EVP Staff Profile of the Day: Technological Resource Director – Application Due June 30, 2012

Apply to be the Technological Resource Director  in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President Student Resources Department!


The Executive Vice President has had a long history with the development of better technology on the UC Berkeley campus. As the Technological Development Director in the ASUC Office of the President and an ASUC Senator the year after, EVP Sayarath has worked on a variety of technology related projects that he hopes the office will continue to advocate for. Technology on the UC Berkeley campus is severely outdated, and as we move foward, our world becomes more reliant on people who have a knowledge of the most up-to-date technology. The Technological Development Director will work as advocate so that students can communicate better and be more competitive in the workforce. As the Technological Development Director, you will be working on everything from the online student one-stop-shop called CalCentral, to the implementation of Google Apps for Education/the Productivity Suite, to the drafting of a Technology Referendum; but there is so much more and so much we can do in the world of technology.

Job Profile: Technological Resource Director (1-2)

http://stc.berkeley.edu/ The Student Technology Council (STC) is an advisory committee to the campus CIO that deals directly with technology for students. The STC meets every Monday at 5:30 in the Earl Warren Building and a candidate for this position must be able to attend these meetings. The STC is also in the process of vetting a student referendum that would levy a fee on students to receive more quality software like Adobe, Google Apps for Education, Dropbox, and possibly others. The director would help negotiate this referendum and look at future products and resources. In the future this referendum could be used to fund other technological advances so that Cal students can stay knowledgeable and competitive. The director will also be charged with advocating for student technology needs by working with campus administrators to advocate for better student resources, such as revamping the student organization classroom reservation system or AirBears quality expansion. A candidate must be a strong advocate for student needs and be able to communicate with campus administrators. In addition, the Director will also be the office’s sole representative to CalCentral design sessions. https://calcentral.berkeley.edu/ CalCentral is a portal that aims to consolidate all of our online resources like Telebears, bearfacts, bSpace, emailing, and calendaring into one single website. The Director will be working directly with Educational Technology Services professional staff as well as other students to help develop the CalCentral portal. While the project is in its early stages, it is important that student input is gathered. The director will attend all design and focus group sessions and work to bring more student input to the project. A candidate for this position should have an effective understanding of the different ways of how students use technology.

And so we encourage you to consider applying for the position of Technological Resource Director and other positions in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President. Please check out http://apply.asuc.org for more job profiles and staff applications. Thank you!


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