Paid Job Opportunity with Teach For America (Campus Coordinator Positions)

Paid Job Opportunity with Teach For America


Teach For America’s UC Berkeley Campus Representative, Raquel Lucente, is seeking to build a team of four campus campaign coordinators (CCCs) to join the TFA@Cal campus team for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The TFA@Cal team will strive to mobilize and unify communities on campus in the movement to address the issue of educational inequity.  CCCs will work behind the scenes to develop and execute a detailed strategic plan aimed at finding, building, and inspiring promising future leaders to commit to a post-graduation career in education, including applying to the Teach For America corps.


In this position, CCCs enhance their professional skills in planning, organizing, mobilizing, networking, and communicating effectively while gaining an understanding of how a successful nonprofit organization operates.  This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in applying to be a Teach For America corps member or staff member upon graduation.  The role is paid hourly at the state minimum wage.  The number of hours of work per week ranges from 6-12 hours, depending on the composition and needs of the team, as well as the time of year.  Approximate dates of employment are June 2013 – Spring 2013 with optional hours during the summer.


To apply, email Raquel Lucente at the following pieces by Wednesday, April 24 at 9PM PST.  The application can be found at

  1. Your résumé
  2. A copy of your transcript (can be unofficial from the web)
  3. An application document (a few short answer responses and two references) –


You can find a more detailed job description at   Please visit our Facebook pageor reach out to Raquel directly if you have any questions.


Application Timeline



Initial application due Wed, April 25 at 9PM
If invited, participate in a phone interview Mon, April 29 or Tues, April 30
Hiring project due

NOTE: you will be asked to do this only if you are invited to the final interview

Thurs, May 9
If invited, participate in a final interview on campus Sat, May 11
Offer Notification Tues, May 21
Introductory Training (will be held virtually) Tues, June 4




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