Cal Online Student Experience Taskforce Notes

What is the Cal Online Student Experience Taskforce?

  1. It was created a long time ago by EVP Tu Tran to create a website that aggregates all the other campus websites into one portal for students. The campus bought in through the office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Cal Online Student Experience Survey?

  1. What were the results: bearfacts, calmail, telebears
  2. We will not be targeting Calmail due to changes in Calmail
  3. We will be targeting bearfacts and telebears

Productivity Suite

  1. What is it?
  2. 500,000 dollars to purchase the first part of the productivity suite (adobe). Buying in bulk, ex. $20 cost for each individual


  1. Talked about the problems associated with Telebears with the user interface designers for the CalCentral portal. We want to streamline the functionality of Telebears.


Ways to get involved with COSE:


Free Screening of “Bored to Death”

Calling all Cal Students!

Bring your friends to hang out and check in with the HBO crew for lots of FREE appetizers and beverages, and chances to win AWESOME prizes, including Flip Cams, gift cards, DVDs, and HBO gear

Below is the link to the Facebook event..

We’re rolling out the red carpet, so this will be a fun event!

See you guys there! 

Kyle Kwon and Austin Light

A Bill in Support of Respectful Student Group Conduct

A Bill in Support of Respectful ASUC Student Group Conduct


Co-Authored by: Senator Ickowitz, Senator Fang, Senator Diaz, Senator Chia, Senator Ternan, Senator Landgraf, Senator Sayarath, Senator Galace, Senator Albright, Senator Mecklai, Senator Abbasi, Senator Gilboa, Senator Sandhu, Senator Shirinian, Senator Lam

Sponsored by: Senator Ickowitz, Senator Fang, Senator Diaz, Senator Chia, Senator Ternan, Senator Landgraf, Senator Sayarath, Senator Galace, Senator Albright, Senator Mecklai, Senator Abbasi, Senator Gilboa, Senator Sandhu, Senator Shirinian, Senator Lam


WHEREAS, the ASUC firmly believes in the right of every student group to hold any and every political, religious, and cultural perspective; and,


WHEREAS, historically, the ASUC highly values the freedom of speech and expression allotted to each and every individual by the Bill of Rights; and,


WHEREAS, the ASUC values and encourages respectful procedure, conduct, and communication in and between student groups; and,


WHEREAS, discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age in satire or seriousness negatively impacts our campus; and,


WHEREAS,  Title 02 section 1.2 of the ASUC Constitution and By-Laws recognize political groups as student groups, with full and equal rights pertaining to every other type of student group; and,


WHEREAS, the Judiciary body of the ASUC, the Judicial Council, has the following functions as stated in Article XIII Section 2, and Article IV, Section 4 of the ASUC constitution:


Article IV



C.                    To review charges of violation of this Constitution, the By-Laws of the Association, and all other regulations of the Association.


E.                    To revoke the funding of any group found discriminatory under Section 7 of Article VII.


Article XIII



All questions of interpretation of this Constitution, except for Section 6 of Article IV, shall be decided by the Judicial Council


WHEREAS, the ASUC has the right to urge student groups to act responsibly, but ultimately in cases of disputed funding and sponsorship the Judicial Council holds ultimate jurisdiction; and,


WHEREAS, the ASUC values respectful procedure, conduct, and communication in and between student groups; and,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the ASUC reaffirms UC Berkeley as a space for every student group; and,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the ASUC urges student groups to conduct themselves in a respectful manner, as defined by the criteria specified in this bill; and,


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the ASUC condemns the use of discrimination whether it is in satire or in seriousness by any student group; and,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the ASUC formally requests a partnership between the Chancellor’s Task Force for Hate and Bias and the ASUC Commission of Diversity Affairs to initiate a dialogue on encouraging a respectful campus climate and courteous student group conduct; and,


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the ASUC recognizes the Judicial Council as the only body with jurisdiction in deciding all constitutionally disputed matters of sponsorship, funding, and the interpretation of the Constitution; and,


THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the ASUC Senate challenges and encourages the student body to be conscious of our diverse campus community and to be aware of the trials and struggles that each student has faced, is facing, and will face.


