EVP Update/Report for November 14, 2012 Meeting

Justin Sayarath

November 14, 2012

ASUC Senate Meeting – EVP Report


  1. Office Updates
    1. Internal Department

i.     Technical difficulties in streaming our senate meetings, will work out the kinks, but senate meeting live-tweeting is still going on

ii.     In the process of putting pictures of senators & elected officials up on the website, and will get the pictures and materials up once we move the showcase boards over

iii.     Process of planning the retreat, will have info after the thanksgiving break

iv.     Remember no senate meeting next week, it is postponed to RRR week

v.     Working on mapping out the workflow for bills so they can get online correctly

  1. Finance Department

i.     CSSB lectures notes to be phased out

ii.     The doodle for the Cal Lodge presentation plus income statements will be circulated

iii.     Proposal for the soft cap section is submitted to the bookstore director

  1. Perspectives Multicultural Showcase Department

i.     Next fundraiser is this Friday at House of Curries planned by the Finance Departmnet

ii.     Auditions were last Sunday in Hearst Gym

iii.     Call for art submissions for a gallery will come later because I know that some communities don’t necessarily have performance groups, but we will find a way to showcase our campus’ diversity in other ways including fine art.

iv.     CACSSF proposal is under scrutiny because they think that Cal Performances should give the students or the ASUC a discount or a free day. CSF is following up with Cal Performances and Connor & Bahar are following up with the Chancellor.

v.     Planning for Art Week to happen the week before Perspectives in conjunction with Projects and Programs Department

  1. Projects and Programs Department

i.     Peace not Prejudice Week is happening right now! Tomorrow is the last event of peace not prejudice week 5-7PM on upper sproul plaza. There will be student performances and shirts. The mission of the Coalition for Peace Not Prejudice is to foster the ideals of diversity, acceptance, and engagement. Working to increase awareness about a variety of narratives, the Coalition creates space for collaboration between individuals and communities. The Coalition has a personal responsibility to promote concrete action that addresses campus climate, encourages sensitivity, and challenges prejudice. The Coalition will work to build a network of student leaders committed to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all individuals. It was created in response to a really caustic series of events on our campus a few years back called islamo-fascist week

ii.     International Thanksgiving Dinner is fast approaching to, if you want to help or will be around for the dinner, please let me know. An RSVP form will be sent out to the general population after PNP week is over.

  1. Facilities and Space Management Department

i.     Initial reallocations to be released this week for people who already have space.

ii.     Second reallocations for people who did not have space will be released next week.

iii.     Touch based with the budget office about surging the fringe groups and also about what we have left to surge, and discussions are happening

iv.     Touching base with Kelsey tomorrow about the meditation space

v.     Sharay is following up on our lack of trash cans and custodial services

vi.     Organizer and benches are in the senate lounge in preparation for next semester and to clean up our space so keep it organized but feel free to use the supplies

vii.     Prepping and gathering information for second surge to Anna Head

viii.     CACSSF proposal for CSO is approved!

ix.     CACSSF proposal for our tabling program is approved!

  1. Student Resources Department

i.     Publicity Resources/form are available online

ii.     Funding resources/form are available online

iii.     Mental Health and wellness working group is aggregating resources and getting ready to disseminate information to students so that students know what resources are available.

  1. Students of Color Conference
    1. Campus Climate Initiatives
    2. Student Governments Meeting

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