Student Spaces Update

Hello Student Groups,

I will preface this message by saying that we know this process has been difficult and trying. I know many groups are upset about the inaccessibility and the perceived failings on the behalf of the ASUC. Justin and I have been working tirelessly to make sure that these spaces are both usable and functional for the hundreds of student groups that provide invaluable work for the campus and for our community. Know that we strive to hold the university accountable for the mistakes and issues we have dealt with over the last 6 months, but much of it was out of our control. Regardless, my department and I will do as much as we can to help each student group have the ability to function on this campus. We appreciate how patient all of you have been through this process, as our department struggles with the same issues. Our efforts are just one step in developing the vision we have for Lower Sproul Redevelopment, which we will serve future generations of Cal students and their organizations. My department and I am here as a resource for your feedback, questions and issues during this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will try my best to help in whatever way possible. 
Room 18 Basement now complete
If you haven’t already seen room 18 is now complete and the cages installed. Last Wednesday the movers finished moving all items from rooms 15 and 17 into the cages. All groups belongings should now be the correct place. Some groups stuff did not fit entirely in their cage so it is placed on the corner of room 18.  However we anticipate some mistakes, and missing items. 
Due to delays in Room 18 not all of the cages have locks on them currently, if you belongings are in a cage without a lock, we will be contacting you to give you your combination when the locks arrive. In addition we had to do some shifting, so if you were previously given a lock combination, but now your belongings are in a separate cage this is because we wanted to make sure you all had enough space. If you have questions on which cage is your groups please reference the allocation sheet here: Please contact us for any clarification or questions. 
Access to Eshlemen to Collect Left Behind Belongings
We know there are many groups that still have belongings in Eshlemen that were either left behind by the movers or just forgotten in the packing. Eshlemen Hall will be open from 7:30 am -1 pm next Monday, September 17th for students to locate and transfer any belongings from Eshlemen Hall to their spaces in Hearst Gym. I will be there the entire time to help facilitate this process and make sure that all students can locate and receive their items. This will the be the last opportunity for students to have access to Eshlemen so please contact me if someone from your group cannot come and I can try and find any lost items. If you need access to Eshlemen sooner you can contact an advisor in 102 Hearst to help you. 
Open Access Hours to Hearst
All spaces now will be accessible from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday through exterior doors located at Suite 2/6, Cage floors, 112, 114 and HFA. We apologize for the delays, but it was really out of our hands. Justin and I have been pressuring the University to do this ASAP. I have been told that this will be instated tomorrow. 
The doors to rooms 16, 18, and 20 have a keycode that was installed before we moved into the spaces. If there doors are every closed they will automatically lock. We will try and keep the doors open but if need the code to all doors is 073126. Please circulate this to all student groups who need access. If you ever need the code again you can get it from the ASUC Secretariat located at 112 Hearst gym.  
The move is finished! We encourage you to start using your spaces and unpacking your belongings. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or drop by office hours Monday and Wednesday 10am-12:30 PM.
Facilities and Spaces Management Department
Briana Mullen

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