Help the Creators of CalCentral Online Right Now!

Please participate in this card sort activity that will help the creators of CalCentral organize UC Berkeley’s future online one-stop shop. There many websites that students use on a day-to-day or semester-to-semester basis, and it’s difficult for non-students to create something for students without input. Participate in this activity right now!
Thanks again for participating in our CalCentral workshop last Friday!
We’d love to continue our discussion about the best way to organize the information in CalCentral, and a card sort is a great way to do that. You simply organize the information items we’ve provided (the “cards”) into piles of “related” items, then give each pile of cards a name (category). This gives us great information about how you think about these information items, and gives us ideas for potential ways to structure CalCentral’s navigation.
It would be great if you could complete this card sort by end of day this Wednesday 11/2:

If you would like to complete it but don’t have time before Wednesday, just let me know.
I’d also love to hear any other thoughts or ideas you have about organizing information in CalCentral, so feel free to get in touch! You can see the navigation mock-ups I created for the meeting here:
Thanks so much!
Allison & Bernie


Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Experience Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2011 OSKIs Spotlight award

Sponsored by the Dean of Students and the Center for Student Leadership, the
Fall 2011 OSKIs Spotlight award recognizes individual students and student
organizations each semester that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the
quality of student life and who, through their works, inspire campus spirit
and promote inclusion. Nominations for this semester are now open!  To
nominate an individual, an organization, or yourself, please complete the
Nomination Form at by Thursday, November
10, 2011 at 5pm.

For more information about these awards, please visit our website at

Recipients will be provided with a monetary contribution for the
organization or student to continue their work, receive recognition in the
Daily Cal, and receive an invitation to an awards reception with the Dean of
Students to discuss their work and how the Office of the Dean of Students
and the Center for Student Leadership can be supportive in helping the
student or organization enhance their efforts.

Feel free to send any questions to Hathiya Chea at and
Amanda Carlton at

Thank you in advance for your participation, and happy nominating!

COSE meeting this Friday!

Hi All,

This is just a friendly reminder of a very special COSE meeting THIS Friday from 9AM – 12PM in 2 Hearst Gym. At this meeting we will be supporting the CalCentral team in hashing out 3 features/ideas they have for the portal. Please read the descriptions below to get a sense of their ideas! 

Please let me know if you can make it and/or if you friends want to come too!! I know it might be difficult to attend since it deviates from our usual COSE meeting time, but please drop by if you can!
IF you can make it, please fill out this quick card-sorting game that helps CalCentral designers understand how students sort their data: Do this ONLY if you can attend!

Descriptions of the 3 Ideas! [PLEASE READ!]
1) User Interface and Design
Our goal is to organize and structure the information in CalCentral to ensure users are able to find what they need when they need it. We are thinking about users’ experience when they come to the initial landing page, potential methods of navigating through the system, how users may use search, and where courses and various campus systems might be exposed. We are also considering how the timeline affects what students need to see a particular time (e.g. based on year in school and time of the year.)
2) Student Tasks and Events
Each student has a planner that presents upcoming tasks and events. Included  are class meetings and assignments, personal tasks, and other items from advisers  and across campus.

3) Course Planning and Pages:
Planning: Our goal is to integrate, relate, and enrich the various sources of information students rely on to plan for the courses they are taking each term and throughout their academic program.
Pages: Our goal is to provide course pages for every course that bring together all the basic information that students need: general course information, instructor info, schedules, support materials, etc.  Instructors will be able to use them as “starter” pages to start sharing content and communicating to their class.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Thanks and regards,

Apply to be a Student Advocate to the Regents

Student Advocates to the Regents (StARs)

Student Advocates to the Regents (StARs)

A.k.a. Whiteliners

Student Advocates to the Regents are UC students who attend Board of Regents meetings. StARs meetwith and build relationships with Regents and speak about student priorities.They are provided directaccess to the Regents, without the constraints of the line separating approved guests from the publicaudience. StARs meet Regents during informal parts of the agenda, which includes breaks and meals.

There are four student advocates on each meeting day. StARs are expected to stay for the entiremeeting on the days they commit to attend, usually 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

UCSA prepares StARs by providing background information about agenda items of interest to studentsand talking points on students’ priorities and strategy. Student advocates debrief their experience andnotes with UCSA at the end of the day.

The Office of the President assists in making sure student advocates have a good experience and arereimbursed for travel. They also help introduce student advocates to Regents or top administrators.

Click Here to Download the StAR Application

UC Regent Meeting Schedule 2011-12:

Nov. 15-17, 2011 – UCSF Mission Bay

Jan. 17-19, 2012 – Location TBA

March 27-29, 2012 – Location TBA

May 15-17, 2012 – Location TBA

July 17-19, 2012 – Location TBA

For any questions, more information or apply to be a StAR at the Nov Regents meeting please contact

Louise Hendrickson

University Affairs Director


Participate in the Haas Food Fair to celebrate National Diversity Month

Hello Cal student organization leaders,
The Haas School of Business Association will be hosting a Food Fair in the Haas Courtyard this month on October 27th in celebration of National Diversity month. We hope to showcase UC Berkeley’s culturally diverse organizations by allowing your organization to display itself as well as giving you the opportunity to sell ethnically-relevant foods to showcase the cultures your organization represents. This event will benefit many organizations because it will provide your organization with the opportunity to fundraise and earn money for your club activities.
What: National Diversity Day–Diversity Day Food Festival at the Haas School of Business
When: Thursday, October 27th from 11 AM – 2 PM
Where: Haas Courtyard (tables are free for your use)
Why: To celebrate the diversity in Cal by showcasing diverse organizations and allowing them to sell ethnically-relevant foods for their own fundraisers.
Please respond to this email with your interest as well as your food choice in order to get first dibs on items to sell. Some general ground rules for the event will be that you are responsible for setting up and cleaning up your own materials, and more details will be provided once you respond with your interest.
Please invite everyone to participate! Thank you so much for your assistance, and we’d love to see you there!
Give me a call or text me at anytime if you have further questions, at 415-378-0173.
Kind regards,

Sandy Diao

Apply for the Berkeley Student Foundation Scholarship Now.



