Need money for your student organization? Go to the AAVP Grants Workshop (Feb. 12 7-8PM)


The ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President’s Office would like to extend an invitation to you to apply to AAVP Grants! These grants are open to any student/student group at UC Berkeley whose event requiring funding matches the purpose of the fund.  Undergraduates can apply for up to $500 per event!

We will be holding an AAVP Grants Workshop on Tuesday, February 12 from 7-8pm in 114 Hearst.  This workshop is a GREAT way to learn more about each grant and the application process.  You will also get the chance to meet all of the directors in charge of these grants!  Here is a link to the Facebook event:

AAVP Grant applications are now available online! Apply by going to and search AAVP Grants to see which grant you quality for!

Thank You!
AAVP Grants Department
UC Berkeley


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