Become a UC Regent

Dear Students,

Want to vote on the board of regents?

Applications to be the next UC system-wide Student Regent are now

The Student Regent is the the only voting student member of the UC
Board of Regents and directly engages with campus and state officials
on issues pertaining to the present and future of public higher
education in California. The opportunity to represent Cal and the rest
of the UC System is one that we highly encourage you all to consider.

The Student Regent’s term is for two years on the UC Board of Regents
(one year as the designate and one year as the actual voting member).
Tuition and fees will be covered for both years.

The current UC Student Regent, Jonathan Stein, a Berkeley graduate
student, has done an amazing job in advocating on behalf of students
and in support of increased funding for public higher education in
California. He and the Student Regent-Designate Cinthia Flores will be
holding an information session on Friday, Feb 15 at 10am in the
California Conference Room (Suite 2 of Hearst Gym) for those curious
about applying. They will also be discussing the major issues facing the
UC and the student movement in California.

Applications can be found at Applications are
due Feb 28, 2013.  Please share this with any current UC student,
undergraduate or graduate, who you may think is interested in being the
next Student Regent.

You can also check out the Student Regent’s Facebook page at

Go Bears,
Connor Landgraf
ASUC President

Bahar Navab
GA President


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