ASUC Student Advocate’s Office hiring Caseworkers! Apply Now!

Hello Execs, Chiefs, and Senators,

Hope the first few days of the school year hasn’t been too hectic for you! I am emailing you today to let you know about a great opportunity for your constituents. My office (ASUC Student Advocate’s Office aka SAO) is hiring caseworkers for Fall 2012. Caseworkers work one on one with student-clients who are having problems regarding conduct violations, university grievances, financial aid, and academic disputes. Applications are available at and are due September 5th by 5PM.
We will also be hosting two info sessions:
  • August 29 at 7:00PM in 279 Dwinelle
  • August 30 at 7:00PM in 89 Dwinelle
Working in SAO has been easily one of the best experiences I have had at Cal thus far, and I am confident that some of your constituents may appreciate this great opportunity. Please forward widely to your constituents. I would also be grateful if you could invite your friends and constituents to the Facebook event page:
I am truly excited to work with all of you this year. I will see you all at the first Senate meeting!

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