Diversity on our Campus and Special Senate Meeting

Hello everyone,

This week has been rather difficult (lots of bills for student groups-yay!, a couple midterms, problem sets, planning for Greek Week, planning for Publications Solidarity Week, and SURGE/Eshleman town hall stuff). In light of recent events, I have gone through a progression of being upset, stepping back to examine the situation holistically, and then reaching out to my community members and fellow senators. As you all probably know the Berkeley College Republicans posted a Facebook event: (original event screen shot)

And while I respect BCR members’ right to an opinion, I was deeply upset and offended by the way the event trivialized the experiences of so many students on our campus. I don’t think it’s easy for a person to step out of their own shoes and examine life from other students’ perspective especially in the context of race. But I encourage members of my community to try and do so anyway. Being a student of color, there is so much more to it than (literally) meets the eye. And my heart goes out to all students who were offended by the event. BCR members deserve the right to have their own opinions. I definitely don’t agree with the way BCR members chose to express that opinion and am definitely appalled of how inconsiderately insensitive it was to members of our very own Berkeley community, but let’s work together to move beyond this single event and let’s do this positively.

At the beginning of the year, Dean Poullard  gave the senate the most important piece of advice that I have ever been given. He said, “where there is relationship, there is grace.” And while we were all initially upset, angry, and worried about our campus climate, I think it is important that we extend grace. Something I learned from being a Cal Student Orientation Counselor this summer is to separate an action’s intent and impact. We may not intend for an action to hurt others, but the action happens and the impact may be negative and hurtful anyway. We must all be cognizent of this in every action we take and own up to the consequences if the impact doesn’t exactly match up with our intent. This does not mean letting this go and forgetting about it, but using this to foster intellectual dialogue about ideological differences. There is no more room for hate or conflict on our campus, but there is room for dialogue and learning.

Let’s take our very own ASUC Senate for example. There are twenty different people with twenty very different perspectives on our campus. While we all have different opinions on issues that our campus is facing, we use these differences to learn from each other and find collaborative ways to ensure that all of our opinions are heard. It may sound like rainbows and ponies, but the space and culture that we have fostered in the Senate is probably the thing that I am most proud in my life.

As self-righteous as that sounds especially given the way the senate has behaved in the past, I hope that our communities can use the Senate example.  You might call me naive, but let me tell you that this year is different. I admit, there are times when I feel like I am alone or that I can champion an issue on my own, but that is definitely not the case and it’s something I am learning from being a Senator. I have found that I am never alone, there are always allies within the Senate space and within the Cal community. I see my fellow senators as allies in the struggles that my community and I face, and I know the rest of the Senate sees me as an ally in the struggles they and their communities face.

As for BCR event, the senate is working together and convening a special meeting tomorrow Sunday September 25, 2011 at 6pm in the Senate chambers to discuss what positive steps we can take together to ensure that diversity on our campus is respected. I invite you to listen and possibly participate.

with love,

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Peace and Conflict Studies Minor | Class of 2013 | (619) 313-3737
Senator | Associated Students of the University of California*
Vice President | Alpha Tau Omega | Gamma Iota Chapter*
Assistant Vice President of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council*
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine*
Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year.”

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

Goldman School of Public Policy Event

The Goldman School of Public Policy is hosting its 10th annual Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Lecture in Health Policy on Tuesday, October 11th.  This year, our featured speaker is Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, an internationally renowned neurosurgeaon and neuroscientist from Johns Hopkins.   His third book, Becoming Dr. Q – My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon, will be published this fall.

Dana Stern
Event Manager
Goldman School of Public Policy
UC Berkeley
PH: 510-642-5032
FAX: 510-643-9657
Please Note: I am in the office Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Cal Tip


Make Anonymous Crime Tips

If you know of a crime that has occurred or is occurring on campus, we would like you to report it. or 510/664-8477 (from campus phone, 4-TIPS)

Cal Tip Anonymous Online Reporting icon

See it. Text it.

(from campus phone, 4-TIPS)

Within minutes, a texted tip will be received by UCPD’s dispatch center, where it will be forwarded to the appropriate division of the Police Department for follow-up.

It is also possible to make an anonymous report simply by dialing (510) 642-6760, UCPD’s non-emergency line.

About Anonymity

CalTIP enables anonymity because whether a message is received by text, email or voice mail, it encrypts all identifying information about the sender and supplies the sender with an alias/account number. Tipsters will be able to communicate with investigators who may have further questions and retain their anonymity through that process.

Your report is very important to us. Thank you for using CalTip.

CalTIP is not for an Emergency

CalTIP IS NOT intended for in-progress crimes. If you are currently witnessing a crime make an Emergency call instead. In case of immenent threat to life or property, dial 911, (or 510-642-3333 from a cell phone on or near campus.)

