Oxfam American: The CHANGE Initiative, opportunities for rising sophomores and juniors

Dear Justin,

As someone who works with and advises students, I wanted to let you know that this spring Oxfam America will select 50 incredible undergraduates to be part of our student leadership training, the CHANGE Initiative. CHANGE is Oxfam’s national student leadership program for rising sophomores and juniors. It provides leadership, organizing, and advocacy training, preparing students to promote social change locally and globally. CHANGE Leaders are exposed to the international development issues that inform Oxfam’s work, and apply their skills and creativity on campus to address issues of global hunger, poverty and injustice.

CHANGE Leaders:

§  Have access to expert skills based training, resources, materials and year-round support from Oxfam staff;

§  Establish connections and share knowledge with college students from the US and beyond;

§  Form positive attitudes and establish connections between their local and global communities;

§  Develop confidence and the skills to effect positive, lasting social change, and

§  Are part of an active and growing, global network of peers and alumni working on social justice issues. 


Applications are due April 1, 2013. Selected students participate in a week-long training in Boston, July 20-26, 2013, which is organized and paid for by Oxfam.  Students must agree to work with a student club and implement an Oxfam campaign on campus during the upcoming academic year, as well as communicate regularly with Oxfam staff about their work. To learn more about the CHANGE Initiative, visit www.oxfamamerica.org/change. If you have questions about CHANGE, or want to request materials to promote this opportunity, please let me know. 

Thanks for promoting CHANGE to students at University of California!


Best regards,


NESSA STOLTZFUS BARGE | Youth Engagement Manager
Oxfam America | Boston | +1 (617) 728 2464



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