OE Campus Shared Services IT Support

Dear Campus Community,

On Thursday, January 17th, Campus Shared Services (CSS) will launch IT support for all faculty and staff in the Chancellor’s Office, units within VCAF, IST and the Office of the CIO, and groups who currently receive IT service from DOCS.

Campus Shared Services IT can be contacted three ways:

Regardless of how you choose to contact them, CSS is committed to timely response and resolution, as outlined in the foundational service level agreement.

To see FAQs, the CSS rollout scheduleCSS services and more, visit sharedservices.berkeley.edu.  Please contact the Campus Shared Services team with any questions at sharedservices@berkeley.edu or itcsshelp@berkeley.edu.

This launch would not have been possible without the generous and valuable input provided to the project by hundreds of staff, faculty and students and the hard work and dedication of the CSS team.  On behalf of the whole Berkeley community, we thank all of them for their contributions toward preserving the university’s tradition of access and excellence.

Thank you,

J. Keith Gilless
Dean, College of Natural Resources

John Wilton
Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance

Thera Kalmijn
Chief Operating Officer, Campus Shared Services

If you are a manager who supervises Cal employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.

Please do not reply to this message


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