Student Group Classroom Reservation Requests OPEN TODAY!


Deborah Gray has sent you a bSpace Message from Student Group Classroom Reservations: Information and resources for student group signatories.

Hi all,

On Monday, September 10th, at approximately 8:00am, the Student Group Classroom Reservations system will open for weekday requests for event dates from September 10th-November 30th. If the system opening is delayed, we will post updates on our Facebook page (search for “UC Berkeley Classroom Scheduling” to find it).

If your request’s event date is on September 10th, we will process your request only if your request is received by 9:00am.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that we will be able to find you a room, so you might want to have alternative options in mind, such as meeting later in the week or using another venue on campus.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Deborah Gray


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