Lower Sproul Redevelopment construction update with map graphic: bus stops moved, crosswalk gone, Bancroft sidewalk closes

As of Friday January 4, the bus and shuttle stops located on Bancroft Way in front of Eshleman Hall have been relocated and the mid-block crosswalk on Bancroft between Telegraph Ave and Dana Street has been removed.  Pedestrians should now cross at either Telegraph or Dana.


The sidewalk on the north side of Bancroft adjacent to Lower Sproul is scheduled to close on Monday Jan. 7.  It is scheduled to remain closed for the duration of construction, through Fall 2015.


Driving lanes on Bancroft are not scheduled to change.  Loading zones and limited parking will remain on the south side of the street.


Please see the map below for pedestrian routes around Lower Sproul through May 2013.  For more detail on circulation changes and upcoming construction activity, please see the weekly construction update at



If you would like a pdf file of this graphic/flyer, please send a request to Christine Shaff at cshaff@berkeley.edu


Questions or concerns about campus construction should be directed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Capital Projects, at 643-4793 orcshaff@berkeley.edu


Questions about Lower Sproul Redevelopment should go to lsinfo@berkeley.edu





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