Apply to be a CalSO Counselor!

Subject: Apply to be a CalSO Leader!

The Cal Student Orientation Program (aka CalSO) is looking for a new group of CalSO Leaders. We’re looking for bright and hardworking undergraduates who reflect a diverse array of student experiences at Berkeley. Do you want to make an impact on the lives of new students and their families, learn a lot about yourself and Cal, and have a great summer? If so, CalSO might be right for you.

Complete details are available online at:

The application can be found at:

CalSO Leader applications and complete details are available online at:

Applications are due on Monday, October 8 @ noon.

Want more info? Come to one of our information sessions from 5:15-6:15pm:
– Monday, October 1, Unit 1 All Purpose Room
– Wednesday, October 3, TRSP, Room 105, Chavez Student Center
– Thursday, October 4, Unit1 All Purpose Room

Got questions? Call 510/642-4970 or email


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