Students Attending SOCC 2012: Become a Common Ground Facilitator

Students of Color Conference 2012 at UCR: Common Ground Facilitator (updated)


PURPOSE: The purpose of these Common Ground Clinics is to bring students together that will foster good dialogue about SOC issues at the Student of Color Conference 2012 at UC Riverside. Through undergraduate, graduate, and staff mentor input, facilitators will engage conference participants in conversation and establishment of community guidelines, important intersectional terminology, and promotion of a safe and courageous space throughout the rest of the conference. This clinic will be split into two parts: Saturday: What are we About? (10-11.30am) Sunday: What’s Next? (10 -11.00am) APPLICATION: We are looking for 60 strong facilitators from various campuses to help guide discussion for these two sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning. All SOCC members will be going through these workshops, each person will have about 30 community members in the room. Each person must fill out the application which will be reviewed by the various campus compacts. The chosen facilitators will be emailed and called by the third day after applications are due. The facilitators will have to attend mandatory phone trainings and be responsible in reviewing the SOCC facilitator manual, and the detailed agenda for the day’s’ discussions. The role of a common ground facilitator is to mediate the group: keep the individuals involved and focused, encourage and allow enough time for participation/feedback, make sure everyone gets an opportunity to open up and participate in the conversation. Facilitators must exert positive reinforcement to ensure that the individuals feel safe enough to take risks and be courageous while also educating folks about intersectional topics that will be discussed throughout the conference. Facilitators will need to be present for both parts of the workshop (on Saturday from 10-11.30am and Sunday from 10-11am) and make the training beforehand. FACILITATION TOPICS will include: – Dialogue Guidelines – History and Purpose of SOCC – Purpose of Caucuses – Introducing Intersectionality and Terms – Community Accountability – Action (Our role as SOCC Delegate) APPLICATION DUE DATE: October 26th, 2012 (date changed from Oct. 19th, 2012) MANDATORY Training: November 2nd, 2012: 12-2pm (conference call or in person) NEXT STEPS: 1. Turn in Online Application (this one) 2. UCR Connects: after being accepted, we will schedule phone meeting to review process and next steps 3. Facilitator Guidebook sent out to all facilitators during training week 5. Facilitator Training: November 2nd, 2012: 12-2pm CONTACT: – Please contact Eli.Tizcareno ( for more information. – For general SOCC 2012 information, please contact

Click Here for Application


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