Almost All Items from Eshleman Hall have been moved to Hearst Gym

Thank you for your patience with the surge project. It has all been a trying time for all of us student groups, and student government officials alike. At this point, nearly all items have been moved to Hearst Gym in some capacity. If your items are not in your office, cage, or workstation, it is somewhere in Hearst Gym in temporary holding spaces in Room 15, 17, 16, or 20.  Once again, thank you for your patience.

Work Order Confirmation:

ORDER #: M20292

DATE:         Monday, 8/27/12


LOCATION:  Eshleman

REPORT TO: Sharay – 910-4786

SCOPE: From the 4th floor take down one cubicle, move printer and chairs to 102 Sproul.  Install cubicle in 102 Sproul.

From the first, 3rd, and 5th floors move all items tagged for room 18 Hearst Gym.  Place contents in order by group –as much as possible– into rooms 15 and 17.  Organize so students can find their things. –i.e by making an aisle.  If there is not enough room, things can overflow into other cage rooms.


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