Initial Transition Implementation Meeting – June 11, 2012

Dean Poullard, Auxiliary Director Kelsey Finn, Interim Auxiliary Director Marilyn Stager, GA President Navab, ASUC President Landgraf, and I met to discuss what we can move forward with in the short term for the transition planning team recommendations.

Actions until a Implementation Manager is Hired

by Student Leadership

·         Work on clarifying the classification system for student organizations

·         Amend ASUC bylaws to permit the allocation of Senate contingency funding

·         Implement funding application for the GA and morph it for use by the Senate to replace the current “bill writing” process currently employed in the ASUC

·         Find space for the tabling program

by Staff Leadership

·         Marilyn will work with Tom to get organization table program up and running by early-September. The $5k cost will be covered by the DoS and/or VCSA

by Both

·         The Finance Committee of the CSSB will work with the new E.D. and Erin Gore to provide training for the CSSB on its fiduciary responsibility (to occur at the CSSB retreat in late August) and develop a more formal orientation for new CSSB members

·         Work collaboratively to create a new name for the advising center


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