Extremely Rough Timeline for Projects

Just thought I’d give everyone an overview of the office projects!
Speaker’s Corner

Speaker’s Corner is an outlet for students from any community to speak their mind about their concerns. These concerns are meant to be challenged and spread to other members of our Greater Cal community via Speaker’s Corner.

Summer: Reaching out to Speakers

August: Build soapboxes

Late August: Have First Speaker’s Corner

Early September: Speaker’s Corner Blowout


Campus Safety Application
Safety Application with Safety Information and other interesting stuff like a GPS of OWL buses.

August: Meet with Jon Saltz

September: Find a new coder

October: Release the Safety Applciation


Media/Publications Community Mixer

A mixer and resource workshop for members of the publications community to meet each other and share ideas. Also it’s a resource workshop for them to learn about stuff.

September: Contact Publication Editors

October: Begin pulling details for powerpoint, classroom, and food together.

November: Publications Mixer


Media/Publications Week

A five day week dedicated to publications. Each day is a separate theme. Partnering with Innovative Design and PR@Cal to plan it. Chief of Staff Christina Kim will be charged with this.

September: Preliminary meetings with PR@Cal

October: Pull details of the event together.

November/December: Put on publications Week 


Design Workshops

Ongoing Design workshops for publications.

Timeline is unsure.


Moving Publications rack from basement of Eshleman to Upper Sproul

Moving the publications kiosk from the bottom floor of Eshleman to upper Sproul.

Timeline unsure.


Adobe Product Distribution for student editors

Productivity Suite. Done for student editors ad released.

September: release and marketing for publications.


Journalism Seminars (Broadcast, Reporting, etc.)

Seminars for students to learn about the field.

Timeline unsure.


Funding and Resource Guide for Publications

Creating a resource guide for student publications including ways to get ASUC, campus, and community funding. Also includes a list of local businesses and their managers’ contact information.

Summer: Begin learning constituion/bylaws to learn ASUC funding. And look up campus funding.

August/September: Collect information on local businesses and contact chamber of commerce in Berkeley.

October: Release list to campus publications.


Petitioning National Advertising Agencies for Publications

Obtain National advertising for student publications.

Summer: Attempted contact of advertising agencies but it didn’t work.


JEA and NSPA Publications Critique

Professional critiques of student publications.

Summer: Contacted JEA and NSPA but it failed.


Contact UCLA taskforce on Google Applications

Contact UCLA taskforce and learn about ways to lobby administration.

Summer: Contact and receive their transition report.






Collaborate with campus on Google vs. Microsoft decision making

What is up with Google and Microsoft.

August: Get involved in Operational Excellence.

September: Sit on Initiative Team for Information Technology to see whats up.

October: Provide student input into processes.


Increase student participation and input in the creation of CalCentral portal


September: Get involved with Operational Excellence Initiative Teams and COSE.

October: Meet with Kathy Koshland and Anne De Luca.


Housing Website

The ASUC’s multiyear project to create a housing rating and review website.

September: Form the CAL Housing Commission in Joey’s office.

October: Work with the Director to assist in creating the website.


Graduate Mentorship Program

Tiffany’s Project is to create a mentorship program with the graduate students so I wanted to help.

September: Meet with AAVP Academic Services

October-November: Outreach to mentors and mentees

January: help facilitate DeCal and make sure the program runs smoothly


Peace not Prejudice

Help with Peace Not Prejudice Week

September: Work with PNP

October: Grant applications




Update #3: September 11, 2011

Hello student leaders and community members,

I just wanted to introduce myself (for some of you this may be a second
time) and wish you luck as this year is beginning. My name is Justin
Sayarath and I am one of your 20 elected ASUC senators for the 2011-2012
Academic Year. I am a proud Laotian-American and also a first-generation
college student from San Diego, California. I am a third year undergraduate
majoring in Economics and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies.

I have served the Cal community as a Cal Student Orientation (CalSO)
counselor in summer 2011, the Technological Development Director in the ASUC
Office of the President in 2010-2011 academic year, the Managing Editor of
Caliber Magazine in 2010, the Assistant Vice President of Event Programming
for the Interfraternity Council for 2011, the Vice President of Alpha Tau
Omega Leadership Fraternity for 2011, and now I am extremely honored and
proud to serve you as one of your 20 elected ASUC Senators.

