Interested in Politics? Want to learn how to Lobby? Take the Lobby Corps DeCal.

The Lobby Corps Commission, an ASUC sponsored organization within EAVP, has created a DeCal for next semester. Lobby Corps is a team of 15 students, and we lobby state and local legislators for bills contested in the California Legislature that improve our education; for example, in the past, we have lobbied for online voting, the Middle Class Scholarship Act, the DREAM Act (that passed), and many more bills that greatly affect students. The other purpose of Lobby Corps is to help students understand current events and issues that affect students, and teach students the skills on how to lobby for their education. Therefore, Lobby Corps has created a DeCal called, “Lobbying for your Education,” to keep students up to date with issues pertaining to education and politics. We will also teach lobbying skills to help students fight for their education. 
This will be a 2 unit P/NP DeCal, held every Monday from 7-9pm. It is open to everyone on a first come-first serve basis after the CCN is released. There will be allowed for a maximum of 30 students to take this class; after that, there will be a waiting list. The classroom # and CCN will be announced during the first week of classes. 
There are some awesome perks that this DeCal provides. Through a campaign project, you will have a chance to win a free trip to lobby in DC, subsidized by the ASUC. If you are interested in pursuing the public policy minor, this DeCal can be used as one of 2 DeCals for the minor. There will also be multiple guest speakers and discussions to enhance your knowledge of lobbying and politics. 
This DeCal will prepare you with the skills to attend the Student Lobby Corps Conference in Sacramento, on the weekend of March 1-4, where you will attend a conference with workshops learning about the issues surrounding education in California. In addition, on March 4th, there will be a march and rally at the state capital with students from UCs, CSUs, and community colleges all over California, in conjunction with lobbying individual legislators that YOU will participate in. This event is sponsored by UCSA – for more information, go to
If you have any questions, please email the DeCal facilitators, Janet Navarro (, and Emily Truax ( 
Taking this DeCal will enhance your experiences and education at Cal! We hope you all decide to take this DeCal! 
Janet Navarro (Lobby Corps DeCal Facilitator) and Emily Truax (Lobby Corps Commission Director and DeCal Facilitator)

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