A Message from ASUC External Affairs Vice President Shahryar Abbasi

Dear Cal Bears,

Today is a historic day. It is the last day to register to vote in one
of the most important elections in the history of our state, and our
nation. People throughout history have fought  for this right, and
people throughout the world are currently dying for the freedom to cast
a ballot. We are blessed to have this privilege, and in order to
exercise it, we must heed the call for civic participation and register
to vote.

Students have an incredible opportunity to shape the turnout for crucial
issues such as Prop 30, Prop 32, and Measure R — ballot measures that
will all have a significant effect on our daily lives in Berkeley.
Please register now and try to go beyond yourself and encourage 5
friends to register to vote online at www.californiastudentvote.org

Regardless of your political affiliation and regardless of your passion
for this election, register to vote simply because this is your chance
to make a difference. Register for our predecessors who have fought
valiantly for our right to vote, and register for the men, women and
children who are dying to get access to this right.

With your help, we can make a difference. We can make a better Berkeley,
a better UC, and a better State.

Register today at www.californiastudentvote.org

All my best and Go Bears!

Shahryar Abbasi
ASUC External Affairs Vice President


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