8/28/2012 Surge Update

Hello Student Organizations,

Thank you for your patience with the surge project. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the move and the ASUC EVP office has taken this past week to access the entire project and create this update for you regarding all questions for space:

1) Construction Update
Construction is still happening, much to our disdain. There are still minor fixes that have to be made in the major spaces such as room 112, 114, 2/6, and the Annex. Room 18 in the cages is still under construction and as far as campus has told us, they aim to be completed by the end of the week.

2) Move Update
There should be no more items that were inventoried in Eshleman Hall, so in essence Eshleman Hall is no longer accessible and no one should have any reason to go into Eshleman Hall at this point. The EVP Facilities and Space Management Team led by Deputy Briana Mullen will be working to obtain access for themselves so that they can pick up any of your remaining items. If you find that something is missing after all the items have been moved out of temporary holding spaces (while construction ensues) please email studentspaces.berkeley@gmail.com to arrange a time to meet.

All items have moved to the Hearst Spaces whether spaces were ready or not. This means that all student group items are in Hearst Gym. If they are not in your assigned space (once again review http://tinyurl.com/surge-allocations) then they are in temporary holding spaces within the student controlled area of Hearst Gym. These temporary holding spaces are Room 15, 16, 17, and 20 in the cage areas or the Room 2C California Conference Room. Sorry for the inconvenience, but as student leaders, we thought it would be best to consolidate all student organization belongings as access to Eshleman Hall has been difficult to obtain. Please take a look around for your belongings. Once construction is completely finished, we will set a deadline for all student organizations to retrieve ALL their belongings from holding spaces or hire a another set of movers to move the items into their assigned spaces. Until that point, you may access these temporary spaces under the constraints listed under access update.

All ASUC Staff are happy to assist you but as items are moved, they are mixed together until they get here. It is also difficult for us to find your items so please bare with us.

3) Access Update

Please go to http://sa.berkeley.edu/surge to find more Card Key and Hard Key Access forms. Turn these into the LEAD Center front desk in 102 Hearst Gym for an advisor to sign and verify your identity.
Apologies for the confusion regarding office hours. As elected officials of the student government, we are also students and are schedules are also in flux these first few weeks of the Semester. The newly established office hours for an Orientation review will be MW 10AM-12NOON. Please mark these on your calendars as many groups have yet to retrieve their space orientation packets. We are withholding access combinations until you space with a member of the space coordination team and sign the student space agreement form.

Eshleman is no longer available or online for student use unless reserved through Event Services (700 Eshleman Hall) or the ASUC Secretariat (Senate Chambers).

Hearst Gym hours at this point are up in the air. As construction continues hours are sporadic, but you can count on spaces to be open M-F from 8AM-4PM when the contractors for construction are here. Doors are generally open during these day time hours. In general, the building is locked at night to prevent people from stealing student group items, but cardkey activations should go through soon. Once construction is over and all access requests are settled, we will return the spaces to a more normal set of hours (7AM-6PM non cardkey and 6PM-7AM cardkey).  Regarding, Card Key Access, requests have been sent through and are being processed by UCPD. Please excuse the drawn out process. We are working with campus to make the process more efficient and streamlined, with less forms. We will keep you updated.

4) Update for Groups Seeking Space or weā?Tre not allocated Space
The Hearst Gym Space is impacted and keeping in line with the previous ASUC Administration, groups that were allocated space for 11-12, are prioritized in the 12-13 space. As the year progresses and we better understand Hearst Gym and itā?Ts limitations, we may open up another set of applications. Until this time, THERE IS NO AVAILABLE SPACE IN HEARST GYM for groups that were not allocated space. Thank you for understanding.

5) Finding your Space
Many student have had trouble finding the space. All student spaces are located on the West Side of Hearst Gym. Please review http://sa.berkeley.edu/surge to find your spaces.

6) Mailboxes
Mailboxes are still being set up. Please expect to have access to your mailbox in Room 112 Hearst Gym at the beginning of next Week. All 2012-2013 Sponsored Student Organizations will receive a mailbox.

Thank you for your patience as we move through this process together.

Justin Sayarath
University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Economics | Class of 2013
Sayarath.Justin@gmail.com | (619) 313-3737 | www.justinsayarath.com

Executive Vice President | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2012-2013
Senator | Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley Student Government | 2011-2012
Senior Adviser | Caliber Magazine
Student Action | “Every Student, Every Year” | www.studentaction.org


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