EVP Staff Profile of the Day: Student Spaces Director – Application due June 30, 2012!

Apply to be the Student Spaces Director in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President’s Student Spaces Department!



Next year Eshleman hall, the building that houses all are student organizations will be coming down in Fall 2012. All of our lively and vibrant student organizations will be moving to Hearst Gym and Hearst Annex. This move which includes the physical moving of all of our student organization’s belongings as well as the management of many facilities and services will be coordinated by the Office of the Executive Vice President’s Student Spaces Department. As the Student Spaces Director you will be helping to create a sense of community within the new facility by orienting our student organizations and ensuring that they are aware of new policies that you will be creating. Many things go into a move like this including the management and coordination of mailing, trash, recycling, lock, key, communication, meeting room, feedback, tabling, and other services. This position requires someone who deeply understands our student organizations and who is dedicated to ensuring that the quality of our student life only flourishes during this  surge period.

Job Profile: Student Spaces Director (1-2)

The Student Spaces Director will be charged with assisting the Student Spaces Deputy and student organizations in the transition to Hearst Gym. The Director will monitor the needs of student organizations and collect data on the Surge experience. The Student Spaces Director will work with the Student Spaces Deputy to address any needs. The Director will be charged with properly publicizing the Space Allocation Application and be responsible for allocating Hearst Space at the end of the year. The Student Spaces Director will actively engage student organizations in mediating space issues and ensuring that all students are properly served in the Surge space. A knowledge of the Lower Sproul and Surge project is a must. A Director may be asked to mitigate issues ranging from key card access to assignment confusion, to mediating conflict.

It is likely that two directors will be chosen for this position. One will be in charge of communicating new policies to student organizations and others housed in Hearst Gym and Hearst Annex. This includes involvement in the construction of surge website, smart phone application, print publication, and other means. In the fall, this also means the creation of a surge space orientation to orient student leaders on logistical matters such as key card access, meeting room appointments, mail services, lock services, recycling/trash services, and more. The other director will be in charge of student group resources in the surge space. This includes the management of policies, keys, locks, equipment, and the overall functionality of the facility. This director will be working less with students, but more with administrators and ASUC leaders to establish policies and order for the facility.


And so we encourage you to consider applying for the position of Student Spaces Director and other positions in the ASUC Office of the Executive Vice President. Please check out http://apply.asuc.org for more job profiles and staff applications. Thank you!


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