Rock the Vote Concert Saturday (TODAY) @ 7p / Rally for Education Monday @ Noon

Dear Cal Bears,

On November 6th, we have the chance to vote in the most historic
election for higher education in the last century. Please get out and

The ASUC, GA and SUPERB are hosting a FREE concert on memorial glade at
7 PM on Saturday, November 3rd, featuring Super Mash Bros, CLASSIXX, and
Mystery Skulls.  For more info, go to the ASUC facebook page.

On Monday, November 5th at 12pm noon, there will be a Rally for Higher
Education on Sproul Steps featuring Professor Robert Reich, State
Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner and Congresswoman
Barbara Lee. Come show your support for Public Higher Education.

On election day, polling places will be located near campus. To find
your polling location go to:

There are many important initiatives on the ballot this year that will
impact us all.

California Initiatives include:

Prop 30
Prop 30 raises personal income taxes on individuals making more than
$250,000 after deductions, and state sales tax by .025% and it uses
these tax revenues to balance the state budget and fund higher

If Prop 30 fails, UC tuition will likely increase by 20.3% in January
followed by 15% increases in the Fall. The UC Budget will face $375
million in cuts.

Prop 32
Prohibits unions from using payroll deducted funds for political
purposes, and applies same use prohibition to payroll deductions, if
any, by corporations or government contractors.

Prop 34
Repeals the death penalty and replaces with life imprisonment without
parole, and uses $100 million savings to address rape and homicide

Prop 36
Revises California’s “three strikes” law  to impose life sentences only
when the latest felony conviction is “serious or violent”.

City of Berkeley Initiatives include:

Measure R
This would update the current voting districts in Berkeley from the
antiquated lines drawn in 1986. This would set up the framework to get a
student on the city council and increase student representation in
critical city issues such as safety, public works, rent and economic

Measure S
This would prohibit sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas such as
Telegraph and Shattuck between 7 AM and 10 PM.

To find out more information about the initiatives, please go to:

Lets make our voices heard this election. We encourage you to
participate and get out and vote this year.

Thank you and Go Bears!

Connor Landgraf
ASUC President

Shahryar Abbasi
ASUC External Affairs VP

Bahar Navab
GA President

Angelica Salceda
GA External Affairs VP


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