Message from your ASUC Executives: Elevate the Student Voice Today

Hello Student Leaders and CalLink Community.

We, your ASUC Executives, are writing to you today, to remind you to vote and to remind you to vote wisely. As members of our campus student community, we spend our days on Sproul tabling and organizing for our various events and programs as student organizations. We can all agree that what we love about UC Berkeley, is the initiative that students take each and every day in their student organizations. But today, as your ASUC elected officials, we are here to remind you and tell you that all of this is at stake in today’s election. We would like to remind you one last time, to review the propositions and candidates on the ballot and to remember to vote. If you do not know your polling location please visit

For example, if the State of California’ Proposition 30 does not pass, all University of California Students could see their tuition increase up to 20% because of trigger cuts at the state level, as stated by the UC Board of Regents. For in-state students that means about a $2800 increase and for out-of-state/international students it could mean up to about an $8000 increase.

As your elected officials we believe the quality of student life on our very own campus is at stake in this election and we ask you to please vote and make sure the student voice is heard.

Thank you so much for your time and we once again, encourage you to elevate your voice, the student voice, in today’s election.

Justin Sayarath
ASUC Executive Vice President

Shahryar Abbasi
ASUC External Affairs Vice President

Natalie Gavello
ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President

Stacy Suh
ASUC Student Advocate

Connor Landgraf
ASUC President


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