Anna Head construction update: Alumnae Hall retrofit; landscape restoration; safety improvements

Retrofit and renovation, Alumnae Hall (Building A)
Landscape restoration and safety improvements, Anna Head courtyard
Construction update
September 19, 2012
Below is the weekly update for work underway at part of the Anna Head complex. Special notices will also be sent as needed. Please consider that all construction projects are subject to scheduling intricacies that can result in day-to-day changes in planned events.

A project to strengthen and renovate Building A of the historic Anna Head complex, known as Alumnae Hall, is underway. Retrofit to the former child care center includes upgrades to access and life safety systems. Restoration of the surrounding landscape and safety improvements around the complex are also taking place, including adding new lighting, fences and gates, planting and paving. The landscape area near the corner of Channing/Bowditch that was used for construction of Martinez Commons will also be restored as part of this project.

The small parking lot from Haste Street is being used for construction staging and will be closed for the duration of the project. Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this and other temporary circulation changes in the complex.

Construction is scheduled to continue through February 2013. Alumnae Hall is scheduled to be used as part of the Lower Sproul surge through 2015.

Hours of construction for this project are 7am – 7pm weekdays, although work is expected to be complete at 4pm most days. Any weekend work would not start before 9am.

Alumnae Hall

* The existing roofing has been removed. Installation of sheathing (a protective layer of wood put over the roof studs) is scheduled to begin this week.

* Existing exterior shingles are being removed. Scaffolding is in place on the south side of the building.

* The interior of the building is being cleared. Removal of any hazardous materials located in the facility is scheduled to begin this week. Removal will take place in a contained area that is under negative pressure. Strict regulatory controls will be followed and air monitoring will take place at the work site as well as in the surrounding area. This work is scheduled to be complete early next week.


* Demolition in the former child care courtyard began this week and is expected to continue for two weeks. Activity will be noisy as it includes removing concrete and asphalt. All materials will be removed via the lot on Haste Street.

The project team will adhere to regulations concerning safety, noise, odors and dust. Please respect any temporary detours, barricades and/or direction provided by project personnel.

Pedestrians should use designated crosswalks and sidewalks only.

If you have questions and concerns about the project, please contact Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Facilities Services, at 643-4793 or


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