“The Berkeley Student Foundation is a California non-profit public benefit corporation.  The organization was formed by students who attend the University of California at Berkeley and who are members of the student government on the campus known as the Associated Students of the University of California.  The organization was formed in March 1999.   It achieved 501 C (3) status on July 15, 1999.

The Board of Directors of the organization is made up of nine students.  Three of the eight members are the elected Student Body President and the elected Executive and Academic Affairs Vice Presidents.  The other six board members are also students at the University who are members of the ASUC Senate.   Each of the board members serves for the year of their election to student government on the Berkeley campus.

The Berkeley Student Foundation was formed in response to the enactment of Proposition 209 by the electorate in California in 1997, which effectively ended consideration of race and ethnicity in determining admission to any public university in the state.  With the passage of Proposition 209, there has been a sharp reduction in the numbers of students who are members of underrepresented minorities on the University of California, Berkeley, campus.

The Berkeley Student Foundation awards scholarships to students who are members of underrepresented minority groups in order to encourage diversity on the Berkeley campus.  Underrepresented minority groups include Native American, African-American, Chican@/Latin@,  Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, and Multi-ethnic (at least one parent must be a member of one of the aforementioned groups), the minority groups identified by the University as being historically underrepresented in the student body.

In 2010, the Berkeley Student Foundation added students who qualify as disabled under the University’s disabled student program as a category eligible to receive a scholarship.  Students with a physical or mental disability eligible for classroom accommodation under Title II of the American for Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, who participate in the University’s disabled student program (see University of California website for more information) are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Any individual wishing to attend the University of California, Berkeley, who is a member of one of the aforementioned groups is eligible to apply for a scholarship award.  The scholarships are $1,000 for each year of attendance at the University.  So long as the recipients meet certain minimum standards, the scholarships are receivable for four years so that each award may be valued at $4,000.  Up to ten scholarships are awarded for the fall semester of each academic year and up to three scholarships are awarded for the spring semester of each academic year.

The Spring semester scholarships are available to freshman, first year transfer students who attend the University and who did not apply for a scholarship before becoming a student and disabled students.  These awards are for $500 for the first semester and $1,000 per year for each additional year up to a total of four years so that each of these awards may be valued at $3,500.

The Foundation makes these scholarship awards to encourage students to attend and stay at the Berkeley campus.  The awards are not mailed directly to the recipients.  Rather, the funds are deposited with the campus undergraduate financial aid office to be credited toward tuition or any other payments due from the recipient once he/she enrolls on the Berkeley campus.

Since the 2000-2001 academic year (the first year these scholarships were available), the   Foundation has made over 100 separate awards.  At present, there are 36 students on campus who are BSF scholarship recipients.

The scholarship program is named in memory of two deceased members of the Berkeley faculty who were instrumental in encouraging students of color to attend and thrive on campus, Jenny Franchot and Albert Johnson.

If you need any further information, please contact the Foundation c/o Greg Brock at  or call him at (510) 841-1171. “

Southeast Asian Student Coalition Summer Institute

Dear Community Members,

Want to be part of a life changing experience? Then join the SASC SI Committee!

What is SASC SI?

Southeast Asian Student Coalition Summer Institute (SASC SI) is a five-day, four-night summer program for high school youth. Within these days, the students experience their history, ethnic identities, culture, and struggles bounded by the War in Southeast Asia. Students are usually from all over California, but we’ve also had students from out of states. SI aims to promote awareness, critical thinking, community building, self discovery, and access to higher education for the Southeast Asian youth.

How does this amazing program happen?

It’s a community process: Coordinators + Mentors + Volunteers + Alumni + Mentees + Community = SASC SI. We are currently looking for committee members to help make this summer institute happen once again since its establishment in 2002. We are seeking folks with passion and drive. No prior experience is needed; only motivation and the commitment to be involved and learn more about the issues that affect Southeast Asian Communities.

As a committee member the experience is both touching and truly rewarding. At the end of that one week, there will be sweat, tears, happiness, and most importantly, love. Whether you are looking for leadership skills, family, friends, organizing work, community involvement, or love, this is for you. This year, SASC SI will take place from June 20th – 24th! Come join us to help create this life changing experience.

If you are interested in getting involved please sign up at the following link:

If you have any questions please dont feel shy to contact one of this year’s SASCI SI Commitee Chairs:
Nathalie Chau  –
Nhan Vu –
Louisa Vue –

The first SASC SI Committee meeting/bonding will be November 2nd. The place and time will be later announced.

In love and solidarity,

Southeast Asian Student Coalition
Summer Institute Co-Chairs

SASC Mission Statement:
To unite Southeast Asian communities, particularly those bounded by the historical context of the Viet Nam War and to address the social injustices, economic inequalities, and political under-representation that they face.