Interested in becoming the ASUC Elections Council Chair?!


2.6 Duties of the Elections Council Chair

1. To take the complete administrative charge for all details of ASUC elections and the Elections Council;

2. To nominate additional members of the Council as may be necessary for the efficient administration of the election with the consent of the Senate;

3. To make Temporary Rules as necessary as outlined in Article XII;

4. To advise the Senate on the financial and practical impact of any legislation which may affect the Elections Council or the election;

5. To be in possession of one of the two keys to the ballot boxes as described in Article XVII;

6. To be in charge of issuing warnings for violations of the Election by-laws;

7. To give an Elections Council report, oral or written, at every regular meeting of the Senate;

8. To give an Elections Council report, oral or written, at every regular meeting of the Graduate Assembly and/or its Executive Committee;

9. To coordinate the Mandatory Clean-Up Day, in which all candidates or their designated proxy, are required to attend to clean-up the Campus and Community following the Election, on the Saturday following the Election;

10. To assist the other members of the Elections Council when necessary;

11. To carry out such other functions and duties as required under the ASUC Constitution and by-laws.

Note: this is a partial list of other duties found in the ASUC By-Laws. For a full list of Elections Council Chair responsibilities, please see the By-Laws and Constitution.


Please fill out this application here and the selection committee will get back to you:


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