Campus to install new exterior recycling and waste containers

Over the next three months, new exterior recycling/waste containers are being installed throughout campus.  The 225 new containers replace the existing concrete block trash cans, which will be recycled.  The installation will take place in phases through March starting with areas near upper Sproul Plaza, Dwinelle, Wheeler, Doe and Moffitt Libraries, California Hall and Memorial Glade.

These new containers were specially designed for our campus with input from Physical Plant-Campus Services (PP-CS) staff, University Health Services (UHS) staff and students and will serve as the campus standard for outdoor waste collection.  The containers are designed to eliminate lifting injuries to staff that empty them; prevent rainwater collection; reduce clutter of containers on campus; and restrict access pests have to trash.  They are also designed to help the campus meet goals of zero waste by 2020 by having clearly marked containers for recycling, landfill and sometime in the future, compost. 

Grants from campus programs The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) and Workers Compensation Surplus Program funded design and production of the first set of containers.  They will bring a uniformity of recycle/trash containers to campus that is aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically minded and functionally improved.

The new receptacles will be placed in strategic locations to be accessible and convenient for staff, students, faculty and the PP-CS gardeners who are responsible for emptying the containers. There will be fewer of them throughout campus because the new ones have almost 50% more capacity. Please help keep our campus clean by disposing of materials in the appropriately marked container.

If you would like to learn more about the design or installation of the new containers please contact Theron Klos, PP-CS Grounds Manager, at



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