Eshleman Hall to Hearst Gym and Hearst Annex. Boxes can be checked out at the Secretariat’s office on the second foor of Eshleman Hall. Please remember that if your materials are not properly packed and tagged, there is a risk of losing them during the move. Thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you need anything.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Student Spaces/SURGE Director directly at studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com. We will also be continuing our SURGE office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:15PM in the EVP Conference Room (2nd floor of Eshleman).


If you can’t remember where your group will be housed next week, please take a look at the link below. This is just the first page of the allocation page, for the complete listing please click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/SURGE-ALLOCATIONS


For a complete view of the floor plan: http://asuc.org/images/SURGE_Space_Floor_Plans.pdf

May 28, 2012 – LAST DAY TO PROCESS ASUC REIMBURSEMENTS. (If Senators wrote you a bill or you received a grant award)

Dear ASUC 2011-12 Callink Student Group community –

We at ASUC OSA hope the last official week of the Spring 2012 semester treats you well. Please know that the ASUC “4th Floor” remains open year round and reimbursements are still available during summer …we maintain our regular office hours.

Our preferred deadline to submit transactions for your ASUC student group accounts, either ASUC Programs or Miscellaneous, is Monday, MAY 28, 2012 so all 11/12 transactions may be finalized by June 30, 2012.

WARNING: Many, many transactions are being submitted these last weeks and our office is doing its best to process your requests as quickly as possible but please expect that transactions MAY take two weeks instead of one.

On that note, as the semester is wrapping up PLEASE doublecheck with your members about whether they might prefer to have reimbursements mailed to their “summer” or “permament” addresses, as finals, take priority over remembering to pick up a reimbursement from the OSA. We are happy to mail reimbursements if the address is reliable…but that is definitely not the case for most Berkeley apartments/dorms/coops/fraternities…therefore it is still preferable to hold transactions for pickup if a student will be around to pick up in person…just doublecheck with them before creating the CalLink form.

ALSO: PLEASE TAKE AN EXTRA MOMENT TO REVIEW DOCUMENTATION before you drop off transactions to make sure you have…

1. Original itemized receipts that indicate PROOF OF PAYMENT. If there is any ambiguity about whether the person getting reimbursed consummated payment for the purchase then be pro-active about getting a bank stmt, credit card stmt or a better receipt from them before submitting the request. Also, provide their phone number on the CalLink request so we can follow up with them if necessary.

2. If spending is debiting ASUC Funding for photocopies/printing please provide a sample of what was printed either by attaching a sample to the request or by uploading a sample to your group’s Callink Documents/Publicity Samples folder. Note somewhere on the request for OSA to look for that if it is uploaded.

3. DOUBLECHECK that the payee will be responsible for picking up their reimbursement from OSA or give them the option to have it mailed to a summer address … and then choose the appropriate option on the CalLink transaction.

The 2012-13 ASUC Budget was finalized Wed. 5/2/12, see the news article to download the final allocations:


The 2012-13 ASUC Allocations will be transferred into the ASUC Programs accounts in July to be available in August 2012.

So, as this semester wraps up thank you for all your patience, good will and diligence and ENJOY Finals!!!!

– Millicent, ASUC SAG Advisor, ASUC OSA
Questions? email frontdeskasuc@berkeley.edu or call 510-642-4536

Open Meetings with the Chancellor Search Committee – May 10 and 22

Dear Berkeley Students,

As the Presidents of the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly, we would like to invite you to attend one of two “Listening Sessions” or open meetings with members of the Search Committee for the Selection of the new Chancellor.  These sessions are being co-sponsored by the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate and the Berkeley Staff Assembly, and all members of the campus community are encouraged to participate.

Thursday, May 10, 2012
2:30 to 4:30 PM
West Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union Building

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
12:00 to 2:00 PM
Venue to be determined

These Listening Sessions are intended as initial opportunities to express your thoughts and perspectives about the next Berkeley chancellor to the search committee.  Those who wish to address the committee members at these sessions will be asked to confine their comments to two minutes (or less) and to minimize repetition of what has already been stated, in order to allow as many participants to speak as possible.  Those who wish to submit their comments in writing may do so at any time by using the box provided on the Chancellor Search website (http://www.berkeley.edu/chancellorsearch).  These comments will be received by staff in President Yudof’s office and forwarded to all search committee members.

We hope to see many of you on May 10 and/or May 22.

Best Regards,

Vishalli Loomba
ASUC President

Bahar Navab
GA President