Welcome to the new ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director Kelsey Finn

This year is a year of change for the ASUC. And so the student leadership is excited to announce that the new ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director has been selected. We welcome Kelsey Finn to the Cal Community and ASUC family. The ASUC Auxiliary Executive Director works closely with ASUC Elected Officials in all realms including advising, business development, and so much more. We are glad to see what innovative ideas she brings to your student government.

A message from Dean Poullard:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kelsey Finn as the Executive Director of the ASUC Auxiliary beginning July 9, 2012.  She joins the Cal community with over eleven years of experience in higher education and a wealth of experience in the management and leadership of student union environments.


For the past five years Kelsey has served as the Director of the Student Union and Event Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has direct experience in the areas of contract negotiation, event and student union operations, facilities management, construction/renovation management and direct staff supervision.  Prior to her Director role, she also served as the Associate Director of Scheduling & Conferences at UNLV as well as the Program Coordinator for Conference Services at Illinois State University and Program Coordinator for Tech Prep and Gender Equity at the College of Dupage.   In her varied positions she has created highly involved and innovative teams and remained committed to utilizing  team member strengths to meet organizational needs.  Kelsey believes in providing “guest first” services to students, staff, faculty and off campus clients and working collaboratively to enhance the learning experience of students.


In her new role at UC Berkeley Kelsey will develop the vision and strategic plan for the Student Union and ASUC Auxiliary in collaboration with the Commercial and Student Services Board, the ASUC and GA student leadership and colleagues in the Division of Student Affairs. She will be responsible for supporting the development of programs and services that promote community, individual growth, and responsible citizenship of our students as well as maintain oversight for the budget and fiscal integrity of the Auxiliary.  She will assist in the ongoing construction/renovation of Lower Sproul, negotiate and manage all business leases and contracts and serve as the contract administrator for the Student Store.  Kelsey will also work with the ASUC CSSB and student leaders to establish policies and standards to provide oversight for revenue–generating commercial activities to sustain services that maximize student participation. Lastly, she will oversee 27 professional staff and 124 student employees and manage an annual operating budget of $5 million.

Kelsey received her Baccalaureate in Commercial Recreation and Program Management and M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University. Please join me in welcoming Kelsey to our campus!




Jonathan Poullard

Dean of Students and

Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs

Office of the Dean of Students

Phone: (510) 642 6741

fax: (510) 642 7167



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