This year my office has many projects, programs, and initiatives planned and
I want to be sure to include you in these ideas. Any updates from my office
can be viewed in two ways. You can opt to receive a bimonthly update by
signing up in the Google group (if you choose not to sign up, then you will
not receive further emails or newsletters): or you can check back to the
office website from time to time:

*I have one super important resource for all student leaders on our campus:…
*If you choose to close this email and not read forward, you must at least
check out this portion of my website. The resources page of my website
explains how to apply for different sources of funding and also how to
become an ASUC sponsored group. It is vital that you are all aware of this
information. So please check that link out.**

I really hope that I can help you this year, so please let me know if you
need anything at all (and it doesn’t have to be funding, I’m always looking
for study partners and new friends too). Now onto announcements.

*Community Announcements:*

If you have any announcements that you wish to send out to the greater Cal
community, please fill out this quick and easy Google form: Community
Announcement Request
Please let me know what events you are planning so that they are well
marketed to the rest of the community.

*1) Campus makes Adobe Creative Suite Available to Students through
Operational Excellence*

Campus is working on a deal with Adobe to make the Adobe Creative Suite
Available to students and the productivity suite has been released:

Make sure to download it now!

*2)* *Do Students Feel They Belong on Campus? *

*September 13th Event*

What do students from diverse backgrounds report about their sense of
belonging on campus, the frequency with which they hear negative or
stereotypical views about certain groups, and how important they perceive
diversity to be at UC Berkeley? Please join staff members from the Office of
Planning and Analysis, Equity and Inclusion, and The Office of the Dean of
Students as they present data from the University of California
Undergraduate Experience Survey and facilitate a rich panel and audience
discussion. We welcome the entire campus community as we address campus
climate issues critical to the student experience.

Date: Tuesday, September 13
Time: 4 to 5:30 p.m.
Location: Ethnic Studies Library  30 Stephens Hall
Contact Info: Lily Castillo-Speed, 642-3947,

* *


Refreshments will be served.  Everyone is welcome!

This event is sponsored by the Division of Equity and Inclusion as part of
the My Home Campus Speaker Series.  The My Home Campus team includes:
American Cultures Center; American Indian Graduate Program; Ethnic Studies

*3) Daily Californian offers discounted advertising for student groups

“I am happy to announce to you that the Daily Cal has put together special
rates for student groups to advertise in our paper this August/September.
The reasoning is very simple: we know that student groups work hard at
recruiting and publicizing events at the start of the semester (we certainly
know what that’s like). And while we have strong outreach that these groups
can benefit from, we recognize that our advertising rates have traditionally
been targeted at businesses with more funds than most student groups have

Thus, we have put together a special heavily-discounted offer for student
groups registered with the ASUC or Campus Life and Leadership. The attached
flyer includes the plans we are offering and more information. *Please take
a moment to forward this to your constituent student groups.*

If student groups find this offer useful, we will consider continuing it in
the future. If you or your constituents have any thoughts on this offer or
suggestions as to how it could be of more value, please don’t hesitate to
let me know.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best of luck as you get ready
to start your terms.


Tomer Ovadia

Editor in Chief and President
The Daily Californian
P: 510-548-8300
F: 510-849-2803”

*4)* *Tilden Room*

The Tilden Room is currently closed and will reopen on Monday, October
3rdto be used as Meditation Space.  The decision to temporarily close
the space
to the public was made by the Store Operations Board last Spring Semester so
that the space could be prepared for opening on October 3rd.  Further
details will follow at a later date as more information becomes available.
Meanwhile, questions should be directed to the ASUC or Graduate Assembly
Presidents or to any member on the Store Operations Board.

Additionally, at the beginning of the Fall Semester, per the direction of
the Store Operations Board, ASUC Auxiliary Event Services was mandated to
earn revenue from rentals of the 7th floor Eshleman Library. More
information can be viewed at

*Office Announcements:*

*1) Community Announcements*

Please let our office know what events or programs your student groups are
planning through this form: Community Announcement Request
Your announcement will be put in the next email blast and on the office

*2) Elected Officials Blog and Website*

Everything that is sent out in these emails will also be posted on the
Elected Officials Blog (I will have more information on this later) and on
the office website I created. I have taken quite a liking to the website. My
Chief-of-Staff Christina Kim and I have been working to make it more
accessible to students; it is still a work in progress. Website:

*Updates on Platforms:*

During the election season there were three goals that I set for myself that
I hope achieve while in office. And I constantly try to remind myself of
them and work to make progress on these three goals. I’d like to use these
emails to keep you updated on the progress of these goals as well (but
please excuse the shorthand I use when making these updates):

