Forum on Prop 30 Tonight!

Dear Cal Bears,

In just seven days, our votes will decide the fate of this nation, this
state, and this University for years to come. We face important choices,
and it is integral that we vote as well informed citizens.

One of the most important choices that we as students get to make is in
regards to Prop 30, which will decide the fate of higher education in
California in the next few years. Because of the complexity of the
ballot measure and because it holds such high importance to students in
California, the ASUC, GA, and Academic Senate are hosting a nonpartisan
educational forum on Prop 30. We highly encourage you to attend, so as
to assist you in making an informed decision come election day.

The following panelists have been confirmed to attend to discuss
Prop 30’s impact on the state and on higher education: Assemblywoman
Nancy Skinner (speaking pro), UC Chief Financial Officer Peter Taylor,
and Sue Caro, the Chair of the Alameda County Republican Party,
(speaking con).

The forum will start at 6:30 PM on October 30th in Eshleman Library
(7th floor of Eshleman Hall).

As always, with your help, we can make a difference. We can make a
better Berkeley, a better UC, and a better State. But it will take
students and our families actually voting to make our voices heard
to have any meaningful impact on our future.

Have a great day, and Go Bears!

Shahryar Abbasi
ASUC External Affairs VP

Angilica Salceda
GA External Affairs VP

Connor Landgraf
ASUC President

Bahar Navab
GA President


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