A Message for Groups Registered for Calapalooza

**This email serves as a reminder/notification regarding your student group tabling opportunity during Calapalooza. If you have NOT been confirmed, please email looza@berkeley.edu. Also, some of you signed up for 2-3 different groups with ONE email address. If you have already confirmed which group, via email, please do not reply to this email address. If you have not confirmed your specific group, please send us an email as well. We will try our best to sort through the groups on Thursday afternoon.**



Dear Student Group:

We’re writing to confirm that your group has been assigned tabling space at Calapalooza 2012. This message contains all relevant information related to check-in, tabling guidelines, and event logistics.  Please have all tablers from your group review it carefully.

Calapalooza is scheduled for Thursday, August 23rd from 3:30pm to 7pm.  Check-in for tablers will begin at 1:30pm outside on the Cesar Chavez patio, to the left side of the Golden Bear Café (look for the blue and gold tent).  Only one person from your group is required to check-in.  Your group must check-in by 2:30pm; at that time, all unclaimed reservations will be canceled and those unclaimed tables will be reassigned to groups on the waiting list.  Do not go directly to your table without checking-in as our staff may reassign your table.  Groups will not be notified of the location of their table until the day of the event and groups may not switch, trade, or move tables.

Your group representative’s signature at check-in verifies that your group participants have read and understand the 2012 guidelines and regulations for tablers.  This includes awareness that violation of these terms will result in your group being asked to leave the event, and your group’s exclusion from future Calapalooza participation the following year.

A maximum of TWO (2) representatives from your group may be staffing your table at a time.  Calapalooza is an outdoor event.  The weather may be sunny and warm, or chilly and foggy, or a mixture of both.  Dressing in layers, bringing sun-block, wearing sunglasses, and bring water are all recommended.

You are encouraged to bring your own sign to identify your group to students.  It should be no more than six feet long and 30 inches high.  Groups are responsible for their own tape.  Your student group name (as it is listed with the Center for Student Leadership) must be displayed on your sign.  You may only represent your student group, and not advertise any third party or business entity.  You may not distribute fliers for any third party or business entity.  Third parties include other student groups.

Each group will be provided with one table and two chairs.  Groups are not allowed to bring additional chairs, tables, ironing boards, or other furniture due to limited space at the event.  Student groups are not permitted to setup tents, canopies, or free-standing umbrellas that extend beyond the borders of your table.  Displays and/or demonstrations that will not fit on the top of your table are also not permitted.  Tablers will not have access to electrical outlets.

Over 3,000 students typically participate in Calapalooza annually, and we anticipate an overwhelmingly positive turnout this year since the event will take place the day Fall classes begin.  Please bring a reasonable amount of materials to advertise your group and its activities.  (Please help us keep the amount of litter to a minimum by handing-out recycled/recyclable items and not making too many extra copies.)  Remember that your materials must include information about ADA access to your events.  Details are available at: http://access.berkeley.edu

Groups are encouraged to bring free give-away items such as t-shirts, buttons, and ink pens that will provide a memorable take-away for new students.  Student groups are prohibited from bringing items to sell.  You may not collect any funds, sell any items, or collect pledges during Calapalooza.  Raffle tickets may not be sold during the event.

Food may only be distributed by groups with approved special event food permits as issued by Environment, Health, & Safety.  To distribute food items, you must deliver to New Student Services at 2610 Channing Way (third floor) by Friday, August 17th an approved copy of your EH&S food permit. PLEASE NOTE: EXCESSIVE TRASH SURROUNDING YOUR TABLING AREA WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF YOUR GROUPS PARTICIPATION IN THE 2013-2014 TABLING FAIR. The food permit application is available online at http://ehs.berkeley.edu/healthsafety/foodpermit.html

Food will be served at Calapalooza for all new undergraduates with a meal plan.  Meals may also be purchased at the event for $1 per meal (i.e., one entrée, kettle corn, churro, and beverage) for participants who do not have a meal plan.

Overly-aggressive recruitment is not permitted.  An example of this behavior is sending representatives out from behind your table to distribute materials, ask for sign-ups, or solicit pledges.  Student group volunteers must remain behind their tables throughout the event.  Calapalooza staff will respond to aggressive solicitation, and your group may be asked to leave the event.

To help Calapalooza remain a free event for student organizations, your group is required to fold up your chairs and bring them to the designated area to be stacked at the conclusion of the event, or whenever your group closes your table.  Please also deposit all trash and recycling from your group in proper receptacles and take any extra materials with you.

If you have other questions not addressed in this email, contact us at looza@berkeley.edu.  Thank you again for participating in Calapalooza

Terrance A. Range

Your Calapalooza 2012 Director

Program Coordinator

New Student Services

University of California




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