International Student Advisory Committee (ISAC) Application

Join our committee and make a difference for international students at UC

We are looking for both local and international students

Application deadline: Friday, September 28st, 5pm, however, candidates who
submit their application by Sunday 23rd, 5pm will have the priority.

Please download the application via the link and email it to Joseph Chan

The Academic Affairs Vice President’s (AAVP) Office of the ASUC
is providing a unique
opportunity for motivated students to serve on the International Student
Advisory Committee (ISAC). Representatives will provide confidential
advice to the Berkeley International Office (BIO) and work on
ISAC-initiated projects regarding services and resources available to
international students as well as improvements to campus policies
affecting our community. This initiative aims to improve the quality of
services and opportunities offered to both undergraduate and graduate
international students.

The advisory committee will provide a variety of involvement opportunities
to representatives to hone their skills. As a representative, your
responsibilities will be:

1. Attend weekly meetings to bring up and discuss international student
issues, including but not limited to the needs, current services and
resources, and possible improvements;
2. Collect suggestions and issues brought up the international student
3. Reach out to faculty, student organizations, and businesses to
cooperate on improving the accessibility of resources and involvement for
the international community at Cal;
4. Help organize events to facilitate international student involvement.

In this upcoming academic year, ISAC will be working on projects to
promote scholarship opportunities among international students, enhance
involvement between the local and international community, and set up
contact with different ethnic groups on campus.

ISAC also provides an excellent opportunity for prospective students to
experience the global culture. Last year, we had members coming from
Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and

We are currently looking for a total of 8 undergraduate student and
graduate students to serve as representatives for the international
community. If you are interested in becoming one of the executive members,
please complete the attached application and send it to Joseph Chan at Please also email us if you have any questions
during the application process.


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