Help design CalCentral, Cal’s online one-stop-shop (combine bspace, telebears, bearfacts, etc…)

COSE members,

UC Berkeley’s CalCentral project seeks student input on CalCentral features and user interface designs. Graduate students are especially encouraged to participate. This will be the last opportunity for students to give design input on the completely revamped CalCentral currently scheduled for release next semester.

CalCentral’s goal is to provide an integrated, personalized and customized view of the information and functionality that students need to conduct their academic and campus lives at Berkeley. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to make CalCentral as useful and usable as possible.

Participation will involve one hour of time this week, on Thursday and Friday, December 13 and 14. To encourage participation, each participant will be offered an incentive worth $5.

If you have previously completed a CalCentral screening survey, just let us know via email that you are interested in participating again this time.

If you have not completed a screening survey, please fill it out as soon as possible:

The survey should take about 2 minutes to complete.

Once you complete a survey, please sign up for a session:

For more information about signing up on Google calendar, see the instructions at the end of this message.

Thank you!

— Rachel Hollowgrass and Allison Bloodworth
CalCentral User Experience Team

Rachel Hollowgrass
Senior User Experience Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California at Berkeley
(510) 673-9932

Signing up for a CalCentral user input session

To use Google Calendar Appointment Slots:

1. Sign in to your Google account at:

2. Navigate to the Appointment Slots page:

The bConnected page appears. Make sure that it is in “Week” view.

3. If necessary, navigate to the week starting December 10.

All available appointment slots are visible.

4. Click on a appointment to sign up.

The “Book an appointment” overlay appears.

5. Click Save.

The appointment changes color, and becomes unavailable to others.

6. Click “View / edit in Google Calendar.”

Your appointment is now on your calendar.


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