Challah for Hunger this week! 9/27, Wear Orange in honor of National Hunger Awareness Month!

Hello Challah Friends!

Just a friendly reminder that this Thursday, 9/27 will be another Challah for Hunger Braiding event at Berkeley Hillel beginning at 6:45!  We are excited to have you all there as our regulars, and hope that you will bring your friends with you so they can see the great things that CfH does! This week, we have prepared extra dough, which also means that there will be more challah available to be sold at 8:00 pm fresh out of the oven!

Additionally, please wear orange this week in honor of National Hunger Awareness Month!  As an incentive, if you wear orange, you can buy one challah and get one 50% off!  This amazing deal will still be in effect on Friday as well, when we sell challah on Sproul Plaza!

Finally, this Sunday from 11 AM- 6 PM, we will be sending volunteers to work with our one of our partners, Camp Kesem, for Cal’s Fall Free For All Event.  Camp Kesem is looking for volunteers to help them make balloon animals.  They have said that the day will be filled with interacting with children and parents!  Please respond directly to this email if you are interested in helping out this Sunday!

We hope to see you all at Hillel this Thursday (9/7) at 6:45 wearing orange.  Be sure to bring some dollar bills to buy your fresh challah, too.

CfH Team


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