EVP Staff Profile of the Day: Program Directors – Application Due June 30, 2012

Apply to be a Program Director in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President Projects and Programs Department!


The EVP office is often known for the quality of it’s programs that office puts on. While the Office of the President focuses on programming to entertain and enliven the quality of student life, the Office of the Executive Vice President focuses on enriching the quality of student life for specific communities on the UC Berkeley campus and also focuses on providing a greater sense of community at Cal. Through collaboration with our student organizations, the EVP office puts on a variety of programs and provides extra support to existing programs from student organizations. Programs include the Lower Sproul Festival, International Thanksgiving Dinner, Peace not Prejudice Week, Ally Week, Oski Leadership Awards, Global Outreach Week, Mind Body & Awareness Week, and so much more. Working in the Projects and Programs Department in the EVP office requires a commitment to quality student life and to always striving to serve the students through engaging programming.

Program Directors (4-5) Program Directors will work under the Projects and Programs Deputy to manage small teams of interns to implement events and programs. A candidate for this position must be detail-oriented, creative, organized, and have experience in event planning. The Projects and Programs Department will work as a team to implement several programs throughout the year. Program Directors are expected to be self-starters and have a track record of engaging University administrators, student organizations, students, or members of the Berkeley community in events. Candidates of this position must have a passion for truly enriching student life and for serving the larger student population through programming.


And so we encourage you to consider applying for the position of Program Director and other positions in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President. Please check out http://apply.asuc.org for more job profiles and staff applications. Thank you!


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