[Student Groups] Register to Vote

Dear Student Groups,

This November, you and your group will have the chance to make history in one of the most important elections of the century. With statewide propositions such as Prop 30, and 32 and citywide ballot initiatives such as Measure R, you will directly be able to utilize your voice to determine the fate of the State, the city and the University of California for decades to come.

In order to exercise your voice, you have to register vote. The ASUC Vote Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of UC Berkeley student groups aiming to register thousands of voters this fall.

It takes just 30 seconds to register to vote ONLINE at : http://www.californiastudentvote.org

As a leader in your student group, I urge you to pass along this reminder in your coming meetings. Also if you would like the ASUC Vote Coalition to make an announcement and distribute paper voter registration forms, feel free to contact our student orgs director atsophiang0808@gmail.com.

Lastly, if your student group sends weekly digest e-mails, please include the following message:

“DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER TO VOTE BY OCTOBER 22nd at http://www.californiastudentvote.org

Please Register now. Together we can save our State and our University.

All our best,

Shahryar Abbasi
ASUC External Affairs Vice President

Justin Sayarath
ASUC Executive Vice President


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