*1) Fostering the growth and development of the publications community*

-Adobe Creative Suite is available to students for free:

-Publications Mixer still be planned for November

-Publications Kiosk on upper Sproul is still be worked out

-Publications Week Preliminary Design: Day1: Pubs fair on Savio Steps, Day2:
Design day, Day3: Writing workshop day, Day4: Marketing and public relations
day, Day 5: Unsure yet

*2) Increase support for Google applications on our campus*

As part of Operational Excellence Google is being considered as part of the
productivity suite option. However they are also considering Microsoft 360
as well. The Student Operational Excellence Committee is working on getting
a student onto the Operational Excellence Information Technology initiative
team to work out some of these issues.

* *

*3) Enhancing the Online Student Experience*

CalCentral is new portal name. CalCentral is also a project being considered
by the Operational Excellence Information Techonology Initiative Team.

*Other Opportunities*

Here are some other opportunities that I find very interesting.

* *

*1) Enhancing the Online Student Experience*

Dear University of California Berkeley Administrators:

I write to make you aware of a tremendous scholarship-for-service
opportunity for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students and to request that
you encourage your best students to apply to the SMART Scholarship Program.
This is a highly-selective, prestigious, national program that fully
supports their education, including full tuition, a very generous stipend,
book allowance, and Summer internship, while they are in school, and then
provides guaranteed employment with the Defense Department upon

The Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation (SMART)
scholarship-for-service Program fully funds undergraduate and graduate
degrees in a wide range of technical areas, including all fields of
engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and

The application web page is at  The application deadline
is December 1, 2011 for the 2012 school year.  SMART provides:

·         Full Tuition – to any accredited U.S. University

·         A very generous stipend while in school

–          $25,000 for undergraduates

–          $33,000 for masters candidates

–          $36,300 to $41,800 for doctoral candidates

·         Book allowance – $1,000

·         Health Insurance

·         Paid Summer internships

·         All required student fees

·         Travel for internships

*2) Innovation Grants*

Dear UC Berkeley Students, Staff, and Faculty:
I am very pleased to announce the second year of the Innovation Grants for
Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, supported by the Evelyn and Walter Haas,
Jr. Fund and part of the UC Berkeley Initiative for Equity, Inclusion, and
Diversity (

The purpose of this year’s grants are to support creating a critical mass of
talented students, faculty, and staff who fully represent California’s
excellence and diversity; providing an environment in which all can thrive
academically and professionally. This strategy, titled Expanded Pathways for
Access and Success, and its expected outcomes are laid out in the UC
Berkeley Strategic Plan for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (

Proposals will be evaluated based on their sustainability and scalability,
innovation, overall projected impact, alignment with the Strategic Plan for
Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, project leadership capacity, and
collaborative nature.

Full guidelines, proposal instructions, and grant criteria can be found at The deadline for full
proposals is Tuesday, November 1, 2011; awards will be announced by December
1, 2011.

You are invited to attend the following workshop and networking sessions for
the Innovation Grants:

1.     Thursday, September 22, 12:00noon to 1:30pm, Multicultural Community
2.     Monday, September 26, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, 113 Cesar Chavez

These sessions are open to all UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty and
will focus on the proposal process and grant criteria, successful grant
writing and project management, and building collaboration with other groups
on campus in order to strengthen your proposal.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion will provide
assistance to individuals and groups throughout the proposal process. Please
call 642.8828 or email to request assistance
and for any questions about the Innovation Grants proposal process.

I look forward to receiving innovative and sustainable proposals from across
the campus and to working with the grantees to further excellence, equity,
and inclusion at UC Berkeley.

With best regards,

Gibor Basri
Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion

*3) Online Voting in California*

Hey everyone,

It’d be great If you all could take 10 seconds to click this link and sign
this petition.

The bill, SB 397 allows for Californians to safely and securely register to
vote online. SB 397 is a crucial piece of legislation to modernize our voter
registration process and to reduce bureaucratic barriers between voters and
the ballot box.

I wish you all the best in your classes and endeavors, and please let me
know if you have any questions.

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Peace and Conflict Studies Minor | Class of 2013  <>| (619) 313-3737

Senator | Associated Students of the University of California*
Vice President | Alpha Tau Omega | Gamma Iota Chapter*
Assistant Vice President of Event Programming | Interfraternity Council*
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine*

Student Action <> | “Every Student,
Every Year.”

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only