How does Operational Excellence tie into Technological Student Services like Google Apps for Education or the CalCentral portal?

Hello everyone,

A lot of my projects as a Senator have had to do with technology. Everything from the CalCentral portal which is designed to consolidate all of our commonly used websites into one interface to Google Apps for Education have all been a major part of my senate term. But because these project are such large scale university-wide initiatives they have often been associated and thrown in an out of the scope of Operational Excellence. In this way students have been trying to advocate for these great technological service through Operational Excellence, and I just wanted you all to learn about how these awesome projects play into the larger administrative cuts. 



Justin Sayarath


Come hear the latest about OE student projects. Harry Le Grande,Cathy Koshland,and Anne De Luca will hold a brief presentation  from 1:20 pm – 2:15 pm next Thursday, March 22 at the OE Expo at I-House. Project managers from Student Advising, Student Technology, and the One-Stop Student Center will also be on hand to answer your questions. A full slate of OE projects will be presented throughout the day. OE Expo schedule

All interested students are invited. Free coffee, apples and cookies.  Questions

Emily Meghan Morrow Howe
Executive Assistant, Operational Excellence Program Office
University of California, Berkeley


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