Dear Campus,

The University has received a non-specific, anonymous bomb threat. It came via an anonymous email sent to “Caltips” reporting on an overheard conversation.  NO SPECIFIC LOCATION OR TIME was given. In fact, no verifiable information was provided.

At this time, UCPD is taking steps to determine the validity of this threat and conducting searches in the most accessible and vulnerable areas of the campus. We are conferring with campus administration on a course of action.

While the vast majority of these threats are bogus, we are treating appropriately for the safety of our campus population. If you wish to leave the building or the campus, please feel free to do so, but we ask that staff inform their supervisor first.

We will keep you informed as we investigate this situation.


Captain Margo Bennett

UCPD  510-642-1296

If you are a manager who supervises Cal employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.

Please do not reply to this message


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