[Surge] Student Group Mailboxes Update

*This message was also sent out on CalLink.


Dear ASUC Sponsored Groups and LEAD Ctr Greek Community:

2012-13 ASUC Sponsored Groups and Greek Organizations now have assigned
mailslots in 112 Hearst Gym! Publication and Greek Organization boxes
are to the right upon first entering 112 Hearst Gym. SAG and SISG Groups
are around the corner in the big room to the right.

Open hours are 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 12pm-6pm Sat/Sun or after hours via Card
Key access to Room 112.

Package deliveries are being accepted by the ASUC Secretariat in 112
Hearst Gym and are available from them during open hours.


ASUC/Group Name
University of California
112 Hearst Gym, MC 4520
Berkeley, CA 94720-4520

Mail is distributed daily to your group’s box. Please check the box
regularly for mail, flyers, and important notices which affect your group.

Mailboxes will be emptied monthly by the ASUC Senate Office Manager, so
please check your mail.

Receiving Packages: Your group may receive packages from UPS, FedEx or
other delivery services. A note from the ASUC Senate Office Manager will
be placed in your group’s mailbox or you can know when it is expected
and check the room at your convenience.

PLEASE make sure your group’s name is on the package and, if possible,
include an individual’s name/phone # in the address as well, like “Group
Name/Attn: Judy Ursine.”

Questions? Contact ASUC Office Manager at manager@asuc.org
112 Hearst Gym

or EVP Justin Sayarath at evp@asuc.org


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