Important Announcements: Flyering in Classrooms, Tabling on Sproul and Perspectives Showcase 3/16

1) Flyers in Classrooms

Your ASUC student leaders were recently contacted by building coordinators regarding the dangers of placing flyers in classrooms. I just wanted to remind you that while placing flyers in buildings may be good for advertising your group’s events, it has become a problem for the campus in terms of clean up and safety. Professors and students have been known to slip and fall from walking on glossy flyers and has been a cause of concern for emergency drills. While the ASUC EVP office is working with classroom reservations to open up more classrooms for our student organizations during Lower Sproul Redevelopment, we have to keep classrooms clean and safe so that our partnerships can continue and expand. Some building coordinators have threatened to close classrooms down if the situation does no improve. I am working with them to make sure that we maintain spaces for student organizing, but please help us by cleaning up flyers in classroom and keeping classrooms clean.

Please remember that ASUC Sponsored Programs can electronically post e-flyers on the e-bulletin board (instructions to be forwarded separately) and post your events on the campus calendar at

2) ASUC Table and Chair Program

The ASUC Table and Chair program has been a hit! The location close to Sproul has made it easier for all of us to table especially now that we don’t have to lug tables and chairs all over the campus. I am writing to remind you to please remember to return all tables and chairs at the end of each day after use. In order for this program to continue to be successful, we have to keep our shared equipment well maintained and well stocked. 

3) ASUC Perspectives Showcase

Rarely do we have a chance to celebrate the great quality of our student life. This Saturday March 16, 2013 at 7PM, the ASUC will be hosting the ASUC Perspectives Showcase. UC Berkeley campus performing groups of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and performance styles will perform together in the hope of unity on one stage to help create a more inclusive and accepting Cal community. 2,000 students, faculty, and staff will gather to experience the talent and diversity that make up the lifeblood of the UC Berkeley campus. 

We can’t wait for you to join us in this amazing experience! Tickets are only $7.00 on Sproul or Please come celebrate with your fellow Cal student organizations this Saturday.


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